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Common Core Video Series

Common Core Video Series
Education Commissioner John King, David Coleman and Kate Gerson explain every key aspect of Common Core standards in depth. By viewing this 15-part series, New York educators and administrators will learn step-by-step how to implement the Common Core for ELA/Literacy and Math in their schools and classrooms. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the rationale behind the Common Core and what it will mean for students across our state. Produced in partnership with NYS PBS stations WCNY/Syracuse and WNET/New York City, the series illuminates the Common Core through conversations between Commissioner King, a former high school social studies teacher and middle school principal; Coleman, a contributing author of the Common Core State Standards; and Gerson, a Senior Fellow with the USNY Regents Research Fund and a former high school English teacher and principal. Viewing the Videos The Common Core videos can be viewed online or downloaded from the links below for offline viewing. Related:  jodieolivo

TCRWP - Teachers College Reading & Writing Project Novels to Know: Middle School Edition As part of our preparation for Common Core standards our district asked the librarians to put together a list of noteworthy novels that would help meet the higher standards for text complexity and reading level. My two middle grade partners, Monique German and Kristen Hearne, and I will be putting together the list for our level. Priority number one for me was to become as much of an expert on Common Core as I can so I have been spending time learning the details of our new standards. If you haven't read the details on how texts are evaluated I highly suggest reading Appendix A of the standards document. There are three considerations when evaluating text: quantitative, qualitative, reader and task. Quantitative can be measured with Lexile or a similar tool. To look at a diagram comparing current Lexile bands by grade and the "stretch" bands for Common Core visit the Lexile site. This list does not impress me. I have been deliberately choosing books lately with this in mind.

Common Core “I Can” Statements (Updated 5/30) « Turn On Your Brain My I Can Statements for 9-10th grades. My I can Posters for 9-10th grades. Standards-Aligned Question Stems for grades 9-10. CCSS Vertical Progressions ELA for grades K-12. Update 5/30: So, you’re looking for help with all the grade levels? April Wulber, Darke County Ohio ESC ELA Specialist and ORC Ambassador, has posted her I Can Statements for all grade levels (K-12!) Figure out how to deconstruct the common core standards using my guide based on Jan Chappuis’ Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (2011) Have you heard about “I can” statements? My goal for this year is to incorporate my student-friendly CCSS into both my lesson plans and my classroom. My three goals for this year for an overall overhaul of my classroom are… 1. 2. 3. Ambitious goals, but finishing these “I can’s” was such a huge step in the right direction. Like this: Like Loading...

15 Great Video Sites for Educators YouTube: The undisputed king of all video sites. Whilst all the others are great and offer you a little more safety in regards to content, pretty much all the great content from those sites can also be found here in most cases. TED-Ed: From a site that’s long been known for big ideas, you’ll find TED-Ed, videos specifically designed to act as highly engaging and fun lessons. TeacherTube: This YouTube for teachers is an amazing resource for finding educationally-focused videos to share with your classroom. You can find videos uploaded by other teachers or share your own. Edutopia: An awesome place to find learning ideas and resources, Edutopia has videos, blogs, and more, all sorted into grade levels. YouTube EDU: A YouTube channel just for education, you can find primary and secondary education, university-level videos, and even lifelong learning. Classroom Clips: Classroom Clips offers media for educators and students alike, including video and audio in a browseable format.

English Language Arts The State Board of Education has adopted the Common Core State Standards in English language arts as part of Ohio's New Learning Standards for academic learning. The Kindergarten - Grade 12 standards will be fully in use in Ohio classrooms by 2014-2015, when assessments that align to the standards are in place. ODE encourages districts to start implementing the Ohio's New Learning Standards now to better prepare students for 2014-2015 and beyond. Introduction to Ohio's New Learning Standards for ELA, Model Curriculum, and Assessment Content Standards Information on the learning standards. PARCC Model Content Framework The PARCC Model Content Framework is to serve as a bridge between the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC assessments and designed with the following purposes in mind: Supporting implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and Informing the development of item specifications and blueprints for the PARCC assessments in grades 3–8 and high school. More Information

Common Core Resources: DarkeNet Resources for the Common Core English Language Arts Standards We are in a very transitional time with revised standards in the state of Ohio. We (the State of Ohio) have adopted the common core standards as our English Language Arts Standards. If you have questions about information provided on this site, please email me. The Standards and Appendices (A-C) can be found on the Core Standards Website.Learning Targets - you will find a PDF document for each grade level.

