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Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014)

Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014)
This report presents all the key statistics, data and behavioural indicators for social, digital and mobile channels around the world. Alongside regional pictures that capture the stats for every … This report presents all the key statistics, data and behavioural indicators for social, digital and mobile channels around the world. Alongside regional pictures that capture the stats for every nation on Earth, we also present in-depth analyses for 24 of the world's largest economies: Argentina, Australia, Brazile, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, the UAE, the UK, and the USA. For other reports in this series, please visit

Top 9 Social Media Trends for 2015 2014 was definitely a great year for digital marketing. Looking back the year’s top social media highlights, we recall some outstanding milestones such as the #IceBucketChallenge, Ellen’s Oscar selfie, the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, or the #Bendgate phenomenon. It was an impressive year for social networks too: Social Media Help for the Small Museum Like most small museum directors, I wear many hats. As much as I enjoy facing the diversity of challenges that come my way, I’m not an expert in all areas of museum practices. For that expertise, I often rely on resources that present information in concise summary formats like the AASLH Technical Leaflets and the Small Museum Toolkit . There’s one hat I wear for which I have limited training: social media. Two years ago I came across a best practices resource for social media – Heather Mansfield’s Social Media for Social Good: A How-to Guide for Nonprofits. Mansfield provides an integrated approach to networking tools such as websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

STUDY: Big Retailers’ Strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram How do big retailers market via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Julian Gottke, digital public-relations manager at social analytics provider Quintly, examined the strategies of the top three retailers on each social network to find out. The top three retailers by engagement rate on Facebook were Nordstrom, West Elm and IKEA, and Gottke described their Facebook marketing strategies as follows: Explore Tourism™ Seminar secures the support of a Facebook Sponsor Tabsite joins the list of sponsors for Kay Walten’s Seminar Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011 to show the importance of a Facebook presence for tourism businesses For Immediate Release – September 6, 2011, Playa del Carmen, Mexico – With only 35 days to the launch of the first Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp in the Riviera Maya, Tabsite, a Facebook application that enhances fan pages for small businesses secured a sponsorship position with the Kay Walten Group for this seminar and additional webinars. “Facebook is a key player in the social media industry and continues to offer great options for small businesses. Tabsite has extended that innovation to include a simple and effective way for small businesses to launch a marketing strategy and online presence without having to be technically savvy.

11 ways to encourage your customers to share your content While there isn't any one magic solution to making business content go viral, you should be doing everything you can to create the most shareable content as possible. This includes incentivizing not only your team, but also your customers, to post it on their social networks. 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) explain best strategies for doing so without seeming overbearing.

Ask More Questions. - Seven Degrees Communications Seven Degrees Communications October 12th, 2014 by Jessica Levin As a meeting facilitator, I often use a technique called Q-Storming to lead a discussion. This technique, from the Inquiry Institute is designed to get people to ask questions to solve a problem, rather than make statements.

Millennials Are All on Snapchat and Instagram, Right? Maybe Not [Study] On Snapchat’s advertising page, the ephemeral content app boasts some pretty impressive figures. That’s a big draw, and of course, anyone with any interest in social media marketing knows that Snapchat has a definitive allure with those younger demographics. But a new report from Ipsos, commissioned by investment firm Battery Ventures, has found that the magnetism of newer platforms like Snapchat among Millennial groups may not be as strong as many suspect. This is particularly true in terms of comparison to Facebook, which comes out as the leader in terms of engagement among Millennial users - with three times more young users indicating they visit The Social Network at least once a week than those who do the same for Snapchat.

To-Do List for Social Media Managers Want to know what the to-do list of a successful social media manager looks like? Here’s an infographic based on Sprout Social’s Darryl Villacorta’s to-do list. It’s broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks. Michael Patterson, also of Sprout Social wrote an article in which he explained the tasks in detail.

Instagram Hits 11-Month Low: Growth Down 93% And Engagement Down 70% So what's caused this continuous decrease in engagement on the platform? These are several factors: More brands and other users are getting onto the platform. They’re also posting more often. 5 Jaw-Dropping Social Media Stats (in Infographics) Sometimes, we can get blinded by statistics. They can be skewed and manipulated to serve the purpose of the presenter, giving us false impressions that don't tell us much. With numbers being thrown around daily about social media users, engagement, and revenues, it's important that we interpret the data properly. Statistics are particularly important when dealing with social media, in large part due to the fact that the numbers are so ridiculously large.

Snapchat Essentials for Curious Newbies Snapchat is arguably the most popular social media app around. But if you’re one of those folks who’s downloaded it to your smartphone and you're still not quite sure what to do (and you don’t want to ask one of the teenagers you know), here’s a quick getting-started guide to show you the basics. What is Snapchat?

20 Tactful Instagram Tips You're Missing Out On Instagram has grown exponentially in the last few years and is no longer the neglected little cousin of the social media world. Brands who had given Instagram the cold shoulder in the past are now scrambling to grow their audience on the platform which now boasts over 400 million users — far exceeding Twitter. I hope you’re not one of them… If you are one or a new brand trying to gain traction on Instagram, you need all the help you can get to make sure that you’re reaching your target audience. In this post we’ll be looking at 20 Instagram tips that will help your Instagram grow like gangbusters.

7 Social Media Tools You Can’t Live Without Social media is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy, but sometimes it can be easy to be overwhelmed. With so many topics that you can post and tweet about, you might not have time to do it all. To help with this, here are seven great tools that can help you maximize your social media marketing strategy. 1.