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Big Herringbone Cowl

Big Herringbone Cowl
This winter New York City streets are filled with people who have learned the secret of keeping warm. They are all wrapped up in the big soft folds of the oversized cowl. A long loop that you twist and double around your neck, it's definitely a glamorous touch in a what can otherwise be pretty frumpy season. Don't you love when fashion and function meet in such happy harmony? This cowl was inspired by Joelle's classic Herringbone Poncho from her very first book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have always been so taken with the drape and texture of Joelle's poncho that I was really excited to borrow her idea for this project! I stuck with Joelle's choice of yarn, Blue Sky's Worsted, because it is by far one of Purl Soho's softest, most cuddly yarns, perfect for wearing around sensitive skin areas like your neck. The cowl's final look keeps one foot in the past with a traditional herringbone stitch. The Materials 5 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca's Worsted, 50% Royal Alpaca and 50% Merino. Gauge

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How to Make a Sturdy Felt Button I told you about necessity being the mother of invention, but I neglected to mention that poverty is the mother of necessity. Perhaps, unlike me, you have the means to buy whatever buttons you want whenever you want. If you do, these are sooooo cool that you may want to make them anyway. Or, better yet ~ check out my Etsy shop. Shawl Collar Cowl A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of some wool socks with an accompanying message, "Today is the greatest day." Now, these socks weren't a gift from me or made by me; they weren't even handmade at all. But I knew exactly why he was so excited. I knew, because it's how I feel about neckwear: Fall is here!

Versatility - Fall 2008 CO 47 sts. Work 12 rows in Mesh Pattern. SET-UP SECTION If working from charts, work Rows 1-16 of Chart A; outlined repeat sections are worked twice in each row. 49 sts. Written Directions: Row 1 [RS]: K2, [yo, k3tog, yo, k1] twice, yo, k2tog, k23, ssk, [yo, k1, yo, k3tog] twice, yo, k2. Even-Numbered Rows 2-10 [WS]: P all sts. Row 3 [RS]: K1, ssk, [yo, k1, yo, k3tog] twice, yo, k2, [MB, k4] four times, MB, k2, [yo, k3tog, yo, k1] twice, yo, k2tog, k1. Bobble Cast On: a Tutorial, and some thoughts on personality... Today was a really hectic day, with a lot happening at fact this whole week has been quite a handful. I had great intentions to post this tutorial earlier this week, but you know...the road to perdition and all... so after some delay, here it is... I was thinking about our kids today, and how different they are in some respects. I have been doing homework in the afternoons with the little one, and the Afrikaans spelling is just a giant weight on her shoulders! She really doesn't enjoy the subject at all, and I again realized just how different they older daughter is fully independent (and has been from a very young age), gets on with her work, plans by herself, is studious and self driven. She does well at school and I never have to check up on her school things...The baby on the other hand, is a free spirit, with a natural tendency to art, music, drama and all things colourful.

DROPS Pattern Library: Lace patterns DROPS pattern library contains patterns, and it keeps growing every day! The DROPS designers want you to see how these different techniques will look when applied to a knitting or crochet project. This is a very useful tool when you are looking for inspiration for own designs. Remember that by switching between yarn quality thicknesses and by picking a different knitting tension you will be able to create a new aspect to the design.

Knitting stitches – Lace Chevron Pattern Third square of my knitted blanket project. I decided to try Lace Chevron pattern this time. It wasn’t until I finished the first repeat that I remembered that I had used this stitch before. To make a cardigan. Loop D' Loops UPDATE 2/24/13: Come find me at my new blog, where I post other patterns and generally awesome things. See ya soon! ---------------------------------------------------------- I received a few questions about how to go about making one of these things, so I figured I might as well post a quick pattern. It is super duper easy though, cuz all you need to know is how to make a chain. Gauge is not important with this.

Andalutheean Knitted Dishcloth Thank you for visiting Little House in the Suburbs. Please subscribe and you'll get great simple living tips and how-to articles delivered to your inbox, for free! The latest in my so-easy-you-can-knit-with-swarming-kids dish/washcloth series. If you can knit and purl, you can knit this hanging upside down from the monkey bars. The name . . . I have friends who speak Castilian Spanish and I love the way they pronounce some of their “s” sounds.

corbeille avec des sacs plastiques Recycling ideas: basket out of nilon bag Material - Plastic bags- Scissors, needles, Instruction: Cable Braided Necklace Yesterday, I have been deep in thought while sizing a pattern, deadlines all looming and sooo much to do before the year's end. I have thought to share a great little technique with you. Something last minute that you can make for either a gift of for yourself!

Bandana Cowl Working at Purl Soho, I have a front row seat to the parade of effortlessly chic people that give our neighborhood its renowned style. From here I can report that, for men and women alike, this season's prevailing trend in neckwear is the bandana. Jauntily tied around the neck, it tops off everything from Sunday's T-shirt and jeans to Friday's night-on-the-town dress!