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The Happy Hacker -- the web site computer criminals don't want you to read! Hacker news, updated every few minutes --->> What else is new at this website, updated Jan. 12, 2010 Latest News on Cyberwar, updated Jan. 12, 2010 How to Break into Banks -- without Breaking the Law (would we lie to you?) How to Become a Cyberwarrior You used to have to be a secret agent type and have "special" contacts with your government to get this kind of job. How to Defend or Attack the Internet with Border Gateway Protocol. Botnets, Part 1: Why They Strike and How to Defend Against Them. Botnets II: Emerging Threats, Tactics, and Defenses. How to build railguns and coilguns Fed up with worms, viruses and hackers messing with your computer? How to Fake out Web Servers When You Visit (fun and legal!). Fun with Firefox: you, too, can modify the world's most secure (and second most widely used browser}, even if you don't know how to program. How to Get the Best Education in Computer Security. Satellite Hacking - how to build your own and get them launched!

2600: The Hacker Quarterly Latest Hacking News ‘Hackers’ doff hats So-called white hat hacker Grant Cherrington, of Wellington, has given up the practice of making uninvited security checks on organisations’ online systems. Cherrington, and an Auckland security specialist, Brett Moore, of Software Creations, were branded unethical by others in the security industry for the practice. Cherrington says he’s given it up because it took too much time and did not generate sufficient business. “The hosts identified as insecure were generally unappreciative of our efforts. Moore says he’s abandoned the practice because once insecurities were identified, the administrators of the vulnerable systems were fixing the holes themselves. The man who criticised the pair, Auckland security specialist Tony Krzyzewski, of Kaon Technologies, has welcomed their change of heart, saying it makes them more “professional and ethical”. Tags hackersBrett Moorewhite hat hackersecurityGrant Cherringtonhacking

TechMantras, Ethical Hacking tutorials,Penetration testing,Hacking Tools,Exploits .:: Phrack Magazine ::. How to Anonymize Everything You Do Online | Threat Level One year after the first revelations of Edward Snowden, cryptography has shifted from an obscure branch of computer science to an almost mainstream notion: It’s possible, user privacy groups and a growing industry of crypto-focused companies tell us, to encrypt everything from emails to IMs to a gif of a motorcycle jumping over a plane. But it’s also possible to go a step closer toward true privacy online. Mere encryption hides the content of messages, but not who’s communicating. Though it’s hardly the sole means of achieving online anonymity, the software known as Tor has become the most vouchsafed and developer-friendly method for using the Internet incognito. Some users are even experimenting with using Tor in almost all their communications. Here’s how you can use the growing array of anonymity tools to protect more of your life online. Web Browsing After about a week, he says, the switch was hardly noticeable. Email Encrypting messages with webmail can be tough, however.

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