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SnapPages - Create a Website
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Product and software reviews, tech tips and gadgets Studio Neat Cosmonaut stylus for iPad review When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, he boasted that it would not require a stylus and could be used by just your finger. The same goes for the iPad but when you’re dealing with a 10” touch screen, the possibilities presented by a capacitive stylus are overwhelming. Tom Bihn Ristretto bag for iPad review We’ve reviewed a number of different bags and carrying solutions in the past year or so but you might be seeing a lot more as of late. Coming to you today, however, is Tom Bihn’s Restretto bag made specifically for iPad (all generations). — Our full review after the break! Karotz WiFi smart rabbit review Have you ever wanted a personal desk assistant that can update you on the weather, the latest news, and even your Twitter feed? Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition review But you may wonder, “how can I record HD footage from my TV over to my computer and throw it up on Youtube?” SGP Neo Hybrid 2S for iPhone 4 / 4S review

Roxer - The easiest way to make a webpage A List of 20 Free Tools for Teachers to Create Awesome Presentations and Slideshows Below is a list of some of the best free tools teachers and students can use to create awesome slideshow and presentations. 1- KnovioKnovio gives life to static slides and with a simple click you will be able to turn them into rich video and audio presentations that you can share with your friends and colleagues via email or popular social media websites. Knovio does not require any software installation or download, it is all web based. 2- AheadAhead is a great presentation tool for educators. 3- HelloSlideHelloSlide is a cool web tool that allows its users to create awesome slides together with voice narration. 4- JuxJux is one of the best showcase for your stories. 5- SlidestaxxSlidestaxx is a great presentation tool. 6- Present.meIt allows its users to record and share their presentations using their webcams. 8- SlideboomSlideboom is a slide hosting service where you can store your presentations and share them with the rest of the world. 11- Zoho Show

DoodleKit: 100MB Space, 100GB BW Let's Eat - Free Restaurant Website Builder Bento Laptop Tablet Hybrid by René Woo-Ram Lee Bento is quite an exceptional and forward thinking concept by René Woo-Ram Lee. It’s quite a plausible scenario that most of use/own a tablet, a PC, external hard drives and a smartphone. Now combine the power of these to have fully customizable Bento Laptop! The Box accommodates all the gear to work as one whole unit or individually; as you see fit. Features Laptop with 15″ OLED screen11″ tablet and 4″ phone sit in shallow depressionsSolar powered lithium-ion battery1TB SSD drive Designer: René Woo-Ram Lee The Fujitsu branding is evident and rightly so, the concept is a part of the Fujitsu Design Award that is organized by Designboom.

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