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Spirit Science and Metaphysics

Spirit Science and Metaphysics
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The Philosophers Magazine | The Philosophers' Magazine on the web Fire and Earth: The Origins of Reiki Most of those who have heard of Reiki will know it as an alternative therapy, with similarities to other healing-by-touch practices such as spiritual healing. There are differences; Spiritual Healing is a form of mediumship in which a naturally gifted person channels or donates energy to effect a cure. Reiki Healing is energy channelled by an ATTUNED person to empower the healee to cure themselves. In the west, Reiki’s primary purpose is seen as that of a healing system. In its original form, ‘Reiki’ was a path to enlightenment and the original impetus for the development of the system was experiencing the personal benefits that would be obtained if one could come to know one’s true purpose in life and be content. The original Japanese form of Reiki is very different from the way that it has ended up being practised in the West, and we are even now only scratching the surface when it comes to understanding the depth and enormity of Usui’s system. Prehistory: 2nd Century: 6th Century:

Here's Scientific Evidence Why You Should Follow Your Gut Feeling? Here’s Scientific Evidence Why You Should Follow Your Gut Feeling? Have you ever thought of why your stomach reacts when you are upset?Or why indigestion gives nightmares?Or why we depend on our gut reactions? Your stomach/gut is considered the “enteric nervous system” which complements our “central nervous brain”. One brain is the skull brain and the second is the gut brain. Some have argued that that is the reason anti-depressants can cause gut reactions, such as nausea. Depression and the Gut: It was long hypothesized that low levels of serotonin caused depression. In Dr Michael Gershon’s book The Second Brain, HarperCollins 1998, Dr. The combined number of nerve cells of the esophagus, stomach and large intestine, are more than there are in the entire remainder of the peripheral nervous system. Does the Gut influence Sleep? Both the brain and the gut have natural 90 minute cycles. Is it probable that these cycles reflect one another; interact with one another; suffer similarly? 1).

Changa by Graham Hancock One recent evening six sovereign adults, taking full responsibility for their own consciousness and their own bodies, gathered for sacred ceremony with changa, a herbal mixture rich in monamine oxidase inhibitors and infused with the forbidden fruit of DMT. I was one of those adults and the two bowls I smoked were respectively my twelfth and thirteenth journeys with inhaled DMT. I have done regular work with DMT over the years in its incarnation in the Ayahuasca brew, more than 50 journeys since 2003, but as everybody who chooses to explore these realms knows, drinking Ayahuasca is special, there is usually a fair degree of negotiation with the brew, the experience is drawn out over several hours and the loving spirit of the vine, Gaian mother of our planet, is the guiding hand. I am happy to say that the two bowls of changa I smoked a few evenings ago treated me much more gently. There are immense forces infiltrating our society and narrowing our minds that work against this mission.

Why Yogurt and Probiotics Make You Fat and Foggy Your gut biome (the bacteria living in your intestines) is crucial to your health. The overuse of antibiotics, diets high in processed foods, and foods containing histamines are your gut biome’s worst nightmare. When your gut bacteria get thrown off, you can develop something called histamine intolerance, which leads to increased inflammation, congestion, hives, migraines, and fatigue – just to name a few symptoms. Even if you have a lot of DAO enzymes (the molecule that breaks down histamines) you may not be able to keep up with the amount of histamines in the foods you eat, especially if you eat lots of aged and fermented foods, or microbiologically produced foods, like the standard American diet’s favorite “health food” – yogurt. If you’re already concerned about your gut bacteria, and you take probiotics to help those bacteria flourish, you may be doing the exact opposite of what you want, depending on the specific bacteria that you’re supplementing. The result?

Top Three Ways to Open the Third Eye Top Three Ways to Open the Third Eye The third eye sits on the forehead, directly in between and just above the eyebrows. It is the gateway to psychic ability; the conduit to all that is unseen by our physical eyes. This eye has a tangible component in the form of the pineal gland, which is an important part of the entire endocrine system. In most people, the third eye is dormant, and has been made so by atrophy. Simple, easy to practice activities can gently revive this power to “see beyond.” Yoga Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and was originally reserved as a purely spiritual activity. When balanced, all of the systems are relaxed and begin to run in optimum condition. Meditation Meditation is a very active way of tapping into the third eye. Psychic Exercises It is best to participate in psychic exercises after yoga and meditation have delivered a sense of being ready to undertake active practice. For a free consultation with Dr.

