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gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained. It provides the following types of games: Logic puzzles. gbrainy provides different difficulty levels making gbrainy enjoyable for kids, adults or senior citizens. It is designed for GNOME and runs on top of GNU/Linux and different Unix flavours. gbrainy project's objectives gbrainy project's objectives are: To produce gbrainy, a free and open brain teaser game for Linux, Windows and other platforms. Frequently asked questions There is a collection of Frequently asked questions about gbrainy. Screenshots These are some screenshots of gbrainy: Requirements gbrainy requires: intltool 0.35 or higher Mono 1.1.7 or higher GTK and GTK Sharp 2.10 or higher librsvg 2.2 or higher Cairo 1.2 or higher Mono.Addins 0.3 or higher In a standard Ubuntu installation the packages required to compile gbrainy are: intltool, mono-gmcs, mono-devel, libmono-dev, libgnome2-dev, libgnomeui-dev, libmono-cairo2.0-cil. Download Source code . Related:  Open Sourcecool science sites

The R Project for Statistical Computing Science: A New Map of the Human Brain Bienvenido al OpenCourseWare de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid — OCW - UC3M Science en jeu FreeMind - Télécharger The Arrow of Time The debate about the nature of time and its passage is a long and venerable one. The issues addressed by pre-Socratic philosophers such as Heraclitus and Parmenides about whether time 'flows' or not prefigure present day philosophical arguments. In his talk to the Blackheath Philosophy Forum Huw Price chose as his starting point the views of cosmologist Sir Arthur Eddington - a prominent figure in the first half of the 20th century, but little known today. The 'passage' view accords with our commonsense intuitions: that there is a past, present and future - each with a different ontological status. What might any of this mean for how we subjectively view time? "For we convinced physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, albeit a persistent one" Here Einstein seems to imply that if we accept the block universe view we don't need to be too concerned about the future.

Descargas DVD Newton Descargas DVD Newton Descarga del archivo (2,9 GB) Una vez descargado el archivo, debe descomprimirse y se obtendrá la imágen ISO para poder grabar en un DVD. Descarga de la carátula del DVD Descargas DVD Juegos Didácticos Descarga del archivo Curso-Juegos_2012.iso (1,4 GB) Una vez descargado el archivo se puede grabar en un DVD. Descarga de la carátula del DVD Esta obra está bajo una licencia Creative Commons 3.0: Reconocimiento-No Comercial-Compartir Igual Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte | Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado Información general :

Kodu Game Lab An overview of Kodu. (Click to play) Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills. Since Kodu's introduction in 2009, we have visited the White House, teamed up with great groups like NCWIT and DigiGirlz, inspired academic research and been the subject of a book (Kodu for Kids). Kodu for the PC is available to download for free.