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Robotics Developer Studio

Robotics Developer Studio
<a id="b7777d05-f9ee-bedd-c9b9-9572b26f11d1" target="_self" class="mscom-link download-button dl" href="confirmation.aspx?id=29081" bi:track="false"><span class="loc" locid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d" srcid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d">Download</span></a> Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 4 is a freely available .NET-based programming environment for building robotics applications. It can be used by both professional and non-professional developers as well as hobbyists. DetailsMicrosoft Robotics Developer Studio 4.exe Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 4 enables hobbyists and professional or non-professional developers to create robotics applications targeting a wide range of scenarios.

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Streamlining the Creation of Custom Visualization Applications Data exploration through visualization is an effective means to understand and obtain insights from large collections of data. Not surprisingly, visualization has become a mature area with an established research agenda [21], and several systems have been developed that support the creation of complex visualizations [6], [12], [14], [20], [22], [32], [35]. But even using systems that have sophisticated visual programming interfaces, such as AVS, DX, SCIRun, and VisTrails, the path from the raw data to insightful visualizations is laborious and error-prone.

.NET Micro Framework Platform SDK The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework is a powerful and flexible platform for rapidly creating embedded device firmware with Microsoft Visual Studio®. You can now develop firmware for devices that are too constrained to run Microsoft Windows® CE and the .NET Compact Framework. With the .NET Micro Framework, you can use Visual Studio to write, test, and debug software on your hardware just as you would when developing software for the .NET Framework or the .NET Compact Framework. Samsung files patents for robot that mimics human walking and breathing, ratchets up the creepy factor As much as Samsung is big on robots, it hasn't gone all-out on the idea until a just-published quartet of patent applications. The filings have a robot more directly mimicking a human walk and adjusting the scale to get the appropriate speed without the unnatural, perpetually bent gait of certain peers. To safely get from point A to point B, any path is chopped up into a series of walking motions, and the robot constantly checks against its center of gravity to stay upright as it walks uphill or down.

Microsoft Robotics Studio and Lego Mindstorms NXT The Lego Mindstorms NXT kit is an amazing upgrade to the original Lego Mindstorms product. While the building blocks are not the traditional plastic stud blocks everyone is used to, the new construction parts allow for some very complex designs. Additionally, Microsoft Robotics Studio supports the Lego NXT kit right out of the box, so it's quite easy to get up and going using MSRS with the Lego kit to start coding a robot in C# or VB.NET. Institut für Computergraphik und Algorithmen - Arbeitsgruppe für Computergraphik Information Publication Type: Master Thesis First Supervisor: Martin Haidacher Keywords: Rapid Development, Dataflow Programming, Visual Programming, Visualization Abstract

FEZ Panda II Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying the FEZ Panda II in our catalog. This page is for reference only. Description: The 72Mhz FEZ Panda II runs .NET Micro Framework, allowing users to program and debug FEZ Panda using Microsoft's free Visual C# Express. European Robotics Technology Platform June 2012 The 8th annual Invention and Entrepreneurship Award in Robotics and Automation (IERA) was presented to Gino De-Gol, Robocoaster Ltd. and Esben H. Østergaard, Universal Robots during the IERA Networking Dinner at the AUTOMATICA 2012 on 23 May, in Munich. It was hard to decide on the winner because the five finalists presented fantastic and outstanding projects”, said Shinsuke Sakakibara, IFR President and member of the Awards Committee. “The two winners are excellent examples of the exciting pioneering work that is being done in advanced robotics and is now being commercialized into real world applications in emerging markets.” explained John Dulchinos, Adept Technology and member of the Awards Committee.

Free Lego NXT MindStorms NXT-G Robotics Challenges Tutorials At the request of Tasmanian teachers Miss Clare Neilson and recently retired Mrs. Juanita Airey, activities using Lego's NXT 1 MindStorms Robots have been developed for use in School-based 2-hour sessions. Some, but not all, will work with the new NXT 2 kit (click here for more information). The tutorials are presented as a series of Challenges, which are gradually being converted for Web use.

TPL Dataflow There is a newer prerelease version of this package available. See the version list below for details. TPL Dataflow promotes actor/agent-oriented designs through primitives for in-process message passing, dataflow, and pipelining. TDF builds upon the APIs and scheduling infrastructure provided by the Task Parallel Library (TPL), and integrates with the language support for asynchrony provided by C#, Visual Basic, and F#. Supported Platforms: The Next-Gen BeagleBone You can now buy theBeagleBone Black What is the BeagleBone Black? The BeagleBone Black, with a new colour for spring, offers higher performance, at a significantly lower cost, with the same amazing out of box experience.

European Robotics Technology Platform EUROP, the European Robotics Technology Platform, is an industry-driven framework for the main stakeholders in robotics to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in robotic R&D, as well as global markets, and to improve quality of life. To this aim EUROP has developed a joint European Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), which would help focus research initiatives and innovative activities towards maximum impact. The SRA was published in July 2009. EUROP is one of several European Technology Platforms (ETPs) supported by the EU. The European Robotics Coordination Action (euRobotics CA), an EU project within the Seventh Framework Programme of the Information and Communication Technology, currently supports EUROP.

Microsoft Robotics Studio – Installing and Connecting VPL Studio to your Mindstorm Bluetooth InstallationYou must have Visual Studio 2008 with Service Pack 1 installed OR the latest version of Visual C# Express which is available for download for free here. Note: I am running Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium.Download and install the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3, available here. You need a Bluetooth module installed on your computer. My computer has one built into it.

Live Coding: Automated Artistic "Performances" Using Linux's Kernel We’ve been hearing the warnings from cautious futurists for years—one day, computer automation and robots would become so advanced as to be able to produce anything, perhaps even art. Though the creative and social implications of this forecast have been explored by generative artists for years now, we have yet to see any fully automated programs emerge wherein the computer creates art completely independently of the artist (even in generative art, humans still outline the parameters for the ensuing visuals through code). What if the computer programmed itself using that same generative technique, moving the possibilities of “computer-generated art” ever further down the rabbit hole of automation? That’s the question being explored in the two projects below. The second project is a machine designed to self-program itself, leaving the human factor by the wayside almost completely.

10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino : Application Note ANCP01 Use a sledgehammer, fire a bullet at it, throw it into a pool....that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re going to show you how to electrically destroy your Arduino, though many of you seem to already know how to do that through unfortunate experience. You know what we mean....that funny smell, the scorch mark on a component, or the dreaded “programmer not in sync” error message -- all signs that you’ve just learned a lesson the hard way. Why are we doing this?

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