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Integrated Skills in the ESL/EFL Classroom Resources Online Resources: Digests September 2001 EDO-FL-01-05 Turn Any Mac Dashboard Widget Into Its Own App You probably haven’t used Dashboard in years, but there is that one widget you wish you could just turn into an app. Guess what? You can! A free program called Amnesty Singles lets you transform any Dashboard widget into a dedicated app, complete with its own dock icon. FREEBIE / Christmas / Winter Holiday Clipart - Graphics Christmas / Winter Holiday Clip art - Graphic FREEBIE Included are1 Color, 1 Grayscale, and 1 Black Lined, PNG/Transparent Clipart. 3 Items Total. Each item has a transparent background. High quality 300dpi. To See Some of My Other Clipart Please Visit My Store: How To Brainstorm The Fun Way - Using Tricider That phrase ‘Two heads are better than one’ is often very true. But what about ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’? Do we make better decisions in groups or as individuals? In our democratic society more often than not, decisions need to be made in groups, but how can we make these decisions without discussion falling into chaos? And how can you enforce good brainstorming techniques with your class?

The Comprehensive Google Drive Guide for Teachers and Students January 26, 2014 Google Drive is one of the fundamental tools in our digital toolkits as teachers and educators. Whether you want to compose a document, create a presentation, design a sheet, or share a beautiful drawing you made, Google Drive provides you with the tools to do that on any device and anywhere you are with an internet connection . Given this huge importance of Google Drive for teachers, I have created an entire section here packed full of tips, tricks, ideas, and third party tools to enable you to better tap into the full educational potential of this platform. Today, I am sharing with you a treasure trove of practical guides on how to use each tool in Google Drive. This is the same list I have been using to create guides I share with you here in this blog.

Add Any Information To Your Mac Desktop With Nerdtool Add whatever information you want to your Mac’s desktop, and make it look great. Free app Nerdtool is a piece of software you can use to turn that empty space behind your windows into something functional and beautiful. We showed you how Geektool lets you show system information in style. Nerdtool is a similar piece of software, but arguably easier to use. It also allows you to directly embed any website on your desktop, something Geektool never did. Login <div class="container"><h1>Kahoot! needs JavaScript to work</h1><p> To use Kahoot!, you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. To enable JavaScript, please do the following: </p><ul><li><a href=" these instructions</a>.</li><li>Make sure you have the <a href=" browser</a>.</li><li>Turn off or disable the NoScript extension, if you have it.

How to use Mentimeter - Mentimeter How many presentations can I create? You can create as many presentations as you want! How many questions can I create? 10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Teens & Adults “It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.” ~ Milton Olson If you like these ideas, take one of my courses or check out my books. Ask me about training your teachers,! Many of us are beginning new classes with new learners. Curio - Note Taking, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Task Management for Mac OS X The Real World You have work projects and home projects, school classes to manage and book reports to research, vacations to plan and novels to write, web sites to design and lab results to organize. You currently use a collection of notebooks, your office whiteboard, scraps of sticky notes, oodles of browser bookmarks, and multiple documents scattered around your hard disk. You’re juggling it all, but organizing this information should be easier. A Better World!

How to Implement Problem Based Learning with ICTs Posted by Shelly Terrell on Friday, November 8th 2013 From the Cool Sites Series “All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.” The best apps for taking notes Man, it’s a great time to be a note-taker. For a couple of decades—first as a student, then as a professional journalist—I filled notebook after notebook with notes, covering classes, press conferences, interviews, and more. When I was done, I’d have to find someplace to store them until (most likely) I’d throw them out. The notes I did keep?

Teacher's Guide to Creating Facebook Group for Students After posting about how to create a Google Plus community for your class one of my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning asked about whether there is a way to do the same on Facebook. Her question got me thinking : how come I have been blogging for all these years and never came into my mind to post a tutorial on how teachers can create a Facebook group for their students. Although it is not on my posting schedule for today, I am not letting the idea go because if if I postpone it I might probably forget about it. Why create a Facebook page for your class ? As a teacher, I would not want to add my students to my friend list on Facebook not because of any considerations other than the fact that their feeds would not be relevant to mine.