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Three Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs - John Baldoni

Three Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs - John Baldoni
by John Baldoni | 2:32 PM May 23, 2011 Sometimes when you’re wondering what to do next in life, good advice can come when you least expect it — like when you’re getting your hair cut. Joan*, the hairstylist giving me a trim, mused aloud about what she was planning to do with her career. Cutting hair was just one part of her livelihood; she was also a professional caregiver as well as the owner of a rig that her husband operated. Over the course of our brief conversation, in no more than the time it took Joan to cut my hair, I picked up on three attributes of her success that are helpful for any entrepreneur: Practical. Purposeful. Impatient. There’s one final trait that successful entrepreneurs share: They realize that inspiration is useless without perspiration. People like Joan enjoy working for themselves because it affords a level of independence. John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership development consultant, executive coach, author, and speaker. Related:  Entrepreneurshipinstantoffices

Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility While talking with young founders in Europe and the US over the last couple months, I have been asked the same question repeatedly -- how can an entrepreneur just starting out gain the necessary credibility to attract capital? It is an important question because, at its heart, a startup investment is an investment in the entrepreneur. And the earlier stage the investment, the more so this is true. We all know the allure of the elusive "serial entrepreneur" -- the rare breed who has done it before (successfully) and will not fall victim to the same business pitfalls (he'll have to discover new ones). So how does an entrepreneur with little or no track record gain credibility? When it comes to borrowed credibility, there is perhaps no more important act than the initial introduction you are given to an investor. The other way first time entrepreneurs gain credibility is to earn it. The best way to earn credibility with investors is to have good answers to the questions you are asked.

Instant | Sydney Start-up Scene Map Sydney is becoming an increasingly popular choice for start-ups in Australia. New South Wales, the state in which the city lies, has been deemed ‘Australia’s start-up capital’ and is home to 48% of new businesses in the country. According to the latest research from Start-Up Muster, Sydney accounts for 12% of the country’s start-ups – more than any other city in Australia. In the last two years in particular it has seen substantial growth in entrepreneurship. With growing support networks popping up across the city, Sydney is fast becoming the place to be for entrepreneurs and new businesses Down Under. In order to support this, Instant Offices has created a google maps mashup highlighting some of the best start-up accelerators, office space options and the hottest start-ups in Sydney at the moment. Hottest Start-ups in Sydney Renting Smart – Landlord software and support to help with the professional running of lettings. Maestrano – An advanced cloud computing service for SMEs.

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently - Heidi Grant Halvorson Learn more about the science of success with Heidi Grant Halvorson’s HBR Single, based on this blog post. Why have you been so successful in reaching some of your goals, but not others? If you aren’t sure, you are far from alone in your confusion. It turns out that even brilliant, highly accomplished people are pretty lousy when it comes to understanding why they succeed or fail. The intuitive answer — that you are born predisposed to certain talents and lacking in others — is really just one small piece of the puzzle. 1. To seize the moment, decide when and where you will take each action you want to take, in advance. 3. Fortunately, decades of research suggest that the belief in fixed ability is completely wrong — abilities of all kinds are profoundly malleable. The good news is, if you aren’t particularly gritty now, there is something you can do about it. 7. To build willpower, take on a challenge that requires you to do something you’d honestly rather not do. 8. 9.

EFactor :: Tools for Entrepreneurs - StumbleUpon TED Talks - Best Career Advice For those with passion and ambition, there are few things more motivating than game-changing career advice. Whether ideas you’d never considered, or simply having what you knew in your gut confirmed by the experts, taking time out to listen to and learn from others can prove to be extremely worthwhile in the long run. Here’s what five well-known experts in their fields have to say with regard to getting ahead in your career. After leaving her impressive position in management consulting at the age of 27, Angela Lee Duckworth became a math teacher. In this talk, psychologist Shawn Achor delivers a brilliantly humorous case for happiness and its effect on productivity in the work place. While working in her first job as an art historian, Sarah Lewis began to notice a trend to the artwork she was working with; many of the pieces weren’t masterpieces. It is often said that rest is an essential part of maximising productivity, but few take it to heart.

LiftPort Space Elevator - LiftPort v2.0! Eight Questions To Ask Before You Start A Business ~ PPC Blog - StumbleUpon Are you thinking of starting a web business? Starting a PPC Management agency? Setting up your own site and selling things, or building a web publishing empire? Before you start, ask yourself the following eight questions. The advantage of this Q&A is that you can quickly see if the idea you’re going to throw your money and soul into is likely to work. 1 . Define what service the business provides. Try to focus. McDonalds could, no doubt, provide up-market meals, but they focus on selling quick, cheap food. That is what they do. 2. Who are your customers? Create a mental image of your typical customer. 3. What is your unique selling proposition? If your customers can buy the same services for less elsewhere, or more easily, they will. There is a tendency to model yourself on others. This is not to say doing something wildly new or different is any guarantee of success. 4. This point is so important, it really should be number one. Businesses may have great ideas. Then the bank manager calls.

Balancing “We” and “Me”: The Best Collaborative Spaces Also Support Solitude - HBR Artwork: Michael Wolf, The Transparent City 11, 2008 Let us know what you think of your workspace and see how you compare with others. For a look at workplace dynamics around the world, visit Christine Congdon’s article “How Culture Shapes the Office” (HBR May 2013). The open office has a lot of critics these days. There’s a natural rhythm to collaboration. Companies have been trying for decades to find the balance between public and private workspace that best supports collaboration. The open plan is just one of the culprits assaulting our privacy. Leaving the office to work at home or in coffee shops or libraries isn’t the answer—at least not for the long term. Steelcase has been exploring the issue of privacy since the 1980s, and over the years we’ve worked with thousands of organizations in many industries to develop open office environments. Redefining Privacy at Work So we need to rethink our basic assumptions about privacy. Information control. Stimulation control. Selective exposure.

Best 101 Entrepreneurship Quotes Ever · 14 Clicks I’m a big fan of quotes. I could read them all day long. Some quotes can shift your entire mindset on something while others are just nice to bring up in conversations. I’ve spent the last two years (off and on) compiling 101 of my favorite entrepreneurship quotes around success, failure, leadership, wisdom, humor, money, practicality, motivation, and a smattering of entrepreneurial proverbs. Success Quotes Failure Quotes “Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.” Leadership Quotes “Leaders don’t force people to follow, they invite them on a journey.” Wisdom Quotes “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” Humorous Quotes “I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” Money Quotes “Formal education will make you a living. Practical Quotes

10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Need to Be Reading | Grasshopper Blog - StumbleUpon See the 2012 edition: 10 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs (2012 Edition) #1. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Site: What it is: Mike Michalowicz provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with tips on everything from starting a business to networking to marketing and health care. Why you should read it: Mike not only provides great tips but he provides great tips from REAL people. #2. Site: What it is: Written by a panel of small business owners, the site offers tips and advice on everything business related. Small business trends really covers EVERYTHING! #3. Site: Run by two brothers, Matthew and Adam Toren, Young Entrepreneur is exactly what it sounds like; a site dedicated to young entrepreneurs. Between blog posts, forums, polls and interviews with other small business owners, the site offers fantastic content. #4. Site: Why you should read it: #5. #6. #7. #8.