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Orange PushUp Smoothie

Orange PushUp Smoothie
When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was ride my bike with my friends to the local gas station’s mini-mart and reach into their freezer case and pull out an Orange Push-Up. If you like Orange PushUps, Orange Creamsicles, or Orange Julius this is the smoothie for you. I loved Push-Ups and seeing those brightly colored dots meant that creamy orange goodness was soon going to be mine. I love it when Push-Ups begin to melt because they taste even sweeter, creamier, and better. The same was true with this smoothie. This smoothie is a dead ringer for Orange Push-Ups. Don’t skimp on the sugar if you want it to taste exactly like an Orange Push-Up and I promise, it does. Sweet oranges ‘n creamy perfection. I used this mango-orange from Hawaii’s Own brand for the concentrate. If you can’t find this concentrate, I’m sure any OJ concentrate or citrus juice concentrate blend should be fine. 1. 2. 3. But I’ll shiver and chatter for this stuff any day. Print Recipe Yield: about 24 ounces

Dream - {Cinnamon Graham Cupcakes with Mixed Berry Filling and Swiss Meringue} It happened suddenly and involuntarily. One second I was asleep and the next I wasn't; instantly transported from the field of my dreams into my too-hot and too-small bed of reality. I've forgotten what it was, exactly, that I'd been dreaming of. I don't think that I even knew at the time, but that doesn't surprise me. It seems almost a rule that my sleeping and stimulation-deprived mind escapes and runs off when I'm not conscious enough to control it. But, honestly, that usually doesn't bother me a bit. Except for this week. Last night, for instance, was a gem. I cursed aloud and surveyed the room, damning myself for leaving not just one, but both closet doors cracked. I pressed the lighted display to my blanket-covered chest, feeling intensely vulnerable. But the most important realization of all was this: If I was smart, I would stop watching zombie movies right before bed. But that probably won't happen. Printable Recipe Swiss Meringue 3 egg whites3/8 c (75 g) sugar1 tsp vanilla Assembly

Banana Pie Cups Ya know, I really should start paying closer attention to where I get my recipes from. The online recipes are easy cause I usually just email them to myself, but whenever I get something from outside the Internet, I never seem to remember where it came from. This I found in a magazine...I want to say Women's Day, or Family Circle...maybe Cooking Light. I don't know. The first time I made this was a couple weeks ago when we had company over. The cool thing about this recipe (besides being so easy), is how many ways you can change it. 'Banana Pie Cups' Source: A women's magazine...or maybe a cooking one? Ingredients Crushed vanilla wafers Vanilla pudding Ripe bananas; sliced Whipped topping Directions 1. 2. 3. 4. Ritz Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups I’ve always loved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Cracking open those orange wrappers and then peeling back the black waxy paper from the perfectly formed Reese’s edges is one of life’s simple, but very joyous, pleasures. Sinking my teeth into the peanut butter cup and making teeth marks into that perfectly smooth chocolate is also high on my list. Lately I’ve been sinking my teeth into these homemade cups rather than storebought Reese’s Cups. These aren’t just any homemade peanut butter cups. There’s a surprise in the center: Ritz Crackers I combined some of my favorite ingredients and the resulting creation is very puffy. One of my homemade cups is about twice the height of a storebought cup or about the same height as five Ritz crackers. You don’t have to make yours as puffy as mine if you don’t put as much peanut butter on the cracker before you drench it with melted chocolate . Delicious does not have to be complicated and the proof is in the pudding in the peanut butter. Tuxedo Cups Questions

Cake Push Ups--Have you seen these? Well, I first saw these “cake push ups” just a few weeks ago. A member on our site mentioned them & I thought that this idea was pure genius! Three cheers for a new way to eat cake! :0) – Basically, a very smart person (I don’t know who you are!) The good news is that you can order these push ups and make cake push ups for you and all of your friends! One of our members was nice enough to send me 6 to experiment with!! Here’s how you make them! Simply use a circle cutter to cut out little cake rounds from a cake layer or two. Experiment with your favorite flavor combinations…. I made some cute little chocolate toppers that I piped with melted chocolate bark… but they would have been cute also with just a swirl of icing! Finding a way to display these is a little tricky. And the big finish!!! You can see that I experimented with lots of different flavor combinations! That’s all for now!

