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Political Activism, Social Change, and Augmented Reality Email Share 0 Email Share S uperimposing digital data on the physical world is not just for the 1%. As more of our innovators, artisans, and marketers experiment with augmented reality, the tumultuous politics of our times are beginning to follow suit.

5 utilisations de la réalité augmentée qui peuvent améliorer nos vies Passé l'effet "whaou" lors de la découverte, que peut-on faire de réellement utile grâce à la réalité augmentée ? 5 exemples concrets : Cartographie superposée au monde réel ation I owe somebody what amounts to this blog post. Pardon the lack of illustrative diagrams. I have been thinking about mass transit trip planning software for the web and for mobile devices. untitled 1. Vérifiez que votre webcam est bien connectée à votre ordinateur. 2. Téléchargez l'application - configuration requise si vous possédez un PC Si vous possédez un MAC Jeux > DroidShooting DroidShooting is AR augmented reality applied a new type of shooter ever! Target is not necessarily just in front. Shoot for your device to a target approaching from all directions! The game system is fully linked to the real world, Kind of experience you will never previously experienced.

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV - Map: Liberty City Plunge into the boroughs of Liberty City from the safety of your own chair. Temporarily unavailable The GTA 4 Map and Streetview is temporarily unavailable while we update our code to make it compatible with the latest version of Google Maps. <div class="error">The interactive GTA4 map requires javascript to be enabled on your browser. eBay The eBay Classifieds mobile app employs augmented reality technology to display content on a shopper's live camera view display. EBay sellers who use the online marketplace’s free classifieds service now get another free service to help them sell that couch or motorcycle: augmented reality. Mobile consumers who download the free augmented reality app from junaio for the iPhone or phones using Google Inc.’s Android operating system are now able to see eBay classifieds listings near their location at any given moment.

Experience reviews on the go. We made a presentation at Paris Tech Talks to give an overview of Moodstocks' approach for Mobile Image Recognition including a technical focus on the core library of our SDK. Cédric Deltheil• • With the release of the Moodstocks SDK v4.0.0, we introduced a new way to easily handle databases of more than 10.000 images.

Google Project Glass: will we really wear digital goggles? The first surprising thing about Google Glasses is that anybody thinks this is a new idea (just have a look at this history of mobile augmented reality). Steve Mann, a Canadian known as the father of wearable computing, has been developing systems since the 1980s with obvious industrial, medical and military applications. One example is the Battlefield Augmented Reality System, where having information overlayed on your view of the world could be a matter of life and death. The second surprising thing is that we aren't all wearing computerised glasses already.

“Atol les opticiens” Face Tracking Augmented Reality App now promoted on TV ! Posted on January 20, 2011 by Total Immersion Have a look at this great TV spot broadcasted on national french channels to promote our Virtual Trying on Glasses App usingFace Tracking Technology. Total Immersion and its french partner C4M delivered for French optician chain Atol first Augmented Reality Trying on Glasses App using Face Tracking Technology on Iphone 4. Dentsu iButterfly Experiments AR and Location Based Coupon Service Dentsu Inc., Japan’s largest advertising agency, announced that they started experimental coupon platform iButterfly with free iPhone application. The application “iButterfly – Coupon Entertainment” can be downloaded for free until the end of March 2010 (requires iPhone 3GS). On the mobile application, user can look through the iPhone app to the town and find butterfly flying around. By shaking iPhone like using butterfly net, user catches the virtual butterfly carries coupons and contents related to the location. During the experimental period, three companies or shop group provide the butterflies. Tokyo Music Map Group – shops offering good back ground music provides discount couponYamada Denki – Japan’s biggest electric store chain will offer coupon at its Ikebukuro branchTokyo Gas – regional gas provider will offer a coupon for free novelty at three showrooms

Museum of London Releases Augmented Reality App for Historical Photos Streetmuseum is a new (and free) augmented reality iPhone app created by the Museum of London that allows you to browse historical photographs in various parts of the city. The app leads you to various locations around London using either the map or GPS. Once you’re there, click the “3D View” button, and the app will recognize the location and overlay the historical photograph over the live video feed of the real world, giving you a brief glimpse into how the past looked. We’ve seen projects that overlaid historical photos over modern ones, but this is the first time we’ve seen an augmented reality app do it for you in real time.