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The Raspberry Pi Brewing Controller

The Raspberry Pi Brewing Controller
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Résonance de Schumann articles du Magazine de la connaissance culture consommation gastronomie bio ecologie nouvelles technologies En 1957, le Pr. O.W.Schumann (Université Munich) découvre les Ondes Transversales Magnétiques Terrestres aujourd'hui connues sous le nom d'Ondes de Schumann ou Résonance de Schumann. Il s'agit d'un phénomène atmosphérique naturel et permanent qui se propage autour de la Terre sous la forme d'une Onde Radio électrique. Il faut tout d'abord savoir que la Terre est entourée d'une épaisse couche de particules chargées électriquement et ionisées appelée IONOSPHERE. Cette couche d'air ionisée s'étend sur une épaisseur qui va de 60/80 Km à 640 Km ; c'est le bouclier qui protège la Terre contre les vents solaires et les rayons cosmiques et réfléchit en outre les ondes radio. Selon R.Miller « le champ magnétique » entourant la Terre peut être comparé à un gel assez ferme.

Digital Designs for Physical Objects View More DRINK-DICE by Qxo May 5, 2013 Collection Cover Remove Maker-Bottle-Moustaches by wulfdesign Oct 29, 2010 Bottle-Moustaches by overflo Oct 29, 2010 Another 2 beer holder carrier by DaniSaez Feb 27, 2014 Antoher 4 beer carrier/holder by DaniSaez Feb 27, 2014 Winemaking siphon parts by Lenbok Dec 23, 2012 Bottle Drying Stand (Parametric) by doommeister Oct 6, 2011 Brewtroller by Nermal Sep 1, 2009 <div class="pagination pagination-large pagination-centered"><ul><li class="disabled"><span>&laquo;</span></li><li class="disabled"><span>&#139;</span></li><li class="page-number active"><a href="/fernandogarzaw/collections/la-gallina-ciega/page:1">1</a></li><li class="page-number "><a href="/fernandogarzaw/collections/la-gallina-ciega/page:2">2</a></li><li><a href="/fernandogarzaw/collections/la-gallina-ciega/page:2">&#155;</a></li><li><a href="/fernandogarzaw/collections/la-gallina-ciega/page:2">&raquo;</a></li></ul></div> Top

ramanPi: an open source 3D-printable Raman spectrometer The 2014 Hackaday Prize offered fabulous prizes for the best exemplars of an open, clearly documented device involving connected electronics. Committed hardware hacker fl@c@ (we understand that’s pronounced “flatcat”) wasn’t in the habit of opening up their work, but had been thinking that perhaps they should, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to give it a go. They decided to make an entry of one of their current works-in-progress, a DIY Raman spectrometer based on a Raspberry Pi. The project, named ramanPi, made it to the final of the contest, and was declared fifth prize winner at the prize announcement in Munich a couple of weeks ago. Raman spectroscopy is a molecular identification technique that, like other spectroscopic techniques, works by detecting and analysing the characteristic ways in which substances absorb and emit radiation in various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The ramanPi uses a remote interface so that it can be viewed and controlled from anywhere.

Sacred Geometry NUMEROLOGY OF METAPHYSICS: Archaic Mathematics of the Occult Science The understanding of cosmology depends predominantly on the language and practice of the four ancient intellectual disciplines (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy). Arithmetic evaluates number. Geometry (our cosmological mind map), “earth measure,” is the basic science of natural law, which evaluates number in space. Music evaluates number in time. The practice of geometry functions only on a certain level of reality, the archetypal consciousness (the internal/spiritual realm). To Plato (427 BCE), reality consisted of essential archetypal ideas, and physical perceived phenomena are only mere reflections. Depiction of Taoist Sage (zhenren), or anthropocosm, juxtaposing the sun and the moon with the yin and yang of his energetic being. Ancient cultures may have symbolized eternal processes as gods, or lines of action through which the spirit condenses into energy and matter. Information is energy. Anatomy of the Soul:

Brew Beer Using All Grain Method Edit Article Edited by Nate, Nicole Willson, Ben Rubenstein, Flickety and 12 others This is a method of brewing beer using malted grains instead of extract, with an emphasis on getting it done inexpensively but without sacrificing quality. Ad Steps 1Choose the grains. Tips An outdoor burner with a converted keg for boiling is a good investment. Warnings Don't be a hero and try to drink spoiled batches of beer. Carputer with Raspberry Pi | AB-Art Ben Yet another project ! I was tired of listening to the local radio on my car, I wanted my own music. So in that case you have 2 possibilities: either you buy an other system or you build yourself a super carputer ! Needless to say that I chose the second option. My carputer In this article I am going to describe the different choices I made to build it, but this is not going to be step by step tutorial to build yours. I wanted this computer to play my music (from my usb key) but also radio. I needed a soundcard to connect to my car’s speakers, I decided to use the X400 Expansion Board. Instead of buying a big expensive touchscreen for the raspberry pi I decided to take an other approach. In order to listen to the radio, I used a RTL SDR. My SDR module plugged to the antenna of my car Not only is the SDR module cheap, but it can also receive a lot of type of frequency. Powering the Pi with the car is that as easy as you think. The fuse box on my car I use moc as my music player. Like this:

L'archéologie censurée Plusieurs pierres furent envoyées en Allemagne et la date des gravures les faisaient remonter à la plus haute antiquité. Mais, comme nous le savons tous n'est-ce pas ? il ne peut y avoir eu des hommes à l'époque des dinosaures; homo sapiens n'existe que depuis environ 100 000 ans. Censure de toute réflexion "interdite" : Preuves de la très antique origine de l'humanité. Le cas de l'écrivain Michael Cremo est bien connu et démontre aussi comment l'establishment scientifique utilise des tactiques de pression envers les médias et les gouvernements. La forêt de Waipoua en Nouvelle Zélande devint un site controversé parce qu 'une fouille archéologique avait révélé l'existence d'une culture non polynésienne qui aurait précédé celle des Maoris. Mais les scientifiques allèrent plus loin; beaucoup plus loin. Rejet de données: Datation incorrecte au Mexique. Ensuite il y a le cas de la Dr. ...le cas des momies du désert de Takia Makan en Chine occidentale.

¿Cómo Medir el Contenido de Alcohol en la Cerveza? | BrewMasters. Insumos e Ingredientes para Elaborar Cerveza. Una de las preguntas e incognitas más frecuentes del cervecero artesanal o casero es cómo calcular con precisión el contenido de alcohol de la cerveza. Descifremos el misterio de Cómo Medir el Alcohol en nuestra Cerveza. Y es que ahora en estos tiempos, en que “todo” lo podemos encontrar en Internet, también podemos confundirnos o mal-informarnos más: Que si multiplícale por 105, que sí divídele por un factor, que súmale, pero réstale, es algo de lo que comúnmente escucho. Y cuando alguien sale con una fórmula heroica, rara vez sabe si es correcta o de donde salió. Así que resolvamos esta cuestión básica de cómo medir el alcohol en la recién cerveza que hemos elaborado. El método más común para determinar el contenido de alcohol de la cerveza, es comparar la densidad del líquido antes y después de fermentar. La Densidad de un líquido es la relación entre su masa y su volumen. donde P es la densidad, m la masa, y V el volumen. La densidad del agua pura es 1.

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