Margarita Meringues | Salty Seattle This quickie dessert is freakishly easy to pull together and impresses the pants off your booze-brined compadres post-dinner. It combines two of my favorite things- Margaritas and eggs. It’s also suitable for those with little bundt cakes in their easy-bake ovens (ie preggies) and also bundt cakes that have emerged from easy-bake ovens (ie children). That’s because the alcohol gets cooked out, but don’t fear. There’s a fancy dish in france called Oeufs a la Neige which is basically milk-poached meringues. Have a great weekend, and if you do find yourself staring down the bottom of a bottle of tequila, make sure you eat the worm! Margarita Meringues Serves 4 2 eggs, divided2 c milk½ c tequila½ c & 1/3 c sugar (separate)Zest of two limesFlaky salt such as Murray River for rimmingIn a small saucepan, bring tequila and ½ c sugar to boil.

Grapefruit Negroni | Joylicious As you know I'm not much of a drinker. A genetic mutation causes my body to process alcohol as if it were poison. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't stop me when I'm out at an event, a dinner, or when friends are in town, there are times when cocktails are needed or in this case, wanted. Citrus season is in full bloom here in Texas. This year we celebrate The Year of the Dragon -- the only mythical creature out of the 12 signs. I called my mom today and could barely hear her over the fireworks that were exploding outside her window in Shanghai.

No Bake Oreo Truffles Be sure and join me on Facebook for the latest updates on new recipes! I have been making these Oreo Truffles since Derek and I first got married. They are SO EASY to whip up for a party or get together with friends or just to make a husband happy! (My husband’s favorite thing is Oreos) I made a batch of these for him to take to work earlier this week. The best part about this recipe…It only has 3 INGREDIENTS! No Bake Oreo Truffles Only 3 ingredients and they are delicious! Ingredients 1 package Double Stuffed Oreos 4 oz Cream Cheese, you may add up to 8 oz, I just like the consistency best with 4 oz. Instructions Chop Oreos up finely in a food processor. Enjoy! For those that were wondering what kind of chocolate I used, here is a picture of mine.

Dairy Queen Blizzard I originally shared this recipe for my column on Serious Eats. If you’d like more details and photos, check out my article, In the Hall of the Dairy Queen. When it comes to the Blizzard, Oreo is hands down my favorite flavor. But if you have another variety you’d like to see me tackle, tweet me up @thebravetart. The nature of a Copy Cat recipe is that it takes a lot of subtle factors to re-create a taste we all know and love; if you substitute or deviate from the recipe, it just won’t turn out the same. Pint for pint, compared to my Classic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, this recipe has half the eggs, twice the sugar and double the dairy. That being the case, using the crappiest milk and cream you can find makes a big difference. The same is true of eggs. Next: Tahitian vanilla is a must. I use Frangelico in the recipe, which might seem really weird, but it really works to mimic whatever strange, artificial flavorings go into DQ Soft Serve. Cool in an ice bath and refrigerate overnight. Stella

what i made for monday-mini apple pies. If you've been around a while you know that I like to make some sort of dessert or treat for my husband to take to work with him on Mondays. Food is my love language. I am not a diet friendly friend. It's just a small way that I feel I can help him with his work day...he and all his coworkers have a super long meeting on Mondays and...well, it's can dessert not help that? It gives me a good excuse to try new recipes and now all of his coworkers expect and look forward to what I will make and send in. I've been meaning to document what I have tried here...but it's taken weeks for me to we'll just start here. :) This week I made mini apple pies for him to take...and I made a large batch so that I could keep some too! Start by cutting up eight cups of apples into small 1/2in bits. You will also need: 4 tablespoons of chilled butter cut into 24 equal portions. Make sure you stir everything around getting the apples nice and coated. and put a dab on each pie.

7 Smooth Gin Drinks you can make Gin Rickey This popular and classic cocktail is as simple as it is delicious. Just mix premium dry gin, tart lime juice, and bubbly soda water. Ingredients . 1 1/4 ounce(s) Tanqueray London Dry Gin . 1/4 ounce(s) lime juice . 1 ounce(s) soda water _______________________ _________________ Directions 1. Tom Collins This simple, refreshing mix of lemon juice, sugar, gin, and seltzer has been around for at least a century and a half. . 1 1/2 ounce(s) fresh-squeezed lemon juice . 1/2 ounce(s) superfine sugar . 3 ounce(s) gin ______________________ __________________ Directions 1. Rangpur Cran This gin-and-cranberry concoction gets its distinctive flavor from Tanqueray Rangpur gin, which is distilled with exotic, juicy Rangpur limes. . 1 1/4 ounce(s) Tanqueray Rangpur Gin . 3 ounce(s) cranberry juice . 1 wedge(s) lime _____________________ ___________________ Directions 1. Tanqueray and Tonic What would a gin-drink roundup be without the king of all classic cocktails? Gimlet Long Island Iced Tea