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Handcrafted internet radio

Handcrafted internet radio

How Much Do You Know About Your Favourite Music? | The Beardscratchers Compendium of Music Yet another iPod manager - Downloads This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Have you read this? Please feel free to read the online documentation to learn how to use the basic and advanced features. Before downloading please note that I won't provide email support because of the huge number of emails received daily but in the FAQ and forum you'll also find answers to most common problems and error messages. YamiPod will be updated to keep it updated with latest iTunes versions. Stable version Binaries: YamiPod has been awared by with "100% CLEAN" Softpedia Award!

We Are Hunted - The Online Music Chart SoundExchange stereomood ? emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities Search music Senuti — Recover music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your Mac Need to recover music, playlists, or videos from your iPod or iPhone? Look no further! With Senuti, you can recreate your iTunes music library in just one click. Want to be more specific? Preview and select only the songs and playlists you want to transfer. Senuti has helped millions around the world recover their music, videos, and playlists since 2004. Don't take our word for it. Note: Senuti is not required or intended for transferring Apple iTunes purchases — this functionality is provided by iTunes. One Step RecoveryTake a shortcut and recover all your music, playlists, and videos to iTunes in one stepSong PreviewPreview any song before you transfer — just push playiTunes Comparison Senuti automatically compares all the songs on your iPod or iPhone to your computer's iTunes library.

Musicovery Guitarati 300 millions de musiques à écouter gratuitement - Musique illimitée - Listen and download music online on - Listen and Download music online Trackitdown - Dance Music MP3/WAV/Merchandise Distribution Centre Track In The Box About Track In The Box is a daily music newsletter… …that helps you cut through the multitude of music blogs and aggregators out there to help you discover (and sometimes rediscover) great bands; it’s an effortless way of finding music without having to trawl through the multitudes of blogs. It’s brought to you by the sometimes cool kids at Green House Group . About the tracks: They’re not genre, location or time specific; in other words, anything goes. About the editors: In alphabetical order we are: Brittney Bean , Lucy Fitzgerald, Alex Lee Thompson , Rhiannon Price and James Towers (who is also the designer) . Every now and again we have some great artists choose the tracks for a week long take-over, and sometimes other interesting folk pop in for a daily guest edit. Submit a track If you know a song that deserves it’s day in the Track in the Box limelight then email us here:

Songbird - Open Source Music Player

I like 8tracks because I'm meeting people capable to choose a playlist for me!! by malabona Mar 31

We are hunted is pretty bomb as well! by russolin Mar 16

Totally agree with the 8tracks for new music and Spotify for specific songs--- building your library. Perfect evening is finding new music and good beer. by christopherlapraim Mar 16

Spotify is good for finding specific songs. 8tracks is good for finding new songs you'll probably like. I like that 8tracks is handcrafted because you can get away from all the comercial bullshit. by bradleythemomerath Feb 27

It's like pandora meets twitter. And better than both in my opinion. by bradleythemomerath Feb 27

Bin that old AC/DC t-shirt and broaden your music tastes with 8Tracks. Members have a tendancy to use softcore pornographic thumbnails on their collections, so if you're easily offended by such things you might want to stay away. by markbillson Jan 2

I love 8tracks. Its by far the best thing I have ever come across. For music lovers like myself.. this is truly something worth praising by nhunter320 Mar 28

Tell me about it. What's your mood? We have a playlist for that! What are you doing? We have a playlist for that! What would you like to be doing? We have a playlist for that! Enjoy the site, it's great! by sparksofsteel Feb 15

Man ya gotta love 8tracks. "Finally, a place for alll the dozens and dozens of playlists that are just lying around collecting digital dust in my iTunes." by carlosbell Feb 12

You can view that device in my pearltree too. Ctrl Six. by webrover88 Feb 9

Thanks for helping me to expand my music horizons even more. I'm planning on being a DJ, i even got plans to buy a computer controlled device to make seemless mixes with very soon. this should help out! :) by webrover88 Feb 9

There are many other sites even better than this. check out some of the pearls i've posted. by sundaydote Feb 9

Rock on peeps! Music is indeed a universal bottom line that can dissolve all sorts of differences in a heart beat. by the_third_man Feb 2

Hello, angelize. (LOVE the name! v. clever!) And, as salvbro says, the greatest pearl, the greatest treasure, is "buried" within. And yes, I believe too that music can help us reach our treasures within, our souls. May you continue to flow! peace. by seannab Jan 30

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