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Pinfluencer - Marketing and Analytics for Pinterest

Pinfluencer - Marketing and Analytics for Pinterest

PPSSPP: PSP emulator for Android, iOS (soon), Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Blackberry, Symbian Firefox OS Simulator – previewing version 3.0 Three months ago we were proud to release the 1.0 version of the Firefox OS Simulator. We’ve made a lot of progress since, and version 2.0 came out about a month ago (latest official version). Now, moving forward, we’d like to present and introduce you to a preview of the upcoming 3.0 version! We discussed whether we should talk about this new version yet, since it’s a bit rough around the edges, but we decided to give it a go for two reasons: We’re Mozilla. New features in the preview We’ve listened to the feedback and have tried to target the most common features being requested and well-needed. Push to DeviceRotation simulationBasic geolocation API simulationManifest validationStability fixes for installation and updates to appsNewer versions of the Firefox rendering engine and Gaia (the UI for Firefox OS) Push to Device Please note: Rotation simulation There’s now a feature to rotate the simulator, get events and more, to adapt your contents to both portrait and landscape.

NUIA | The natural way to use computers Pwn Pad Now faster, lighter, and thinner than ever, the Pwn Pad 2014 is a commercial grade penetration testing tablet providing unprecedented ease of use in evaluating wired and wireless networks. The sleek form factor is an ideal choice when on the road or conducting a company or agency walk-through. This high-speed, lightweight device, featuring extended battery life and the world’s sharpest 7” tablet screen, offers pentesters an alternative never known before. Core Features: Hardware specs: Additional product detail: See the Pwn Pad In Action:

DIY Google Glasses AKA the "Beady-i" Monocular head mounted display. I've got my beady eye on you............................................................................................................. In 2009 I posted an Instructable on how to make a pair of glasses with a head up display to one eye, using a pair of Olympus Eye-Trek video glasses. My reason for these projects is that I believe wearable displays will become very useful in hospital medicine, particularly anesthesiology. UPDATE June 2014: Updated much smaller more compact version due very soon with 3D printed shell. Since then there has been a lot of interest recently due to the current Google Glass project, which puts a head up display in front of one eye in a very neat package resembling a pair of glasses with nose-piece, top frame across over eyes, but no lenses or lens-frames. a) Not built into a pair of glasses. Obviously this also might interest the wearable computing community too. What you need:

Télécharger Parted Magic LiveCD 2012 Informations Licence - Shareware Language - Note (23 votes, moyenne : 3,35 sur 5) Loading ... 5 commentaires Dernière mise à jour - Parted Magic est un mini-CD Linux live qui contient des utilitaires dédiés aux systèmes de votre PC lorsqu’il est endommagé. Parted Magic permet de formater les disques durs internes et externes. Il se lance directement depuis le lecteur CD, aucune installation n’est nécessaire. Parted Magic est réservé aux utilisateurs avertis. Télécharger Free Music Converter Informations Licence - Freeware Language - Note (4 votes, moyenne : 4,00 sur 5) Loading ... 4 commentaires Dernière mise à jour - Free Music Converter permet de convertir gratuitement votre musique dans tous les formats audio que vous voulez. Simple, vous pouvez convertir votre musique en 3 étapes. Cet utilitaire vous permet également d’extraire la musique des vidéos, films etc. Et les experts pourront aussi modifier plusieurs paramètres de conversion : codec, échantillonnage, etc. Les formats audio supportés sont : MP3, AAC, WAV, MPA, RA, CDA, FLAC, M4A, MID, MKA, WV, TTA, AC3, WMA, MPC, APE, OFR, OGG, MP2, DTS. Conclusion : Free Music Converter est un logiciel complet qui remplit toutes ses promesses.

Paperkit - printable graph paper template Download Should I Remove It? FREE "This program manages to do a good job of making sure that your computer is free from bloatware and programs that you don't need." (Best Of Media Editors Review) Tom's Guide "Should I Remove It?" is 100% FREE, and does not bundle any additional software, that means no adware, spyware, malware or other types of shareware or free-ware. No adware, spyware, malware Easy to install and uninstall Does not run in the background Need help or support? "Where Should I Remove It really shines is with the adware, toolbars, and other "extras" that seem to sneak quietly into your system yet have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. CNET Editors' review "Should I Remove It? Lifehacker "If things are out of control or you’re unsure what each program does, then Should I Remove It is a program that can help. ...if you’re someone who is less sure about your software then Should I Remove It could be a good option for you." The Next Web "A helpful tool when you decide whether you're going to keep a program.

Smart PC Locker Pro Portable download Esta é a versão portátil do Smart PC Locker, um programa desenvolvido para que a tela do seu computador seja travada completamente, impedindo que alguém consiga acessar seus dados pessoais enquanto você está afastado da máquina. O funcionamento da versão portátil do Smart PC Locker não é diferente em relação à versão convencional. Tudo o que você precisa fazer é baixar o arquivo no formato ZIP e extrai-lo onde preferir, inclusive em um pendrive para que você utilize o software onde precisar. Você precisa apenas prestar atenção caso queira executar este programa juntamente com a inicialização do Windows. Diferenciais do Smart PC Locker É comum estarmos diante do PC fazendo algo importante quando, por algum motivo, precisamos nos afastar. Você pode recorrer à função nativa do Windows que trava a tela do computador, ativando-a novamente mediante o uso de uma senha. Smart PC Locker pode ser escondido para que ninguém a não ser o dono do computador saiba que o software está em funcionamento.