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Typographic Portrait like Grammy's Posters In this tutorial, we’re going to make a typographic poster (like Grammy’s Typographic Posters) from a simple portrait using Photoshop techniques. Final Image Preview The described effects look nice on portraits with good contrast and light background, but you can easy adjust the contrast and make the background lighter using possibilities of Photoshop. (to make [...] In this tutorial, we’re going to make a typographic poster (like Grammy’s Typographic Posters) from a simple portrait using Photoshop techniques. 110 Free PSD Web Design Elements Looking for some nice and high-quality web design elements? In this post, you will find different kind of design elements, such as drop down menu, hover buttons, scroll bars, search bar, icon , login form,etc. All files are in .psd format for your convenience. Even though they are listed as free make sure you read the before you download them.

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet Here are some of the most useful websites on the internet that you may not know about. These web sites, well most of them, solve at least one problem really well and they all have simple web addresses (URLs) that you can memorize thus saving you a trip to Google. And if you find this list useful, also check out the expanded version – The Most Useful Websites – which now offers a collection of 150+ undiscovered and incredibly useful websites to enhance your productivity.

Blog Archive » my best effort : to gift peace of mind Posted: August 17th, 2009 | Author: Bryn | Filed under: art, calligraphy, design, handmade, paper | 94 Comments » Last November, I was faced with the challenge of choosing a birthday present for my man. Since he’s been mine for a long time, I’ve tried most of the possible gift categories on him before. What would make him truly happy? I thought of all the little to-do’s, house annoyances, tasks and errands that pile up and nag him every time they come to mind. I decided to make a list of all those things — and do them.

100 Websites To See Before You Die (Part 1) Here at Maximum PC, we've always done our fair share of website recommendation articles--including a couple of doozies from the past few years. And of course we're not the only ones who do this sort of article either; it's a proven popular format. But this year, we thought we'd mix things up a little bit. Rather than just focusing on what's services are popular, or which web apps will make you the most productive, we wanted to take a look at what's fun on the Internet.

50 Best Free Tools To Create Perfect Color Combinations A good color combination has the tendency to communicate with the users and let them perceive the design in the correct way. That is the basic reason why you need to pick the right color for your design. So, here we are bringing 50 varieties of useful and valuable color tools that would help you choosing the right color palettes for your designs. You are welcome to share more color tools and resources which our readers/viewers may like. First steps to graphic design pricing How much to charge your client is one of the most talked about topics in self-employment, so here are some points to consider when setting your graphic design prices. Marly Gommans‘ staircase You have a skill You’re offering clients a service. You have a talent they don’t, and they’re willing to pay good money for it. You’re not in competition with the client’s neighbour’s son who has a copy of Photoshop, and if you ever think you are, please read carefully.

20 Tools to Check Your Web Site's Performance The crucial factor in the successful performance of the website is its speed. One cannot neglect the fact that the internet users are impatient and looking for instant gratification. Thus if your website is not quick loading and dull in performance you are more than certain to lose out on attracting customers, generating leads and marching ahead on the road of success.

Portfolio Please contact me if you are interested in working together Bespoke Jewellery Advert Designs This project included coming up with the concept, design and initial copylines for the adverts, the rings were then produced by the jewellery company to fit the theme of the adverts. Dog Treat Packaging Design and Illustration Shown below are 3D visuals of some dog treat packaging designs I designed and illustrated. London World Record Panoramic Photo: See Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more than you can imagine. About this photo This is an 80-gigapixel panoramic photo, made from 7886 individual images. This panorama was shot from the top of the Centre Point building in central London, in the summer of 2010. We hope that the varied sights and energy of London have been captured here in a way never done before, so that you can experience one of the world's great cities - wherever you may be right now. To control this image, use the controls on the screen or click and hold your mouse button on the photo, and move your mouse around.

Display WordPress Theme Display Display is a WordPress Theme best used for Portfolio and Business Sites. It comes with a super sleek & clean design, a 3D Slideshow and tons of backend options to manager every aspect of the site! The design pricing formula A lot of designers struggle with pricing, and I’m regularly asked how I work it out. As much as I want to, I can’t tell you what to charge, and the design pricing formula explains why. No-one knows better than you how much talent you have, and every project specification is different.

Partigen 2 Overview - Flash Particle Effects Software & ActionScript Effect Component Anyone who's tried to create quality effects in Flash, knows how difficult it can be. One can either spend days messing with complicated code that only results in cheesy effects, or struggle through expensive video-editing apps that produce nothing but frustrating render workflows and bloated files – both of which waste time and money. What if there was a way to combine the quality of rendered video effects with the interactivity of ActionScript, that could be created within Flash? What if one could create these beautiful Flash effects in just one click – at 1/6th the price? Well, now you can.

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