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Purl Bee Penguin

Purl Bee Penguin
Winter in New York City can be hard to love with its frozen sidewalks, dirty snowbanks, and bare trees. But this winter I'm counting on my new cold weather friend, the Purl Bee Penguin, to help me through! Its happy ovoid shape and graphic palette are sure to remind me that joy really does exist in January. Just ask an Emperor Penguin! I used our new Penguin Fat Quarter Bundle, a lively mix of black and white dots, stripes, and prints, to sew up this quirky little trio of penguins. I loved seeing how each one developed its own personality as I sewed, becoming more and more alive with each stitch! The Purl Bee Penguins are pretty addictive to make, and I don’t think that I’ll be able to stop with just these three. Materials To make three 9-inch tall stuffed penguins: A Penguin Fat Quarter Bundle or 1/4 yard each of seven dots, stripes, and chicken wire in black and white.A piece of bright yellow felt. Cutting Cut out the fabric according to the directions on the template. You will have:

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Big Cuddly Bunny My hometown has an agricultural fair every August that I rarely miss. My brother watches the oxen pulls for hours and my mother lingers over the prize vegetables, but I always head straight for the rabbits! I totally love them: their blinky eyes, their fat bellies and their ridiculous ears. And so when it comes to Easter and its wonderful cast of characters, for me, the bunny wins. Stuffed Fabric Turtles (with pattern pieces) We were shopping around, down in Florida, after we went to the zoo several weeks ago (yes, in Jacksonville…..some of you asked)……..and we stopped by a Pottery Barn Kids store. I’m a window shopper. Well, and an inspiration-seeker shopper. I love walking around and daring myself to find something I want to make.

Felt Owl Ornaments I haven’t made that much this Christmas. I might make a few last minute gifts, but I feel I have to get most of the shopping out of the way first... especially the online stuff that needs to be shipped. And no outfits for the kids like last year. I’m giving myself a break. Add a Fun Geeky Touch to Your Office or Computer Workstation with Minecraft Minis [DIY Project] Are you are Minecraft fan looking for a quick and fun DIY project to add a personalized touch to your favorite office or computer work space? Then you will definitely want to get your hands on this terrific set of Minecraft Minis paper toys! Note: Image shown above courtesy of Paper Toys Blog.

Clothespin People Summer is coming...which means school will soon be out and there will be many little hands looking for things to do. With a bit of imagination, a handful of craft supplies and a maybe a little help from some bigger hands you can turn simple clothespins into little friends. Our project supply list included: Clothespins Fabric scraps Pipe cleaners Squirrelly! So, it rained the other day. One benefit of Southern California sunshine, is that with rain, we usually get a rainbow in the deal. I run outside--avec camera--toward late afternoon to see if the miracle of refraction has happened yet again. And look what rolls by! A "make love, not war" hippie car!

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