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Science Games

Science Games
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Science for Kids | Grades K - 5 | | USAGov Inventors and Scientists Find out who is behind some of the most well-known scientific discoveries in this country. Life Science Learn about plants, animals and other living things on this planet. Our Planet & Environment Learn what you can do to our planet. Science Fair Projects Get ideas for your science fair projects. Science Jobs Learn about all the different jobs you can do that use science. Space Discover planets, rockets and more.

Science Websites for Children Science Websites for Elementary School Students by Mandy Donoghue Elementary school students are fascinated with using technology to text friends sitting right beside them, to listen to or even record music, and play games filled with gripping graphics. These activities are all science related. Children are inquiring, observing, gathering, organizing, and concluding. Granted, the youngsters' focus may not be a scientific topic, but the skills they are acquiring can easily be applied to some of the best science websites for elementary school students. Use these websites with students as motivators when introducing new science subjects, research projects, and enrichment opportunities. BBC Science & Nature ( page opens up with amazing photography depicting current events on television and radio programs as well as ongoing specials like tracking species in danger of becoming extinct and the world on the move with sea life. Kinds News ( is all about animals.

NASA The 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Every year, Americans throw away 50 billion food and drink cans, 27 billion glass bottles and jars, and 65 million plastic and metal jar and can covers. More than 30% of our waste is packaging materials. Where does it all go? The 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle have been around for awhile. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Consumer product companies are always selling us a new bill of goods. It takes resources to manufacture and transport all products, even those made from recycled content. So do what you will if you are itching for something new - there are no environmental police here - but don't kid yourself. Buying nothing is better for the earth than buying green. There are exceptions, of course. More often, though, it is greener to follow the old dictum: reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce "Reduce" means using fewer resources in the first place. When you shop, shop differently. With electronics, extravagance may pay. When you make a purchase, find out how to keep the item in shape. Reuse Recycle

Early Elementary Science Curriculum - K-2 Interactive Science Program Search results in Science Crowd Project Due Date Insect collection 35 species-labled with scientific name, pl... [imgres.jpeg] [image]BIO111 This year the required textbook is listed below. You must purchase one!! There are no books to lend o... [Download file "Sample lab write up.doc"] [image] [images.jpg] [Download file "preditor prey .pdf"] [Download file "Biology Test 1.d... [Download file "Sample lab write up.doc"]*** Extra Credit ***[Download file "mole_pattern.pdf"] Due by Oct 23! [Download file "1:2 Life .pages"] [Download file "RUSTING OF STEEL WOOL LAB.docx"] Friday January 17 [CSC_0217.JPG] Welcome Students!!! College A&P is BIO106 Textbook: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. To edit this page, click the Edit (pencil) button. [Download file "organicnomenclature.pdf"]Chemistry 112 The second semester is designed to cover the second second half of the text book.

Sustainability: The three R’s rule – Formula E The three R’s stands for: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This rule is part of the waste hierarchy which is a process used to protect the environment and conserve resources through a priority approach. The aim is to get the most practical benefits from products and to generate the minimum amount of waste. This is what it’s all about: Reduce Waste reduction and waste prevention is all about reducing waste at the source. Waste is often due to the inefficient use of resources or bad planning. Reuse Reuse means using a product more than once, either for the same purpose (for example returnable glass milk bottles) or for a different purpose (such as old jam jars for food storage). It is preferable to recycling because the item does not need to be re-processed before it can be used again which saves both money and reduces the environmental impact. Recycle Recycling is a way to manage waste materials once they have been generated if they can’t be reused. A 4th R: Recover? Do I really need that?

Astronomy: Sites & Projects Astronomy & Space Return to Mars Join us as we follow NASA’s latest rover, Curiosity. Never Lost: Polynesian Navigation Imagine yourself in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. Transit of Mercury See the tiny disk of Mercury slowly travel across the face of the sun in this rare event. Saturn: Jewel of the Solar System Explore Saturn, its rings and moons, and see the latest images. Solar Max Explore our 2000 guide to the solar max, the period in the solar cycle during which the number of sunspots is greatest. Auroras Your guide to the Northern and Southern Lights (also in 'Observatory') Solar Eclipse Explore stories, dispatches, photos, and articles, as well as archived webcasts of total and annular solar eclipses and transits. Ancient Observatories Journey into Chaco Canyon, where ancient people built monuments to the cosmos. Spectra From Space An introduction to spectra and to the space-based telescopes. ExploratoriumPier 15, San Francisco, CA 94111 (415) 528-4444 © 2014 Exploratorium Follow Us At

Virtual Tour: Panoramic Images: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History This comprehensive virtual tour allows visitors using a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) to take a virtual, self-guided, room-by-room walking tour of the whole museum. You can even browse a list of past exhibits, which is included on the ground floor map (see upper right map buttons). The visitor can navigate from room to room by clicking map locations or by following blue arrow links on the floor that connect the rooms. The desktop version includes camera icons to indicate hotspots where the visitor can get a close-up view of a particular object or exhibit panel. Please note: This tour is provided in Flash and HTML5 / Javascript versions. Flash supports viewing by Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux). Please note: The National Fossil Hall is currently closed for renovation. Site Credit: Imagery and coding by Loren Ybarrondo.

Games@NOAA Ask an Astronomer -- on Video Below you will find a list of questions that have video answers available. To view a segment, simply select your connection speed after the format you wish to view the answer in. (Windows Media is more common for PC users, and QuickTime is more common for Macintosh users. However, players exist for all formats on both platforms.) A video podcast version of these videos is available. iTunes users can subscribe directly. A video podcast version of these videos is available. iTunes users can subscribe directly. Brought to you by the Cool Cosmos Team (the joint Education and Public Outreach group for the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center) located at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. Pages — Beyond Weather & The Water Cycle

Giant Pandas Sign up to get panda news from the Zoo. Giant pandas are black and white bears that live in temperate-zone bamboo forests in central China. Among the best recognized—but rarest—animals in the world, they have come to symbolize endangered species and conservation efforts. Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian are at the National Zoo under a Giant Panda Cooperative Research and Breeding Agreement, signed in January 2011, between the Zoo and the China Wildlife Conservation Association. Seeing Pandas at the Zoo Giant panda cub Bao Bao is now on exhibit! The panda house at the David M. Visitors will be allowed into the panda house on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to the expected number of visitors to see Bao Bao, Asia Trail will be open to one-way traffic only. Visitors will enter the panda house from the west entrance, by the red panda exhibit, and exit the east entrance. It was an exciting day at the David M. Smithsonian's National Zoo Read previous panda updates.