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Hello everyone! Some of you might know about our Help Wiki and might have even turned to it for advice at times. If you haven't had a look at the Help Wiki, know that it is a fantastic resource full of helpful tutorials to give you the power to be the best possible contributor for all of your favorite wikis. To further expand on using the Help Wiki to the fullest, we've created a new series that will highlight different parts of the Help Wiki to feature all of the parts it has to offer. Before we get too deep into the Help Wiki however, we're highlighting what makes it so great: amazing tutorials. Our very first installment of Help Wiki Highlights is more of a how-to guide for creating incredible tutorials that could turn into just the help your fellow community members have been looking for!

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Everyone Should Play Slam City Oracles Never have I seen a game that is more specific to the Autostraddle community — maybe Gone Home. Maybe. But this game was basically made for us all. Jane Friedhoff’s Slam City Oracles is a smash-em-up game where you rocket two badass beings into the ground, buildings, clouds and whatever the fuck else they can hit — and you do it all to a riot grrrl soundtrack. Here’s the game trailer for a little glimpse: Ocelot Ocelots are tamable passive mobs. Drops[edit | edit source] Ocelots drop 1–3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf. The Radioactive Boy Scout Note: This article is being reprinted here as an example of what NOT to do with radioactive materials. Please do NOT attempt to recreate any part of these experiments for the following reasons: You will most likely poison yourself and/or others Nobody really needs an unsafe homemade reactor (especially one made of duct tape and foil) If enough people try these dangerous experiments, the government will try to outlaw any sort of legitimate private experiments with radioactivity or possession of any radioactive minerals or materials. What happened when a teenager tried a dangerous experiment in his back yard

Dynmap-PreciousStones Version 0.40 Current ReleaseLatest stable and unstable buildsSource CodeWiki IRC: #dynmap Supported versions: Dynmap v1.3 or laterPreciousStones 9.5.5 or later Dynmap-PreciousStones provides a simple way to add visibility of PreciousStones protection fields to Dynmap's maps. The plugin depends on the presence of both Dynmap and PreciousStones, and interacts directly with the PreciousStones API.

Mobs Mobs are living, moving game entities. The term "mob" is short for "mobile"[1] and has been used as a general term referring to any moving entities in games since the first MUDs surfaced. General behavior Mobs are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player: they are subject to physics, and they can be hurt by the same things that harm the player (catching on fire, falling, drowning, attacked by weapons, etc.).

How the F.B.I. Made 'Winners Don't Use Drugs' the Arcade Motto of the '90s Walk into your local retro arcade and you’ll see it. Cycling through the teaser screens on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gunblade, Rambo III, and more is a pixelated image of a blue or sometimes grey background glowing for that moment before you drop in a quarter. In the center is the gold-flecked seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Enderman Endermen are three-block-high mobs that spawn fairly uncommonly in the Overworld at light levels of 7 or less, and they densely populate The End. Endermen are neutral, but they will turn hostile when provoked. They are known for their spooky presentation, their unique abilities to pick up blocks and teleport, their vulnerability to water, and the odd noises they make. Endermen are the main source of Ender Pearls (the only other being stronghold chests), which are useful both in their own right and as a crafting ingredient for Eyes of Ender, which are necessary to reach The End. Endermen can be provoked via an attack or by simply looking at them (placing the crosshairs on their upper bodies from up to 64 blocks away).

cs.virginia A Thoughtful Look at Men and Women SHE DRIVES FOR A RELATIONSHIP. HE'S LOST IN THE TRANSMISSION By DAVE BARRY CONTRARY to what many women believe, it's fairly easy to develop a long-term, stable, intimate, and mutually fulfilling relationship with a guy. Of course this guy has to be a Labrador retriever. With human guys, it's extremely difficult. This is because guys don't really grasp what women mean by the term relationship.

wwwLag wwwLag inserts important performance data into your mySQL-DB to display them in the www. The chart can be included anywhere (php-include, iFrame or via source code) What does wwwLag display and what features? Players online Average TPS (new) Loaded chunks (new) Loaded entities Free memory (can be disabled) IP-Filter and password-protection for inserting the data Configurable width and height of the chart (new) Manual update ingame possible Commands and permissions

Brewing Potion brewing chart (excludes splash potions) Brewing (or Alchemy) is the process of creating potions and splash potions by adding various ingredients to water bottles in a brewing stand. [edit] Brewing Potions Brewing "grid" (Ingredients are placed at the top. Bottles placed underneath) [edit] Brewing Guide