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Social Media Marketing Kit

Social Media Marketing Kit
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What is Unbounce? Designed with Conversion in Mind Unbounce empowers marketers to act independently from technical teams, improving their efficiency and their ability to generate sales. Produce high-converting landing pages without dealing with I.T. bottlenecks. Take a moment to WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW showing how easily and quickly you can use our templates to create your own fully branded landing page. The Drag 'n' Drop WYSIWYG Page Builder Makes Creation a Snap Even if you know how to code a web page with HTML, you'll love how much faster it is with our landing page builder. Drag & Drop Fast page design With our drag and drop interface, it's never been simpler to customize your landing pages. Form Builder Build your own form The form designer allows you to create a form with no technical knowledge or HTML. Rounded boxes and buttons? Social Widgets Add Twitter, Facebook and Google+ social sharing widgets to your pages in a multitude of layouts. Video Need a YouTube (or other) video on your page? File Download

Traiter, partager, diffuser et capitaliser sa veille NEXT TOPIC: Critical Thinking in 140c Many (including Malcolm Gladwell, or the latest to fall, the NYT’s Bill Keller) claim it’s impossible to use social media to drive deep, meaningful learning, especially for more complex topics. After all, how much can be said in a 140-character tweet? Like many in the chat and blogging communities – on this topic? I’ll beg to differ. For example, after a successful 10-month series in 2010 on Organization Culture (+7k page views), I’ve started a new deep dive on Critical Thinking in March, with a similar multi-month research agenda. For the WEDS 5/25 1pET #SMCHAT, let’s focus on techniques for “heavy lifting” using social media: Q1. Note: we went still deeper on Q5/Q6 the following week at SMCHAT in “Grabbing Twitter by the Tail: Tracking Top Tweets” If there’s interest in Critical Thinking at the deeper level, we can definitely circle back on it. As always, we look forward to your input. Like this: Like Loading...

25 business-tastic B2B social media case studies I’ve been asked quite a few times over the past couple of weeks for examples of social media marketing being used in a B2B context. This is actually more prevalent than a lot of marketers appear to realise – and is certainly something that’s not new to the marketplace. Here’s some great examples of B2B organisations using social media with commercial purpose. 1. OPEN Forum and Facebook campaigns AmEx does a lot to support business customers, from the long-standing OPEN Forum, through to running related campaigns across its Facebook Page. One of note was the recent “Big Break” campaign which was a contest for SME’s, the five winners of which received an all-expense paid trip to Facebook HQ, for a one-on-one business makeover and $20,000 to aid their existing social media strategy. 2. Online communities and marketplaces Echoing American Express, Archer has a whole online community dedicated to enterprise governance, risk, and compliance software. 3. Twitter and YouTube combo TradeSpace 5. 6. 7.

Facebook Launches New Metric: "People Talking About" Facebook has overhauled its Pages Insights analytics tool and added a new metric to gauge the health of a page: "People Talking About." That statistic, which users will see on Pages below the total number of "Likes," will be one of four tracked by Pages Insights. The idea is that users will understand a Page with a high People Talking About rating is one that has compelling content. Likewise, content creators will be motivated to make their Pages more comment-worthy. People Talking About (that might not be the final name for the metric; at press time, Facebook wasn't sure) will measure user-initiated activity related to a Page, including posting to a Page's Wall, "liking," commenting, sharing a Page post or content on the Page, answering a Question posed to fans, mentioning a Page, "liking" or sharing a deal or checking in at your Place. The other metrics, which are designed for administrators of brand and media Pages, include "Likes," "Friends of Fans" and "Weekly Total Reach."

10 outils Twitter pour gérer efficacement vos abonnés 10 outils Twitter pour gérer efficacement vos abonnés 17 mars 2010 Votre stratégie webmarketing s'oriente aujourd'hui vers Twitter et vous souhaitez apprendre à gérer vos abonnés ? Par Nicolas Debaets, Ce billet est une traduction d'un article de Mani Karthik. La gestion de vos "abonnés" et de vos amis sur Twitter n'est pas chose facile. L'activité de vos "abonnés".Ont-ils "ReTweeté" vos "tweets"Les mises à jour régulières de vos "abonnés"Ceux que vous suivez vous suivent-ils, etc... Avec les options par défaut sur Twitter, ce n'est pas vraiment facile de gérer vos "abonnés", mais voici quelques applications web intéressantes qui pourront vous être d'une grande aide. NDT : Le premier outil (Huitter) présenté sur l'article original ne semble plus être actif, je l'ai donc supprimé de la liste. 1. Ceci est un autre outil qui nous aidera à vous désabonner automatiquement de comptes inactifs, l'inactivité est basée sur la récence de leur dernier "Tweet". MyCleener 2. Who Follows Whom ? 3. Twittangle

Social Overload: Are you out of Bandwidth? Maybe it’s just me, but keeping track of all that information flying around in TweetDeck and the blogosphere can be daunting. Sometimes it seems there’s just a few tweets too many. It’s like the 160-character idea that just won’t fit in the 140c text box. It can be downright overwhelming. Bandwidth is a technical concept from networking that refers to how much information can be put through a network connection in a given slice of time. Since we’re out here social networking, the metaphor is a good fit. When do we get full? I see the bandwidth issue as a very real hurdle, but also one that can be managed and solved – if we know what we’re trying to do. For #smchat WEDS 6/22 at 1p, let’s talk about how. Q1 What are the signs of social overload? Q2 Is your social network designed for your need? Q3 Does your social traffic deliver value? Q4 Have you tried social “load balancing”? Much to ponder, in that vast, exciting space we call social networks. See you online. Like this: Like Loading...

Social Media Success Is About Purpose (Not Technology) - Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald by Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald | 2:57 PM November 1, 2011 In the real estate world, there is a saying: “The three considerations that most impact value are location, location, and location.” In the world of social media, they are purpose, purpose, and purpose. Nothing impacts the success of a social media effort more than the choice of its purpose. What is a good purpose for social media? If you’re like most executives (and you’re being honest), probably not. No wonder most organizations struggle with gaining tangible and significant business value from social media. That deficiency often leads to a worst practice we call “provide and pray.” The lesson? Facebook’s core purpose is for people to easily track what their friends are doing. Yes, some social Web environments have strayed from their original purpose. Choosing the right purpose is difficult (much harder than providing the technology). Purpose is a business decision.

5 ways to make it in a social media world The world is full of people trying to tweet, like and link their way to prosperity. Years from now, we'll all look back at how much time everyone wasted trying to get ahead with social media and think, that was a real "fools rush in" moment. In case you don't get the reference, it means this: nobody ever got anywhere by doing what everyone else is doing. Not to burst your bubble, but look at it this way. Now, don't get me wrong. Yes, I know, social media is easy, fun, and the instant gratification fix is enormous. So, assuming you're not in venture capital or investment banking, here are five ways to monetize your ambition and make it in a social media world. Competitive intelligence analysis The hottest field related to social media and social networks, where companies are actually hiring, is competitive intelligence analysis. Rebrand and reposition yourself I can go on and on, but it really comes down to repositioning yourself to focus on what's hot and leaving the rest to the masses.