Fountas & Pinnell The Common Core Standards for Language and Literacy and The Continuum of Literacy Learning, Grades PreK–8: A Guide to Teaching There is a strong relationship between the new Common Core Standards for Language and Literacy and Fountas and Pinnell’s The Continuum of Literacy Learning. The goal of both documents is to ensure that all students are college-/and career-ready literate no later than the end of high school. Click on the links below to review: © Copyright 2010. The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Fountas & Pinnell LLI System Test Preparation The Common Core State Standards align with Test Preparation items in the Fountas & Pinnell LLI Intermediate Systems. State Specific Resources Prekindergarten State Specific Standards for Language and Literacy and The Continuum of Literacy Learning, Grades PreK-8: A Guide to Teaching The Continuum of Literacy Learning, PreK can also be found in Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook

Common Core Curriculum Maps | Membership Common Core’s ELA Maps have been in use by teachers for over two years. During this time, the non-profit organization has established an unparalleled reputation for creating high-quality, low-cost curriculum tools based on the Common Core State Standards. Our Common Core Curriculum Maps, released in August 2010, were the first new, CCSS-based curriculum tools to come out after the standards were finalized. The Maps are comprised of 76 units covering Kindergarten through 12th grade, and include: focus standards selected directly from the CCSS essential questions student objectives suggested activities and assessments sample lessons terminology lists a pacing guide for K-2 reading instruction 13-step process for a senior research paper 179 arts activities library of digital resources CCSS-based art or music activities in all units glossary of more than 375 ELA terms 30% off (plus free shipping) the extended print edition of our maps published by Jossey-Bass. Please join us!

Brush of Truth: CC aligned lessons 8-12 year olds Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) September 28, 2012 Brush of Truth, a book app for kids 8-12 recognized for its appeal to reluctant readers, is now offering free lesson plans that are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Curriculum can be downloaded from the app website, Brush of Truth, geared to third- through sixth-graders, is the first book app created by Story Bayou, a mom’s vision to get tweens to read. Brush of Truth recently won the 2012 Media of the Year award in the Interactive Book App category in Creative Child Magazine’s Creative Toy Awards. The language arts lessons created for Brush of Truth include Powerpoint presentations, worksheets and teacher answer keys. “Brush of Truth is unique in that it is a narrative where children can choose different scenarios as the story progresses. The app tells the story of two tweens who find an enchanted paintbrush. Laviolette, a New Orleans native, is a former columnist and editor for The Times-Picayune.

ODE - Mathematics Common Core State Standards and Model Curriculum Skip navigation Skip to main content SAFE | State Agencies | Online Services Follow Home > Academic Content Standards > Mathematics Mathematics Contact Information Mathematics Consultant (P) 614- 644-5887 Mathematics Consultant (P) 614-728-2373 Mathematics Consultant (P) 614-387-7561 Mathematics Consultant (P) 614-644-6814 The State Board of Education has adopted the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics as part of Ohio's suite of Ohio's New Learning Standards for academic learning. Ohio's New Learning Standards Information on the College and Career Ready (Common Core) Standards. Model Curricula These mathematics Model Curricula were written by Ohio educators to support the implementation of Ohio's New Learning Standards for mathematics. In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the Instructional Strategies in the model curricula.

Social Studies Skip navigation Skip to main content SAFE | State Agencies | Online Services Follow Home > Ohio's New Learning Standards > Social Studies Social Studies Contact Information Dwight Groce Social Studies Consultant (P) 614-387-3200 Linda McKean Social Studies Consultant (P) 614-387-0957 The State Board of Education has adopted the Ohio Revised Standards in Social Studies as part of Ohio's New Learning Standards for academic learning. Content Standards Model Curricula In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the Instructional Strategies in the model curricula. Ideas and Problems Related Last Modified: 4/24/2014 1:12:02 PM Pursuant to ORC 3301.079 (B) (3) and 3313.60, it is the responsibility of Ohio's local boards of education to vet and approve curriculum and educational materials for use in the public schools within their district. More Sharing Services0

Common-Core Writers Craft Curriculum Criteria Published Online: July 22, 2011 New guidelines on crafting curriculum materials for the common standards in English/language arts are reigniting debate about how to ensure a marketplace of good instructional materials for the new standards without crossing the line into telling teachers how to teach. The focal point of the conversations is a set of “publishers’ criteria” issued recently by the two lead writers of the English/language arts section of the common standards, which have been adopted by all but five states. Working under a contract with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an avid backer of the standards, David Coleman and Susan Pimentel wrote a pair of documents highlighting the key ideas of the standards and describing the qualities of instructional materials they consider a faithful reflection of them. The criteria center on aspects of the standards that represent a significant shift. . The impetus behind the criteria, Ms. Validating Materials Teacher Training Linda P. Mr. Mr.

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