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Free online image conversion

Free online image conversion

User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk How to Relocate User Profiles to another Partition or Disk in Windows 8 InformationThe method described in this tutorial allows relocating user profiles and folders already while installing Windows 8, before any user accounts are created, as well as after installation on an already installed system.The advantage of this method is that it changes some internal Windows 8 environment variables, being a “Do it once and forget” procedure. Changing the variables takes care of all existing and future user profiles, locating them when created to selected drive or partition. The method is fail proof and reversible.When Windows 8 is installed, 5 or 6 system folders are created depending on chosen bit-version:PerfLogs (Performance Logs), where Windows stores performance and reliability logsProgram Files, where applications and software are installed.

A tale of a support team – when Scrum leads to Kanban – Episode 2 – Mission Impossible « Control Your Chaos So the first thing we needed to do is to break that horrifying atmosphere. A manager sticking his nose into everything, knowledge transfer, to another company, organizational havoc, it all has taken its toll on the people. So I did something unexpected – I brought balloons into one of their meetings. Just plain, colorful balloons. This was the turning point. Changes in the technical elements were greater than ever. But most important is that they were setting their own goals. So what made the change possible? Breaking the lethargic atmosphere. You may not believe, but 4 months later this team got rid of the bug queue completely. Introducing new people got easier as well – due to tutorials and warning signs in the code, they at least didn’t mess up things. Their Definition Of Done evolved. Let’s sum up. Technology: as complex as it can be. I still remember one moment when on one of the retrospectives a team member that visited the customer organization the most told us story: Like this:

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