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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

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eSchool News Augmented reality snags a coveted spot in classrooms Increased accessibility, applications mean augmented reality is no longer a pipe dream Courtesy of The Teaching Palette. A student holds a tablet in front of a series of famous paintings. On each painting, something comes to life–sounds, animation, or a pop-up fact linking the painting to historical events. The scene is reminiscent of a Harry Potter movie, but this isn’t magic. Augmented reality uses technology to blend the real world with interactive and enhanced content. (Next page: How is augmented reality used in classrooms?)

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XIV Congreso SEDLL 4ª Circular: Informaciones de Interés [PDF] 3ª Circular: Comunicaciones y publicaciones [PDF] Acreditación del congreso como formación continua [VER] Acreditación del Congreso: El Congreso está acreditado como formación continua para los profesores de enseñanza reglada en Portugal, de los grupos 110, 200, 210, 220, 300, 320, 330, 340 e 350. Más información en: 2ª Circular: Call for Papers SEDLL 2013 [PDF] 1ª Circular: Presentación del XIV Congreso International SEDLL 2013 [PDF] Enseñar, educar, investigar son tareas que las sociedades contemporáneas abordan con una creciente perspectiva global, con dificultades y soluciones que cada vez más trascienden la eficacia de las respuestas locales. Xaquín Núñez SabarísPresidente del Comité Organizador

Bonding with avatar can shift perception PENN STATE / U. MICHIGAN (US) — People who customized an avatar and saw it wearing a backpack overestimated the heights of virtual hills, just as people in real life tend to overestimate heights and distances while carrying extra weight. “You exert more of your agency through an avatar when you design it yourself,” says S. Shyam Sundar, professor of communications and co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State, who worked with University of Michigan doctoral student Sangseok You. “Your identity mixes in with the identity of that avatar and, as a result, your visual perception of the virtual environment is colored by the physical resources of your avatar.” Researchers assigned random avatars to one group of participants, but allowed another group to customize their avatars. “If your avatar is carrying a backpack, you feel like you are going to have trouble climbing that hill, but this only happens when you customize the avatar,” says Sundar. Source: Penn State

About | Educators' first guide to Second Life This blog is just one component of a Master’s degree project in ICT and Learning at Aalborg University in cooperation with Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, DPU (School of Education – University of Aarhus) and Roskilde University Center, Denmark. MIL The title of the project is 3D Remediation and Virtual Educational Practice. This project is the work of collaboration between Biochemist, Teaching Associate Professor, Søren Læssøe Mathiesen (Severin Nordenskiold) and Sinologist Inge Knudsen (Inge Qunhua). Superviser Marianne Riis (Mariis Mills) Milmariis Through our studies we have been introduced to intercultural Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (iCSCL). Like this: Like Loading...

Typing Games Ms. Sapkarov, you type FAST! Yes, my friends, I really do. We're reading Rebecca Stead's When You Reach Me in one of my 5th grades and taking notes on the characters at the end of each class. By building these character profiles, we can understand the story better by looking at individual motivation and personality traits. But do you think I was born a quick-fingered typist? This is the time to develop good typing habits, my students! Check out out these typing tutorials and games to practice your own typing skills. Dance Mat Typing by BBC Keyboarding Skills by e-Learning for Kids Typing Resources by Big Brown Bear Software (4 games/lessons) Text Type by Doorway Online Alpha Munchies Typing Game by ABCya! Super Hyper Spider Typer by Funschool Keybr (practice typing words) Typing Games by Sense-lang (check out Typing Olympic)

Welcome - CALICO CALICO - The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Member Login E-mail: Password: Reset Password Conference 2014 May 6 - 10 Hosted by Ohio University, Athens Open, Online, Massive: The Future of Language Learning? Welcome to this year's CALICO conference. Register to Attend Online or Download .pdf form Lodging Recommendations Presentation Schedule Pre- and Post-conference Workshops The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Texas State University 214 Centennial Hall San Marcos,TX 78666

Once an edupunk, always an edupunk What do you do when you have no training budget? Wring your hands, beg for money, or become an edupunk! As described in a recent eLearn Magazine article by Laurie Rowell, edupunk is the au courant term describing "an educational approach that combines creative drive with a maverick attitude…in which the educator—or possibly the student—designs the tools for teaching and learning." But edupunk has been brewing for years. Twelve years ago, long before the term edupunk existed, the training program I worked in at EDS suffered from dwindling enrollments for their classroom-delivered courses due to corporate cutbacks and rising travel costs. What did I do? With no budget for technology purchases, I couldn't evaluate, purchase, or implement one of the few learning management systems (LMS) available at the time. My first online course, on human-computer interaction, ran over a four-week period with three synchronous class sessions each week.

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