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by Alison Kysia When I teach history related to Islam or Muslims in the United States, I begin by asking students what names they associate with these terms. The list is consistent year after year: Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and Muhammad Ali. All of these individuals have affected U.S. history in significant ways. If we take a step back and look at the messages these figures communicate about Muslims in U.S. history, we see a story dominated by men and by the Nation of Islam. Although important, focusing solely on these stories leaves us with a skewed view of Muslims in U.S. history.

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20+ Ways to Enhance Team Work in your Class Getting students to work in teams has several educational pluses for their overall learning. While in groups everyone contributes their unique abilities, which make the result of their work more diverse. Team work is generally important because it gives everyone a sense of belonging and promotes productivity in the class. Anethicalisland has put together this awesome graphic to help you enhance a working culture inside your class based on the efforts of the whole group. A People's History of the United States Summary Throughout A People's History of the United States, Howard Zinn blends critical approaches. The book's twenty-five chapters move from the European discovery of North America through the year 2000, evoking American history in a roughly chronological sequence. However, each chapter also has a topical focus, which allows Zinn to trace distinct but intersecting lines of historical influence. Zinn uses these intersections of time and topic as a combination of springboard and platform: he inserts extended meditations on key themes where they grow logically from the narrative of the people's history.

A Grave Interest It was 124 years ago today that a rare storm, sweeping across the U.S., coupled with a neglected dam in a Pennsylvania valley town, led to tragedy and thousands of deaths in the city of Johnstown. Floods were nothing new to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Built into a river valley along the Appalachian Plateau, which was located at the confluence of two rivers, and a man-made lake 14 miles down the mountains; the local residents had dealt with many high water occasions. At least once a year, the two local rivers would overflow their banks due to melting snows from the mountains above, or intense rains that got trapped in the valley below, and unleash torrential amounts of water. Heavy rains had pummeled the area for days.

Supermarket food waste 'must be banned by EU and US', demands French politician Arash Derambarsh The politician who spearheaded the successful campaign to ban French supermarkets from throwing away unsold food has demanded the EU and the United States follow suit. Arash Derambarsh, a municipal councillor for the commune of Courbevoie in Paris, believes only legislation can prevent such food waste by large supermarkets. He told The Independent: "The problem is simple we have food going to waste and poor people who are going hungry."

6 Classroom Games You Can Use To Re-Energize Your Students If you’re visiting from California Casualty, thanks so much for being here. You can read the full article here: 3 Amazing Back To School Classroom Games. Please also enjoy some more game ideas below! Does this sound familiar…’re talking to your class about a particular concept and your students look back at you with blank looks on their faces or you ask a question…..and all is silent. This is just the time to implement a quick and easy classroom game to re-energize your students and get them back on track for learning. Below are my six favourite classroom games that I have used for this very purpose. Haunting photos of the lost tribes of America by Edward Curtis Edward Curtis dedicated much of his life to profiling and documenting Native American tribes in beautiful portraitsFrom 1906 to 1930 he compiled The North American India, a vast library of images showing life on the Great PlainsHe produced over 40,000 negatives, 10,000 recordings of language and music and over 4,000 pages of text By India Sturgis for MailOnline Published: 09:00 GMT, 18 February 2015 | Updated: 16:48 GMT, 18 February 2015 The best photography is that which lets you see past what is being photographed to something else; something beyond the obvious, a feeling, a thought or a way of life so vivid you feel a part of it. If there was one photographer who became a master at this it was Edward Curtis, born in 1868, who began taking photographs in 1890 and dedicated much of his career to recording traditional American Indian customs. Curtis is known for expertly documenting the last of America's tribes from 1906 to 1930 in a mammoth collection called The North American Indian.

Why Study History? - American Historical Association By Peter N. Stearns People live in the present. They plan for and worry about the future. History, however, is the study of the past. Jessica Lahey’s ‘The Gift of Failure’: A Fear of Risk-Taking Has Destroyed Kids’ Love of Learning I’ve known the mother sitting in front of me at this parent-teacher conference for years, and we have been through a lot together. I have taught three of her children, and I like to think we’ve even become friends during our time together. She’s a conscientious mother who obviously loves her children with all of her heart. I’ve always been honest with her about their strengths and weaknesses, and I think she trusts me to tell her the truth. But when she hits me with the concern that’s been bothering her for a while, all I can do is nod, and stall for time.