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Claire Hummel

Claire Hummel
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Neko-Vi on deviantART Animation Model Sheets - a daily model sheet from my collection pepe Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама Emily Carroll My name is Emily Carroll, and I was born in June of 1983. I grew up in London (Ontario) but moved to Vancouver for work after graduating Sheridan College's Classical Animation program. I have since moved back to Ontario, and now live in Stratford with my wife, Kate Craig. We have a very large cat. My comics have appeared in several anthologies, such as The Anthology Project V2, Explorer: The Mystery Boxes, kuš! #9, Little Heart, Creepy #9 (Dark Horse), Fairy Tale Comics (First Second) The Witching Hour (Vertigo), & others. The Yawhg is a game I co-created with designer Damian Sommer, and my artwork can also be found in the game Gone Home. And here is a link to an awful lot of Dune fan art.

100 Years of Illustration George Hand Wright, N.A. (member of the National Academy) was an extremely prolific illustrator, watercolor painter and printmaker with a long lifetime of work and achievement, but not much seems to have been documented about his personal life beyond the fact that he was born in Pennsylvania in 1872 or 1973 and died in Westport CT in 1951, where he had been one of the founders of that community of illustrators who worked for publications in New York City. Walt Reed mentions him in his excellent work, "The Illustrator in America 1900-1960s." He says that Wright was the son of a blacksmith; that he worked for magazines such as Century, Scribner's, Harper's, and The Saturday Evening Post, among others. Reed tells us that Wright was famous for his detailed sketches, from which he later made his illustrations. I've included some of them here. Click on images to enlarge them. Here Wright manages to convey a scene with more life than any photo would be able to capture.

アルカディアの扉 | 憂 Stephanie Valentin