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5 utilisations de la réalité augmentée qui peuvent améliorer nos vies Passé l'effet "whaou" lors de la découverte, que peut-on faire de réellement utile grâce à la réalité augmentée ? 5 exemples concrets : Cartographie superposée au monde réel Peut-être l'application la plus concrète à l'heure actuelle, rendue populaire par des applications comme Layar sur nos smartphones. Elle consiste à faire apparaître des objets virtuels géolocalisés sur l'image réelle que l'on a devant les yeux, pour apporter des informations (description de lieux via la fiche Wikipedia...), afficher la localisation d'éléments particuliers (amis Facebook via Places, contacts Twitter, monuments, magasins...), voir même afficher des données de navigation GPS. La vidéo ci-dessous montre une utilisation particulièrement intéressante : tu es dans les couloirs de métro, perdu et en retard : inutile de rechercher sur les murs les panneaux d'indications, ton smartphone t'indique le chemin à suivre : Plusieurs entreprises semblent se pencher sérieusement sur la question. Modes d'emploi interactifs

Creation Tools: Series Wrap-Up By Chris Cameron on December 20th 2010 Over the last several weeks here on the Layar blog, we profiled three services for generating Layar content, which we call Layar Creation Tools (or LCTs). While other services exist or are in development, we chose to focus on these three – Skaloop , Hoppala Augmentation and BuildAR – because of their availability and accessibility to users of all skill levels. Each LCT is unique and has its benefits to different users, so we decided to make a matrix that shows which features are available on each LCT. As you can see, Hoppala includes most of the features listed, such as layer actions, 3D objects and custom interaction widgets. If you are interested at all in creating Augmented Reality content on Layar, have a look at the matrix below and see which LCT might be right for you. As for the services that are in development, keep an eye out for a pair of LCTs which are gearing up to open to public use: VISAR and Poiz .

Augmented Culture on mobile Augmented Reality Browser: Layar Best Android Email App - Free Download From Android Market If you're looking for the best free Android email app, we've done all the hard work for you! Checkout this list of the top 5 choices, and see who we judged the best! Find The Best Android Email Apps for Free!Truly one of the greatest things about smartphones is the ability to send and receive emails. If you have a regular Wi-Fi connection or have a generous data-plan, you can connect to the internet and check emails as often as you like; thanks to a useful software or hardware keyboard you can tap out messages to friends and colleagues.All of this means of course that a good quality email client is required on your mobile device in order to get the most out of this form of emailing.

Jeux > DroidShooting DroidShooting is AR augmented reality applied a new type of shooter ever! Target is not necessarily just in front. Shoot for your device to a target approaching from all directions! The game system is fully linked to the real world, Kind of experience you will never previously experienced. DroidShooting Screenshots Download DroidShooting free for your Android phone

Hoppala | Mobile Augmented Reality Augmented reality - Réalité augmenté |Home| .:: Inglobe Technologies ::. 33 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps & Games for Android Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be the future of most apps, all it takes is a decent processor, a camera, a compass and a GPS — all of which are becoming increasingly common on smart phones. This futuristic AR world for android is is slowly growing. Though, the true experience of Augmented Reality Technology is yet to be seen, some apps and games which are available for Android can give you a glimpse of it. I’m featuring 33 36 of them here: (I’ve added QR Codes as well so its easy for you to download them. Use your phone’s camera on the codes with a QR App and it’ll take you directly to the Market.) Get updates on new Android apps delivered to your email by subscribing to our RSS feed – Subscribe. 1. World Browser is an augmented reality browser based on location-based Wikipedia and Qype content. Watch this video to get an idea how it works. 2. Watch this video to see it in action. 3. Another amazing apps, Satellite AR shows what’s floating in the space. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11. 12. 13. 14.

eBay The eBay Classifieds mobile app employs augmented reality technology to display content on a shopper's live camera view display. EBay sellers who use the online marketplace’s free classifieds service now get another free service to help them sell that couch or motorcycle: augmented reality. Mobile consumers who download the free augmented reality app from junaio for the iPhone or phones using Google Inc.’s Android operating system are now able to see eBay classifieds listings near their location at any given moment. Here’s how it works. A tap on an ad brings up a larger photo and a complete description, and users can call the seller on the spot by touching the phone number in an ad. “One of the things we’ve been trying to do is to get buyers to the items that they want very quickly,” says Deepak Thomas, general manager of U.S. classifieds and mobile classifieds at eBay. Classifieds sellers do not need to do anything to be listed in the apps, Thomas says.

Find Great Local Deals with Anca 3D’s Groupon Layer By Adriane on March 10th 2011 While coupon-clipping is a practice generally reserved for those who still pay for a print newspaper subscription, collective-buying companies like Groupon and Living Social are growing rapidly. Both companies also now have mobile apps that allow you to view and purchase daily deals on-the-go and redeem them digitally (saving time and trees, yay!). Layar developer and Anca 3D co-founder Juan de la Torre (a recent Canadian transplant from Colombia) used Groupon’s open API to create a layer that displays nearby Groupon deals. You can search by keyword (like “restaurant,” for example) and even purchase deals from inside the layer by signing in with your Groupon account information. Currently, the Groupon API is only available in the US and Canada, so the layer is only available in those countries as well. Hopefully Groupon will get on board and add de la Torre’s AR content to its existing app!