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7 Essential Tools for a Flipped Classroom - Getting Smart by Guest Author - classrooms, EdTech, flipped classroom

7 Essential Tools for a Flipped Classroom - Getting Smart by Guest Author - classrooms, EdTech, flipped classroom
By: Erin Palmer The flipped classroom uses technology to allow students more time to apply knowledge and teachers more time for hands-on education. It’s a continually changing strategy that evolves with technology. Innovative educators are usually on the lookout for the latest technology breakthroughs that will help them better organize and conduct flipped classrooms. The following tools are listed from most basic to most sophisticated and can be used alone or in tandem to make flipped classrooms more engaging. Google Docs Google Docs have many advantages over traditional word processing programs, including real-time automatic updates visible to all users, a feature that enables robust discussion and sharing. YouTube Ideal for first-time flippers, YouTube offers a user-friendly, universally understood platform for taped lectures and other educational videos. Teachem The Flipped Learning Network Camtasia Studio Edmodo or Schoology This guest post was provided by Erin Palmer. Related:  Blended LearningClasses inversées

Workshop: ICT for a change - How teaching in the unified classroom ... What is a Flipped Classroom Infographic Plus The Educator Guide to Flipped Classroom Teacher Infographics ProProfs presents you this info-graphic that introduces the concept of flipped classrooms. It offers you information on how teachers and students respond to this new idea of learning. Also, you may want to check The Educators’ Guide to Flipped Classroom, where you will find answer on how does a flipped classroom contribute to student learning, the top benefits and disadvantages of a flipped classroom, and last but not least, how to successfully Flip your classroom. Finally, I highly encourage you to check: Progressive Education: The Rising Power Of Student Voice Read many current educational articles or twitter feeds, and it becomes pretty clear that progressive educationalists are gaining voice. A strategy for creating a School e-learning culture Education is constantly changing the way students learn and how instructors teach. The Concept of Individualized Learning Plans in eLearning Via: Embed This Education Infographic on your Site or Blog!

The 10 Best Web Tools For Flipped Classrooms While flipping the classroom is still one of the hottest trends in education, it’s got nothing on time-saving and downright useful apps and web tools. In an effort to provide a quick look at some of the best web tools for flipped classrooms, I thought it would be useful to poll the @Edudemic Twitter followers . POLL: What are your favorite apps and tools for flipped classrooms? — Edudemic (@Edudemic) April 5, 2013 Including the tweets, I also got at least 40 emails from friends, colleagues, and administrators from around the world. Below is a simple list designed to help get any educator, administrator, student, or parent a bit more familiar with some of the most popular web tools for flipped classrooms. Wikispaces About The Tool: Wikispaces is a free and useful web tool designed to give students (or ‘users’ of any kind, really) the ability to share their thoughts, reflect on the work of others, and edit a body of work together. Poll Everywhere Edmodo Screencast Celly Dropbox YouTube Twitter

péda inversée en 4 phases - mindmap Flipped Education 7 Stories From Educators About Teaching In The Flipped Classroom Informed articles and commentary on this powerful and often misunderstood concept. The University of Wisconsin’s Stout School of Education publishes a great Tech Tips newsletter. The last few issues of this newsletter have been packed with resources focused on topics near and dear to us here at EmergingEdTech, and we strongly recommend signing up for this free publication. I spent a good deal of time reading and appreciating the resources shared in a recent Tech Tips newsletter focused on the concept of “the flipped classroom”. Below I have shared several of the articles listed in the newsletter, along with a few more that I searched out, and I’ve provided a little insight into each of them. (Click image to access a Flipped Classroom Infographic from There is a wealth of experienced, constructive knowledge shared in this content. The Flipped Class: Myths Vs. About Kelly Walsh Print This Post

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8 Crucial Resources For Flipped Classrooms Have you “flipped” yet? My colleagues have this week; it’s PSSA week in Pennsylvania (PSSAs are standardized tests.). That’s not the flipped I meant, however. I meant, have you flipped your classroom yet? Well, if you have or are thinking about it, here are some tools you might want to consider using for those after-hours background knowledge sessions. YouTube This might be the most popular tool teachers have used for flipped instruction. You don’t have to establish a class list to allow for student discussion. Other services, such as those that approximate a LMS, require a lot of preparation before a teacher can use it. You can edit the video online (somewhat). Evernote Tutorial as a Cartoon Trim and stabilize Swap audio tracks Change the look of the video (for instance, make it look like a cartoon) Add annotations Add captions Download the new version of the video for offline use It’s easy to share with colleagues, friends, and professional development organizations. Edmodo Schoology

Flipped classroom ou la classe inversée : l’utilisation de la vidéo pour substituer l’enseignement magistral Peut-être ce concept vous est-il familier, ou du moins vous en avez entendu parler à travers les branches? Sinon, voici un bref survol de ce qui depuis peu a fait son apparition sur les lèvres des enseignants des écoles primaires jusqu’aux professeurs des universités, et ce surtout dans le milieu anglophone. Qu’en est-il? Vous conviendrez qu’il n’y a rien d’innovant à utiliser des vidéos pour enrichir l’enseignement; plusieurs exemples de l’utilisation de capsules vidéo comme outil pédagogique couvrent l’actualité éducative. Nous avons qu’à penser, entre autres, aux diverses plateformes pédagogiques qui permettent d’ajouter des vidéos pour consultations par les étudiants ou encore à la Khan Academy. Ce qui distingue la classe inversée, c’est l’approche pédagogique rendue possible par les vidéos. D’où vient cet engouement? Pour en savoir davantage et surtout si vous vous sentez interpellés par l’expérience, il existe plusieurs références sur le web qui sauront guider votre choix.

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con In 2012, I attended the ISTE conference in San Diego, CA. While I was only there for about 36 hours, it was easy for me to pick up on one of the hottest topics for the three-day event. The "flipped classroom" was being discussed in social lounges, in conference sessions, on the exhibit floor, on the hashtag and even at dinner. What It Is According to the description on ASCD's page for the newly released book, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day, by flipped-classroom pioneers Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, "In this model of instruction, students watch recorded lectures for homework and complete their assignments, labs, and tests in class." The authors go on to explain that the model is a mixture of direct instruction and constructivism, that it makes it easier for students who may have missed class to keep up because they can watch the videos at any time. What It Isn't Why It Works Why It Doesn't Work Why It's Nothing New Why It Matters

Blended learning solution in practice Blended learning is not only the buzz word. It is actually working. Why? Because we all realized that no single teaching approach is good enough to work for all learners. Since time immemorial we’ve been blending different instructional methods in our training initiatives. What blended learning actually is? We’ve been hired by a training institution to help them design a blended training program for unemployed people aged from 25 to 35, to become accountants, using relevant accounting software. 1. Benefits: Learners could use these lessons at their own pace and according to their prior knowledge;Learners could come prepared to classroom workshops;Learners could use these learning materials also during and after the classroom workshops if needed; 2. Benefits: The same online learning environment was provided for the learners also during live sessions. 3. And what do learners think about this kind of blend? About Jana Jan @janajan00LinkedInGoogle+