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Traceur/mini CNC/repstrap (imprimante 3D) low cost [Terminé] - 3DPrint - DIY: Autres projets / Electronique / Divers

Traceur/mini CNC/repstrap (imprimante 3D) low cost [Terminé] - 3DPrint - DIY: Autres projets / Electronique / Divers
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3D Printer Homemade CNC Router The Builder's Guide (FREE!) This guide is still under construction! Sections Introduction My Experience About Kits and Plans About This Guide The Guide Starts Here IntroductionSo you've decided to build a homemade CNC router or maybe you’re just considering it, but where do you start? There are many advantages to owning a CNC router. Homemade CNC routers can cut and carve almost anything. For any hobbyist or DIY’er, this opens many doors. Yes, you can build a CNC router that is just about as good as any other for a fraction of the retail price, and it’s not that difficult! There is also a great deal of flexibility when you design and build your own machine. There are many reasons people want to build their own homemade CNC router. My Experience When I first started to design and build my first homemade CNC router, I had it all figured out in about a day. “Do I really need ball screws or will ACME screws work fine? Luckily, some of my questions I could answer with my mechanical engineering background.

projet futur : imprimante 3D DIY écran 24" [QST] - DIY: Autres projets / Electronique / Divers Salut et merci ...... C'est encourageant de savoir que l'on est pas seul à se lancer dans de folles aventures ! Il me semblais avoir lu qu'il existe(ait) des écrans LCD avec une pellicule qui comprenais les couleurs je l'imaginais détachable. je dois dire que cette opération me semblais délicate. Etant mécanicien de précision, j'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec de grosse machine CNC. Par Rapport à l'imprimante 3D c'est surtout la complexité des objets fabriqués qui est intéressante. J'ai bien pesé le pour et le contre du style MakerBot! Si l'on veux la simplicité, outre l'écran LCD, la seule solution c'est de passer par un vidéo projecteur DLP et virer la roue chromatique ! La vitesse de rotation du moteur pas-à-pas de l'axe Z définis la résolution en hauteur. J'ai fait un tableau ( qu'on ne voit pas le site ne prend pas les balise HTML <td></td> ) pour avoir une idée de la représentation « taille de projection/précision » on joue sur la distance de projection

V Plotter Design A V plotter is a minimalistic design which uses a pair of steppers, some string, and a pen head to create a plotter. These are sometimes made by students or technology sector employees as a way to avoid "real work". In this article, I dig into the math behind these machines, and also write a program to calculate the configuration of a V setup needed to produce a working device. Requirements What is the optimal configuration of control lines for an area to be plotted? Obviously, we can't have a drawing area above the control lines — our friend gravity sees to that. Line Tension Calculation The below diagram shows a mass m suspended by two lines. To describe the horizontal forces along the X axis (in balance), we write: To describe the force m along the Y axis, caused by the weight of the plotter head assembly, we write: Solving these two equations in terms of tension, we get: and Note that the tension equations have denominators in common. Angle Length Cartesian Conversion Law of Cosines

CADvision, Solutions en CAO mécanique et CAO électronique, Imprimante 3D, Service & Formation, PLM & GPAO, visualisation collaborative DiY. Homemade Router Laser CNC. In this page I will show you how I have build a Router Laser CNC using some part from old printers, a Epson Stylus 800 and another Epson Stylus Color II, (you can use your old printer). Aplications: Cutting Paper. To make stencils for painting with airbrush.Wood and Cardboard Engraving. Write and paint in wood whitout ink.Plastic Engraving. To write in plastic without special inks.Plastic Cutting. We can start obtaining the X axis from the old printer. We will not use the other parts, as control board, we need change it by another CNC control board with stepper drivers. I have mounted it in a wood base. General view of the device. Transmission system for Y axis. The first protortipe for the new CNC control board that controls 2 stepper motors and the power for the Laser Diode. In this video you can see a wood engraving test using the software EMC2 in Ubuntu 8.04. To build this new Z axis, I have used a CD Laser Head, where i have add my engraving laser, and changed the motor by a stepper.

Impression 3D en ligne Exemples d'imprimantes 3D : ZPrinter 650 de ZCorporation, Formiga P100 de EOS,Desktop Factory 3D printer de 3D Systems, Dimension Elite Printer de Dimension. Table des matières 3D Volume Print 22 novembre 2011 : le site est fermé, nous avons contacté l'équipe pour en savoir plus. Site officiel Exemples d'objets imprimés par 3D Volume Print d3Dprint date de mise à jour : 30/11/10 (pas de modification) Site officiel Exemples d'objets imprimés par d3Dprint i.materialise date de mise à jour : 22/11/11 mise à jour des matériaux et prix Site officiel - Twitter - Facebook Exemples d'objets imprimés par i.materialise Ownage Manufacturing (OMFG) 22/11/11 : le site est en maintenance. Site officiel - Twitter - Flickr Exemples d'objets imprimés par Ownage, issus de leur profil Flickr Print Value date de mise à jour : 30/11/2010 (changement du lien vers le site) Site Officiel Exemples d'objets imprimés par Print Value ProtoDemon 22/11/11 : site apparemment hors service. Site officiel Sculpteo Shapeways SolideXpress

Simple drawing robot / XY plotter Hello, sorry for very newbie questions, I'm very new to all this. I would like to build a robot which can draw curves with a pen. The size of drawing area would be something like 30 x 40 cm (A3), it would plot just in 2D so X and Y only. And for now, the pen could just either touch the paper or not (i.e. no Z, or pressure) and is just glued to the arm. I really would like it to be very precise (so it could draw straight lines or circles or Bezier paths, even very small ones, like 6 pt letters). My questions are: - What "kind" of robot do you recommend? - What kind of steering should I use? - It is possible to know when a line to draw ends so the robot could gradually slowdown - what kind of motor do I need for this? - I like that Scara-one very much, however it seems to be very imprecise (~0.5 cm). - Does it make sense to put all the gears and motors off the arm and to somehow couple its rotations to the joints? - For lifting and lowering the pen is it ok to use solenoid?