Oxford Mindfulness Centre things that have negative energy We have all experienced “bad vibes” from another person, or a certain place, or a certain thing at some time or another. Many years ago, my sister was helping me clean out an old garage, when we came across a battered box with a very, very old fire poker inside…along with some other nondescript antiques. She was in the process of retrieving the fire poker when she squealed and dropped it. “This has terrible, TERRIBLE energy!” she yelled. Sure enough, when I pulled it up and away, I too, wanted to be rid of it. The fate of that menacing instrument was not the garbage can. One day humanity will learn that whether something is an old piece of iron or a diamond studded treasure; whether it is deemed beautiful to the eye or not; whether it can be exchanged for paper called dollars or not: it is the energy of something that determines its worth. When it comes to having good energy around you, having things nearby that have good energy in them is also important!

The Ancient Art of Magic, Curses and Supernatural Spells As long as humanity has had beliefs in deities, the supernatural, and the power of magic, the use of magic, spells, and curses have featured widely across cultures. Very much entwined with human nature, such beliefs and practices have continued to the present day. Archaeological finds show evidence of a plethora of ancient curses and protective spells, such as the discovery of cursed tablets, evil eye talismans, and warding items. The history of curses varies between cultures, locations, religions or beliefs, and times. It was believed that those finding themselves cursed could seek help from magic practitioners, shamans, religious leaders, healers or witchdoctors, and have the curse reversed through counter rituals or prayer. The purpose of spells and curses were, and remain today, aimed at punishing or changing behavior, warding off disaster, and controlling the actions of other people. Pharaohs Curse Ancient Egyptian curses are probably the most notorious. Warnings and Wardings

Carl Jung’s Psychological Diagnosis Using Mandalas Mandalas have been used in many ancient cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American, Australian Aboriginal as a symbol of the universe and wholeness. Literally speaking, mandala is a geometrical form – a square or a circle – abstract and static, or a vivid image formed of objects and/or beings. It’s a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our connection with the infinite. Interestingly, Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, explored the psychological effects of mandalas, while studying Eastern religion. Carl Jung refers to the mandala as “the psychological expression of the totality of the self.” According to Jung, “In such cases it is easy to see how the severe pattern imposed by a circular image of this kind compensates the disorder of the psychic state– namely through the construction of a central point to which everything is related, or by a concentric arrangement of the disordered multiplicity and of contradictory and irreconcilable elements. Carl Jung’s first Mandala Image source

Pane Andov | LIFE IS A SCHOOL, WHERE YOU LEARN HOW TO REMEMBER WHAT YOUR SOUL ALREADY KNOWS…. Где снять сглаз +и порчу,Как распознать порчу,Снять порчу,Порча на бедность,Порча на смерть,Порча на здоровье, Где можно снять порчу, Снять порчу +в москве,Как распознать порчу Подозреваете, что у вас порча? Помните! Каждый человек должен жить в гармонии со своей душой, и имеет полное право не допускать, чтобы ей управлял кто-то другой! Давно хотел внести ясность в вопрос о порче. Поэтому в этой статье я представляю информацию о порче максимально четко и структурировано. Что же касается меня, то я, как энерготерапевт, ежедневно работаю с негативными воздействиями, которые нарушают энергетическую целостность человека и разрушают основу его жизни. Порча – это особая негативная программа, разрушающая основы жизни человека или рода. Практически все виды порчи направлены на то, чтобы их жертвы стали менее успешными в жизни и более уязвимыми для последующих любых негативных воздействий и событий. Причина, по которой наводятся порчи в основном одна – её можно называть разными именами: низкий уровень осознанности, стремление к халяве или зависть. Порча может разделяться: -По способу наведения • Сознательное наведение порчи. • Бессознательное наведение порчи. 1. 2. 3. 4.