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John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun

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Development & impact of the Cotton Gin Cotton’s impact upon history is surprisingly significant. Europeans first encountered cotton in their trading missions to India, where they were impressed with the beauty and softness of Indian fabric. Cotton remained a luxury good in Europe until the United States began growing it in mass amounts in the nineteenth century; but the United States could not have become the “king of cotton” without the invention of one simple machine: the cotton gin. The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences. The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences The Past: "What Has Happened Before?" Profiled here are African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. The accomplishments of the past and present can serve as pathfinders to present and future engineers and scientists. African American chemists, biologists, inventors, engineers, and mathematicians have contributed in both large and small ways that can be overlooked when chronicling the history of science.

Influence of gender Female Abolitionists cum Suffragists The abolitionist movement was pivotal for women, many of whom gained valuable experience with activism, organization, and a passionate commitment to ideals through their work fighting slavery. Female abolitionists got involved with politics, even if they still could not vote or hold office. They used their experience and their newfound voice to found their own movement for civil and political rights as American citizens. The women's suffrage movement and abolitionism were closely intertwined at their origins.

New York Guggenheim Go New York On View Now IB Extended Essay Supports Success at U Va. Newswise — As part of a study conducted by University of Virginia (U Va.) researchers, a group of 1,045 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme alumni—all U Va. undergraduates—participated in a research project that sought to gain understanding about how students’ research activity in the IB Diploma Programme contributed to their U Va. research experiences and outcomes. In particular, the research study focused on how the Diploma Programme’s extended essay requirement may have contributed to the students’ research success as U Va. students, and how their extended essay scores and university GPAs may correlate. The study, “Exploring the Benefits of the International Baccalaureate Extended Essay for University Study at the University of Virginia,” was conducted by Karen K. Inkelas, Amy Swan, Joshua Pretlow and Jill Jones, all of U Va.’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Measuring the Value of a Slave Measuring Slavery in 2011 Dollars* by Samuel H. Williamson MeasuringWorth University of Illinois at Chicago and The Forgotten Radical History of the March on Washington The Forgotten Radical History of the March on Washington Bayard Rustin and Cleveland Robinson 3 weeks before the march (Orlando Fernandez, Wiki. Com.) The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which occurred fifty years ago this August 28, remains one of the most successful mobilizations ever created by the American Left.

Political context Antebellum era politics consisted of a series of failed compromises and increasingly acrimonious conflicts over slavery and the subject of abolition. Sectional animosities compounded to a point where all it took was a spark to ignite the entire powder keg. Radical abolitionist John Brown provided the match, and it was enough to send the country over the edge toward Civil War. National Gallery of Art NGAkids CD ROMs Eight new NGAkids CD-ROMs are available through the Gallery's LEARNING RESOURCES portal. If you are having compatibility issues or if you prefer using our art activities offline, we invite you to register and borrow these free CDs. The set includes some of our most popular interactive programs, including Brushster, Dutch House, Faces and Places, Jungle, Photo Op, Sea-Saws, and Still Life. To install all of them at once, order the NGAkids Art Zone "combo" disc. What's Happening?

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