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Alternative Cancer Treatments (the Cancer Tutor Website)

Alternative Cancer Treatments (the Cancer Tutor Website)

Cancer: The beat of an ancient drum? | Paul Davies Colon cancer cells magnified to 2,000 times their size. Photograph: Micro Discovery/Corbis Forty years ago President Richard Nixon declared a "war on cancer". Yet in spite of $100bn (£60bn) of taxpayer-funded research in the US alone, the cancer mortality rate remains little changed. Two years ago, in a spectacularly enlightened move, the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) decided to enlist the help of physical scientists. With no prior knowledge of cancer, I started asking some very basic questions. Oncologists tend to think of cancer as a motley collection of cells gone berserk, but to me the way that tumours grow and spread to other organs indicates an organised and systematic strategy, designed to evade all that the body and the medical profession can throw at it. I began wondering whether cancer might be an evolutionary throwback to the dawn of multicellular life, when single cells began cooperating and forming rudimentary aggregations.

Lugol's Iodine Solution | Buy Lugols Iodine UK | Iodine Benefits | Benefits Of Lugols Iodine| Fourni par Traduction Click here to jump to our full range of Iodine products or scroll down to learn more. » Lugol's Iodine Solution Background In 1880, a French physician named Jacques Lugol originated a solution which contains 5 percent of elemental Iodine in a 10 percent solution of Potassium Iodide. » Iodine Health Benefits A function of Iodine in the human body relates to clear thinking. Not only does Iodine play an important role in the brain, it also contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function. It is well established that the Iodine content of the thyroid gland is dependent upon the Iodine available in the food and water intake of the individual. If you are having problems with your thyroid, contact your healthcare professional. » Other Iodine Benefits » Iodine in the Human Body The human body does not produce Iodine so it is an important part of your diet. » Iodine Displacement

Graviola Tree and Paw Paw Treatments by R. Webster Kehr Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. TREATMENT RATING: This cancer protocol is rated ONLY as being effective on newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have a fast-growing cancer and their cancer has not spread significantly!! If you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or you have a potentially fast-growing cancer, do not use this protocol as your primary cancer treatment, use one of the protocols linked to on this web page:Chapter on Treatments Rated For Advanced Cancer Patients How It Works These products come from trees in the tropical areas of South and North America. Before reading this warning, please read the “What Causes Cancer” article linked to on the left side-bar. Most of the new technology cancer treatments include electromedicine or nutritional protocols. Protocols that use electromedicine (e.g. The reason is that several of the newer protocols kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

Health Benefits of Honey Honey is a sweet, sticky, and sumptuous food that can be consumed alone or as an additive, sweetener or topping for other foods. Bees produce honey as their main food source. By collecting sugar rich flower nectar bees can create honey through a long refining and regurgitation process. Honey is stored within the honeycombs to be used during cold seasons or scarcity. Beekeepers develop hives that allow the bees to overproduce honey, which allows the beekeepers to remove the excess for human consumption. Although, the original discovery of honey is unknown, the use of honey by humans dates back over 10000 years ago. As a food source honey is mainly made up of fructose and glucose, both of which are easily used and broken down by the body. For the last 3,000 years honey has been used in medicinal treatments, treating ailments and maintaining a healthy body. Eastern cultures and religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Ayurveda use honey throughout their daily living.

Alternative Cancer Treatment and Medicine Information Blog Cannabinoids for Cancer Treatment: Progress and Promise + Author Affiliations Requests for reprints: Hasan Mukhtar, Department of Dermatology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1300, University Avenue, Medical Sciences Center, B-25, Madison, WI 53706. Phone: 608-263-3927; Fax: 608-263-5223; E-mail: Abstract Cannabinoids are a class of pharmacologic compounds that offer potential applications as antitumor drugs, based on the ability of some members of this class to limit inflammation, cell proliferation, and cell survival. Cannabinoid Receptors: A Brief Overview Cannabinoid refers to a group of chemicals naturally found in the marijuana plant Cannabis sativa L. and includes compounds that are either structurally or pharmacologically similar to Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol or those that bind to the cannabinoid receptors. Classification of Cannabinoids There are three types of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Cancer: Progress Figure 1. Cannabinoids and Gliomas Cannabinoids and Prostate Cancer Cannabinoids and Breast Cancer

The Medicine Cabinet in Your Kitchen – Ten Top Common Healing Herbs and Spices 1. CAYENNE - Cayenne pepper has wonderful cardiovascular benefits, including lowering blood pressure. Famed herbalist Doctor John Christopher noted that a couple of teaspoons of cayenne pepper never failed to stop a heart attack in only minutes. When added to food, cayenne increases appetite, improves digestion and relieves gas, nausea and indigestion. It also thins phlegm and eases its passage from the lungs. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The above list barely scratches the surface of all the wonderful healing herbs and spices nature has provided for our “kitchen medicine cabinet”. Sources included: Join Wake Up World's Ever Evolving Social Communities Facebook Pinterest Google Plus Twitter

Dallas Oxygen Bar | Where Its OK To InhaleDallas Oxygen Bar | Where Its OK To Inhale Healing Cancer Naturally via Alternative Holistic Cancer Treatment: Welcome! Miracle Mineral Solution The Ultimate In Heirloom Wheat Arrives At Seed Vault : The Salt A few days ago, amid darkness and freezing winds, thousands of small packages of seeds were carried into an underground storage vault on a remote Arctic island. That vault holds a growing collection of seeds from all the different kinds of crops around the world that humans grow for food. The seeds — 740,000 samples and counting — are stored inside a mountain on a group of islands called Svalbard, which is legally part of Norway, but is located far out in the Arctic Ocean, just 600 miles from the North Pole. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault — along with dozens of other, less-secure collections around the world — is supposed to preserve a vital part of the world's botanical gene pool; in this case, all the varieties of corn or peas or tomatoes that have disappeared from farmers' fields. Those varieties disappeared because farmers turned to varieties that promise bigger harvests and greater profits. The preserved seeds "are the last remnants of these varieties," he says.

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