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Noteshelf - Notes & PDF

Noteshelf - Notes & PDF
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MinecraftEdu Sorelis-Opinion Podcasts – Record, Edit & Share Daily Notes +Todo The Minecraft Teacher Back to school. Long time no post. So one day I had this idea to use Minecraft in my class. It worked really, really well. And I couldn’t figure out why no one else was doing the same thing. But one thing led to another and I ended up leaving a perfectly respectable teaching career to play a lot more Minecraft. I got to interact with amazingly talented people from all over the world. All that plus getting to work with some wonderfully Finnish geniuses who I now consider family. But I am leaving TeacherGaming and sailing away from Minecraft’s blocky shores for a while. I am going back to the classroom. It’s been an absolute honor to work with Minecraft. I feel quite lucky to have been involved during this unbelievably cool time period in Minecraft’s development. There are SOOOOOOO many amazing people doing inspiring work with Minecraft, both in and out of schools. I think I will be playing Minecraft forever. What would you like to hear/see from me? Peace out, kids. ~JoelP.S. minecraftedu:

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