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25+ Different Ways To Make Bracelets With String

25+ Different Ways To Make Bracelets With String
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History The Monoyama period (1573 - 1614) is the beginning of the kumihimo of today. It evidenced change in kimono style with the introduction of a very wide ”obi” (sash) that required a narrow cord to hold it in place. The braided ”obijime” was created for this purpose. The style is still worn in Japan today when wearing a kimono is appropriate. Toward the end of the Edo period (1616 - 1867), the takadai, or high braiding stand, developed into its current form, one allowing for more complex, intricate patterns to be created. Edo (later named Tokyo) became the center for kumihimo. By the time of the Meiji period (1867 - 1912) samurai culture had declined and the wearing of armor was prohibited by law. Despite this, there still is a market for expensive, exclusive hand-braided products, especially for obijime.

The Essential Ten Best Sims 3 Mods (Nraas Edition) If you're as excited for Sims 3 University as we are you may want to check out our new Sims 3 University Life post with exclusive news information, screenshots, and a trailer for the new Sims 3 expansion pack coming out March 5th. If you want to change your game from AMAZING to RETARDEDLY ADDICTING check out our Best Sims 3 Downloads For The Picky Player , Mods For An Ultra Realistic Sim Body and Best Realistic Sims 3 Skins guide (all parts of our realism and essential Sims 3 mods series) because we did all the hard work and picked only the best Sims 3 downloads to add reality and beauty to your game without you wasting your time going through pages of crap! Change the way you play the Sims 3 with this top ten list of up-to-date mods and add-ons provided by the great Nraas to greatly enhance your gameplay. After trying out a few of these mods you won't know how you ever played without em! Read on for the most useful Sims 3 mods from Nraas to date. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

How To Knot A Fishing Net Bottle Cover During our holidays last week, I was able to visit one of my favourite little shops. It's a quaint little place that offers all sorts of beautiful items from artisans from around Ontario. I have purchased some really unusual items in this little shop, where I also seem to find inspiration. For example this little sea side jar. This picture was taken with my iPhone and I had taken several pictures from every possible angle because I wanted to come home and try to figure out how to make the netting around it. I am sure the shop owner was wondering why I had the jar upside down, right side up and side ways... Long story short, I got out my jute and started playing with the netting as soon as I came home (not even having unpacked three days worth of dirty clothes). I thought I had it figured out and was happy that it had only taken me a couple of minutes, but was not too happy with the way the top of the net looked, as it wasn't as clean as the one I had pictured at the store. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Individual post from "Nothing In It" While I was doing my big project earlier this year to braid all of the 16-strand braids in Jacqui Carey's "Creative Kumihimo" I noticed that most of the 8-strand braids in that book were expanded or combined into 16-strand versions, except for 8C. Now 8C is really just two 4-strand (maru yotsu) braids that link together after every three iterations. It's a great braid, currently one of my favorites, and it struck me that it should be possible to expand 8C to 16 strands, but figuring out when to do which moves was the difficulty. Anyway, I eventually sat down with pencil and paper, and I worked it out. For each X of crossing strands, first exchange the two strands marked with red arrows by moving them clockwise around the marudai. Here's what it looks like braided in four colors - Four Color Shippou It's very open, almost like lace or ply-splitting.

10 websites every Sims 3 player must visit The Sims 3 is much more than a game. With the right tools and enough imagination, you can transform The Sims 3 into a movie studio, a fashion showcase or even a commercial opportunity. Meanwhile, the people who play The Sims 3 are so much more than fans. They’re a thriving community, constantly working to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the game, then sharing their discoveries for everyone to enjoy. You can make art with The Sims 3. You can make money with The Sims 3. The Sims Resource Website: What is it? Why should you bookmark? That’s only the beginning, though. Mod The Sims Website: What is it? Why should you bookmark? As the users get more skilled with The Sims 3, expect even wilder and crazier additions. PeggyZone Website: What is it? Why should you bookmark? Alice and Kev Website: What is it? Why should you bookmark? What is it?

DIY String Chandeliers Ruffled Jessica of Wednesday Inc shows us how to make those gorgeous twine chandeliers from the inspiration shoot she shared with us this morning. Using balloons, glue and twine, you can also make these lanterns for your wedding – and then bring it home and use it as your very own mid century lampshade. What you will need are: balloons, glue, yarn, tray for glue, corn starch 1/2 cup of Corn starch, 1/4 cup of Warm water, clear fast drying spray paint, hanging lamp cord or fishing line (depending on your desired final product), and a lighting kit if you’re looking for a fully functional lantern. Jessica recommends using a sharpie to mark on the inflated balloon how much room you need to leave for the lighting cord. She also recommends coating the balloon with vaseline prior to wrapping the yarn coated with glue so it doesn’t stick on the balloon once it’s dry. Are you getting excited to try to do this at home as much I am? Instructions: 1.

Tutorial [b]In this tutorial I will show you how to make a 4 string Kumihimo Rope (or round braid).[/b[ Kumihimo Disk 4 strings about 20 inches each I will use 4 different colors for this tutorial. Step 1 Set your strings up so that they are evenly spaced and opposite eachother. Step 2 Move your bottom string up (from 17 to 32) Step 3 Move your top string down (from 1 to 17) At this point I usually move the first string from 32 back to 1. Step 4 Move your left string to the right (25 to 8) Step 5 Move your right string to the left (9 to 25) Step 6 Repeat steps 1-5. There is no turning in this Technique, you simply repeat the steps over and over. The original author of this tutorial is AutumnRane, but it has also been edited by k_marie and Alicat. Click here to upload photos of your work!

How to Make Red Icing Red Do you ever have any problems getting red icing red? I know I do. It can happen for a couple of reasons: didn’t add enough icing color or used shortening with a high yellow dye content, such as butter flavored shortening. Do you have a lot of minerals in your water that could make a difference (like well water)? In the Wilton Decorating Room, we get the best results for a brighter red color using a combination of Red-Red Icing Color with Christmas Red Icing Color, equal parts. It will take a large amount of the icing color to achieve a deep red shade. You will also get good results when using No Taste Red Icing Color; you’ll still need to put in approximately 1 teaspoon of color to 1 cup of buttercream. If it’s at all possible to plan ahead, make your icing a day or two ahead – or even three days! Keep in mind when you use a large amount of icing color, sometimes the buttercream icing taste becomes a little bitter. If you have any leftover red icing, you can save it for a future use.