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Apps Gone Free

Apps Gone Free
Editor’s Pick: Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD(4.5 stars with 3985 User Ratings) iPad App $0.99 → Free for a limited time Cut the Rope: Time Travel(5 stars with 8565 Ratings) iPhone App Everyone has heard of and played Cut the Rope, right?

Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera, by Belkin can bring lessons to life when used as a mobile visualiser to display what’s on the iPad screen, and stream straight to the interactive board at the front of the class. Through a wired connection using an iPad to VGA adaptor, or using wireless mirroring software such as AirServer or Reflection on a PC/ Mac, teachers could show anything on-screen including a students piece of work using the camera feature through Stage. Stage also comes with interactive whiteboard features to sketch, take notes, add and create labels, all of which can be added over live video. This makes highlighting key points clearer with a variety of pen sizes and colours to highlight different points. There’s also the option to insert images from the iPad photo library or to use the iPad as a plain whiteboard with a white or black background. Summary Related Suggestions:

Socrative Science GCSE Quizzes Comment:Last Updated:2 April, 2014Section:Resources This collection is a series of highly interactive and exciting revision quizzes and short answers questions that you can use to involve and engage the whole class. The revision activities are aimed at Yr11 revision (age 15-16) and they are suitable for the current GCSE exams as well as for the new exams starting in 2013. The quizzes and short answer tasks are all Socrative activities that you can import in your Socrative Room. If you are not familiar with Socrative you will find the video below really useful. This collection was put together by our Science Adviser Alessio, whom you can follow on Twitter @TESScience and/or contact via email, and by Gavin Smart (member of the TES Science Teacher Panel) whom you can contact via email or on Twitter @gavinsmart Socrative Space Questions video GCSE Biology Socrative: Enzymes Quiz Socrative: Animal and Plant Cells Socrative: Cell Division and Inheritance

New: 10 of the best Apple and Android apps for education in 2013 Name: POETRY from the Poetry Foundation What is it? Nominated for a WEBBY award, this universal iOS app allows users to take thousands of poems by classic and contemporary poets on the go. From William Shakespeare to César Vallejo to Heather McHugh, the Poetry Foundation’s app turns your phone, iPod Touch or iPad into a mobile poetry library. Best for: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Price: FREE Rated: 12+ Features: Search for old favorites with memorable lines.Give your device a shake to discover new poems to fit any mood.Save your favorite poems to read and share later—through Facebook, Twitter, or eMail.Read poems by T.S. Links: [Apple] [Android] Name: School Fuel What is it? Best for: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Rated: 4+

iOSnoops | Top Apps, Free Apps, New Apps, Deals and Apps on Sale for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak 5.1.1 / 5.1 / 5.0.1 / 5.0 Untethered (iOS 5) iPhone 4S iPad 2 The best apps for creating, editing, and sharing documents on the go When it comes to productivity, Apple’s iOS ecosystem is chocked full of apps to help you get things done. It may not have the full Microsoft Office Suite, but there are many other apps that make it possible for you to access and edit your Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents just as easily as if you were on a Windows phone or tablet. Plus, Office is overrated anyway. The App Store has hundreds of productivity apps that will make your working life easy. Notability Whether you are sitting in the classroom and listening to a lecture on sixteenth century literature, or meeting with your team for a brainstorming session at work, there is no better way to take notes than with this multipurpose app. Documents by Readdle With this file-sharing app you can see your Office documents, read and annotate PDF files, search keywords in documents and edit Text files. Collaborate These days, employees work remotely more than ever before. Documents To Go Dropbox SugarSync GoodReader for iPhone Evernote

What can you do with an iPad in the classroom? | It’s a tool, it’s a tool, it’s a tool. The iPad is not going to replace teachers or ‘fix’ education. There is a cost implication that must be taken into account and only an educator will know if it is right for their students. Indeed the cost-benefit analysis for an establishment must take into account a host of factors when considering iPad use in the classroom. Assessment for Learning The most valuable weapon in an educators arsenal is feedback. Applications such as eclicker, Socrative and Nearpod have the ability to provide instant feedback for every child in the classroom. Collaboration Setting a collaborative task is a tried and tested technique to allow students to question each other in the pursuit of an answer. Every educator has been left with completed work and no easy means to ensure the student has a copy to refer to in the future. The point is an educator can now set tasks to enhance learning, safe in the knowledge the students have the tools to complete what is required.

15 Must-Have iPad Apps - The Best Free Apps You've got your iPad, and now you are ready to fill up with great apps. But what should you download? The only downside of having the most popular app store on the planet is some really great apps can become lost in a sea of possibilities. But don't worry. The Best iPad Games Crackle Move over Netflix and Hulu Plus, there's a new best movie app in town. App Showdown: Netflix vs Hulu Plus iWork Apple began giving away the iWork suite of office apps to anyone who purchased a new iPad after the release of the iPhone 5S. Google Maps When Apple replaced Google Maps with their own Maps app, it created such a backlash that Tim Cook apologize. Evernote Evernote works similar to the Notes app that comes with the iPad, but includes a number of super-charged features. Pandora Thus far, we have books, movies and tv among our must-have iPad apps, but we aren't about to leave out music. Flipboard Are you ready to turn your social experience into an interactive magazine? iBooks Yelp Facebook Dropbox

Resources | Learn | Big Data | Hadoop | Datameer Webinars On-Demand Webinar Extending BI with Data Analytics Watch now Introducing Datameer 5.0 with Smart Execution Watch now Build Your Own Customer Buying Journey App See all on-demand webinars © 2014 Datameer, Inc. All rights reserved. Datameer is a trademark of Datameer, Inc. Hadoop and the Hadoop elephantlogo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.

handleOpenURL: Shared Interapp Communication on iOS Educreations Interactive Whiteboard The Beginner's Guide To The iPad And iOS 7 Apple may be about to announce a slew of new devices over the coming months. From an iWatch to an iPhone to an iPad, there’s a lot of technological nonsense to keep track of. What’s a busy teacher to do? In the following videos, I attempted to build a guide to the iPad that walks you through how the iPad works using the not-yet-available operating system iOS 7. Each video below is from a free Modern Lessons course I built in hopes of helping teachers get a firmer grip on how to actually, you know, do things on the iPad. Teachers who are rolling out iPads in the classroomStudents curious about the new iOS 7 on the iPadAnyone looking to get a refresher course on the basic functions of the iPad. So, all useful stuff. How To Use The iPad Passcode Lock How To Create Folders How To Use ‘Find My iPhone’ What To Know About iCloud How Tabbed Browsing Works On iOS 7

#iPad App Smackdown | #TechEducator Podcast #16 Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Welcome to the 16th episode of the Tech Educator Podcast hosted by Jeff Bradbury, Sam Patterson, Jeff Herb and Jon Samuelson. The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. For more information, please visit Many great ways to participate in the TechEducator Podcast. News from our Podcasts: TeacherCast: AppShed Podcast Instructional Tech Talk: This past month has been a little quiet on ITT – the end of the school year has been crazy! Techlandia: Wes Fryer interview just posted today, and we have Erin Klein next Saturday, and the fabulous Kyle Pace the following Saturday. Apps: Jeff H: Haiku DeckJoin.meGoodreaderNotabilityExplain EverythingGuardian EyewitnessEvernoteToodledoWhiteboardWrite AboutAnswer UndergroundCandy Crush Jon: Jeff B: Dual BrowserPaperRGB/HSB/HEXCoach’s EyeJello Jiggle ItProspect SnapAir HockeyKidBlog Links: Hosts:

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