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Les palettes et Bosch (récup et détournement)

Les palettes et Bosch (récup et détournement)

DIY: Memories In A Jar Give an antique look to a photograph inside a glass jar. You just need to be a black and white photo, fill the jar with oil (preferably olive oil), add some dried flowers or branches and place the photo inside. It will look amazing! Memories in a bottle … Just put a picture inside a glass jar and add objects related to that time. A beautiful way to display a memory …. Look here for some ideas:

recyclage et Cie . . . Spray Painted Glass Jars and Bottles I have a real problem throwing away perfectly good glass jars and bottles. To me they are little craft gems waiting for me to transform them. With Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation coming up, I decided to turn some of our recycled bottles into cute gifts for Mom and my sons’ teachers. Before you begin this project, I want to warn you to be flexible. Materials: Glass Bottles or JarsSpray PaintRubber GlovesPlastic BagsMasking or Painter’s TapeDrop Cloth, Tarp or PlasticFoam StickersX-acto KnifePencilEmbellishments: beads, transfer rub-ons, wire, fabric, ribbon, raffia, lace, or whatever you have lying aroundHot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Instructions: Clean out the bottles/jars and let them dry completely. Select some foam stickers to use as a mask on your bottle. I chose a heart and then cut an “M” into a circle foam sticker using an X-acto knife. If the bottle neck is narrow, use the X-acto knife to feed the sticker into the jar. Set the bottles in a tarped area or box.

Another Modge Podge Upcycle Here I am again, Modge Podging another purse! Since my initial wallet upcycle tutorial, I have been scouring the thrift stores and garage sales for another wallet to decoupage. I found this little envelope-style purse at a garage sale last Sunday. The design was simple enough, no tricky angles or curved edges. The original purse had a gold belt-like detail along the edge of the flap. Before I could get out the Modge Podge, I removed the magnetic clasp from the front. I got out my little needle nose pliers, opened up the jump rings, and removed the chain handle as well. I used the same decoupage techniques I used in my previous wallet tutorial with a few little exceptions. I'm wishing I did that to the metal frame on the wallet I did. Second, I didn't feel like messing with removing and replacing the grommet, so I just didn't cover it up. The last thing I did differently was to tuck the edge of the front under the folded edge of the back fabric. The last step was re-installing the hardware.

Fox Hollow Cottage: Glass Bottle and Tin Can Repurpose Tin Cans & Tequila Bottles Repurposing and Reusing {shabby style!} After I got drunk the other night… just Kidding!! Actually, I have been saving a bag full of tins cans for months now and I knew I needed to get my tail in gear and actually DO something with them. RedEggBoutique on Etsy So, I raided my jewelry drawer of all the sparkly stuff I love, but let’s face it… never wear, grabbed my trusting glue gun, some scrap ribbon and got busy! Sparkly stuff like this ponytail/pin. I have never worn this. I used my needle nose pliers and yanked that stuff right off! I did a little mixology to get the *aqua shade I was lusting after Then, I grabbed my trusty Purdy paint brush and slipped some on my can and bottle, then worked on a little something else while they dried. Note: *I’m sure you can use any of the new glass approved craft paints, or even some Maison Blanche paint, as it grabs the glass really well too! When they were good and dry, I used a little steal wool to distress them. Comments comments

DIY avec des fermetures Eclair DIY : 16 Creative Ways to Reuse your Zippers 16 idées et bricolages DIY à faire avec des fermetures Eclair. Des zips à enrouler, à fermer et à coudre, créer des accessoires, des tee-shirts, des bijoux et un abat-jour étonnant ! Woolly Fabulous Je suis restée bouche bée devant les créations de Odile Gova, Woolly Fabulous sur FlickR , en fermetures à glissière ou fermetures Eclair. Des broches où les zips s’enroulent sur eux-mêmes pour former des broches vraiment originales. Et devant les créations de Amalia Versaci, qui recycle fermetures Eclair vintage en magnets et qui réalise de si beaux tableaux zippés. vintage zippers and acrylic paint on a tiny canvas // Amalia Versaci Et tous ces DIY : D’abord des bijoux, avec des fermetures Eclair complètes ou en ne gardant que la crémaillère du système. 1. Des pochettes et des trousses, d’accord, mais dans des versions originales, avec une seule fermeture Eclair en spirale, ou plusieurs dans un beau dégradé arc-en-ciel. Effet rock’n roll garanti ! 1. 1.

Painted Mason Jars in Chic and Crafty, Crafts, DIY, Hair and Makeup, Thrifty Gifts Following is a fun Craft Project and guest postby Jenny and Jess at Plum Adorable… enjoy!! Normally I wouldn’t do two tutorials in one post, but because it’s Teacher Appreciation time and Mother’s Day is coming, I wanted to share a simple gift idea that I think either one would love. Plus, I’m going to bet you will end up making some for yourself as well. Painted Mason Jar & Bottle Tutorial I realize there are a lot of blogs that have posted about how to paint glass jars, but because I think I finally found my favorite ‘mixture’ I thought I’d share it with you. What you will need: - Clean Jar (Mason or other clear jar: spaghetti sauce jars, soda bottles etc.) - Gloss-Lustre Mod Podge - Paint Brush - Food Coloring - Water Mix together: 1 tsp. of Mod Podge 3-4 drops of food coloring (or more if you want it darker) 1.5 tsp. of water This is where you can have fun and experiment with colors. Next, paint the glue mixture onto your jar. Let It Dry: I love the purple one. Fabric Flower Tutorial Glue Gun 1.

Détournement d'objets - Plateau-tableau ou… - Un pied de lampe… - Comment écrire… - Une couronne de… - Un collier en… Désolée de cette longue absence. Il est des périodes où l'on ne maîtrise plus rien. Et c'est bien mon cas en ce moment !! Entre une maison et un appartement à vider, des travaux chez moi (je vous montrerai tout cela bientôt !) pour accueillir les nouveaux meubles, une activité professionnelle, un ordinateur en rideau et un Bibi qui me désinstalle photoshop...Voilà un bon moment que je n'ai rien publier. Je continue en effet, à récupérer, détourner et relooker certains objets issus de la maison de famille ou de l'appartement de ma maman que nous sommes en train de vider. C'est ainsi que je suis tombée sur ce tableau qui me faisait de l'oeil ! Comme je l'aimais bien, sans pour autant avoir envie de l'accrocher au mur de mon salon ou de ma chambre (déjà que mon Bibi a largement trouvé à redire sur le nouveau look de celle-ci !) Ne croyez tout de même pas que je me suis contentée de poser le tableau sur la table, et les verres dessus... Allez, re la photo !

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