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Related:  Development - Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V. 10 Secrets To Being Charming When design expert Stephen Bayley was but a boy, his headmaster left a word of warning on his last ever school report: "Charm alone will not get him through". As tends to happen when you're critised as a child, the word stuck with him. And now, many years later, he's decided to write a book on that very concept: charm. The result is a informative and fun look at what he calls "one of life’s most desirable assets" , looking at its orgins and meaning throughout history. Here for Esquire, Bayley condenses charm down to 10 basic rules of thumb, so you too can get away with murder. 1 | Treat every single person you meet as if you have been given secret information that they will soon inherit an unwholesomely large fortune. 2 | Wear good shoes. 3 | Don't tell jokes, but laugh at everybody else's. 4 | Be curious and inquisitive, but not intrusive. 5 | Being charming is not all about sex, but quite a lot of it is. 6 | Never complain. 8 | Study George Clooney. 9 | Listen.

Lil Blue Boo А-а-ах! Москва Наш сайт — о самых интересных местах и событиях Москвы. Как Москва отдыхает сейчас и что будет сегодня? Почувствуйте пульс города в последних фотографиях из Instagram и ближайших событиях. Мы влюблены в то лучшее, что есть в Москве, и хотим рассказать вам об этом. Здесь можно каждые выходные находить что-то новое. И пусть не везде ещё не обустроены парки и набережные, велодорожки прерывисты, а лужковская архитектура неудачно разбавляют шедевры модерна и конструктивизма, но новые необычные места открываются каждый день. Найдите что-то увлекательное на сегодня – и отправьтесь туда.

PINEAPPLE | Digital Scrap-book Paper| Print on Leather | Print on Cork Brain Pickings | An inventory of the meaningful life. Lulu the Baker Москва, которой нет Book Magazine #1 Need a Knowledge Boost? Increase Your Brain Power with These 6 Websites Building knowledge: For some people it is a passing interest, for others it is a hobby, while for some it is an obsession. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, chances are that from time-to-time you look to learn something new. Luckily, for all of us there are a series of websites that can help us learn a thing or two about… well, anything. If you are not just looking for information, but also inspiration, then is the website that will fulfill your needs. It is hard to find a single TED oration that is not filled with inspiring concepts, motivating ideas, and worthwhile tidbits of information. If you’re keen to learn more Finance-related information, do check out post on “16 Great Personal Finance Resources & Blogs”. While a rather informal website, provides a great service to anyone who “just can’t remember how buoyancy works,” or “Am not sure who was the best baseball player of the 1970s.” How Stuff Works Khan Academy Project Gutenberg

Yummy Mummy Kitchen Афиша-Город 50 Fun (and Free) Engineering Games Anyone Can Play - Top Online Engineering Degree If you have a love of engineering, a little time, and no money, there are options for you. The internet comes through again in these 50 fun and free engineering games anyone can play. Give a try to help improve your drawing, math, logic, and more. Fun Drawing Games Anyone Can Play Because it all starts with pen and paper, check out these free, online drawing games. 1. 2. iSketch : A multiplayer game, points are given when correctly answering what the sketch is. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Fun Engineering Tools Anyone Can Use These tools can be fun whether drawing a moustache on something you shouldn’t or trying your hand at an engineering task. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Fun Engineering Games to Play You don’t have to be an engineer to play these games, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Fun Math Games Anyone Can Play Engineers, students, and more can use these games to learn math, improve their abilities, and have extra fun with bragging rights. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

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