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The Secret to Teaching Math Facts: Number Bonds

The Secret to Teaching Math Facts: Number Bonds
Below you will see why I think teaching math basics with number bonds is the best way for your homeschoolers to learn math. Over our last four years of homeschooling, I have used several different math curricula. Some I liked better the others, but they all had their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths of one particular curriculum we use, Singapore Math, is their method of teaching basic math facts. Instead of teaching fact families by rote, Singapore illustrates fact families using number bonds. Now, I realize this is just my unprofessional opinion, but as a self-professed math geek, I truly believe number bonds are (likely) the best ways to teach math facts. Why? They're simple. How Number Bonds Work If you're not familiar with what number bonds are, allow me to illustrate. As in the example for addition on the left, the student is taught to recognize that the number 7 is made of 3 and 4. Number Bond Flashcards Teaching Algebraic Thinking Related:  link

Pauls Online Math Notes Cheat Sheets and Tables Here is list of cheat sheets and tables that I've written. Most of these are pdf files and so you will need the Adobe Viewer to view them. You can download the latest version here. Algebra Cheat Sheet - [pdf] - This is as many common algebra facts, properties, formulas, and functions that I could think of. There is also a page of common algebra errors included. Homeschool World: "The World's Most Visited Homeschool Site" Hug Momma ~ A Collection of Stories and Conservative Commentary: So, What Can I Do About Common Core? I’m so glad you asked! Allow me to reassure you, this is still the United States, and you can have an effect on your government. Many parents feel overwhelmed and hopeless about the battle against Common Core. Honestly, we’ve all been there. Many government officials will attempt to mislead you, but there is nothing as determined and tireless as a concerned parent. So, inform yourself, get organized, and gather support materials. Be smart, polite, and professional so that your concerns are easily understood. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Common Core is wound tight with financial strings. When we look back in history, it is easy to see trauma other countries have experience and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t they do something while they could?” It is our country and our generation this time. Please share your ideas in the comments.

35 Best Websites for Free Educational Videos What are the best websites to watch educational videos? Here are over 35 websites to watch thousands of educational videos covering business, science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts and more. Please bookmark this page or share it if you find this article useful. 1. 5min Offers short, practical how to videos, instructional videos and DIY solutions. 2. A large collection of educational video lectures from the world’s top scholars. 3. Blogs, articles and videos from the world’s top thinkers and leaders. 4. Animated science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts & music videos. 5. Offers thousands of free math and science videos. 6. Features interviews with America’s best thinkers, writers, politicians, entertainers, business leaders, scientists and more. 7. 30,000 video segments from Discovery Education. 8. Provides video lectures, courses, documentaries, books, quizzes, lecture notes and much more. 9. 10. 11. 12. Professional and user-generated how-to educational videos.

Common Errors in College Math I have several web pages intended for students; this seems to be the most popular one. FONTS FINALLY REPAIRED November 2009. Browser adjustments: This web page uses subscripts, superscripts, and unicode symbols. This web page describes the errors that I have seen most frequently in undergraduate mathematics, the likely causes of those errors, and their remedies. (There is some overlap among these topics, so I recommend reading the whole page.) ... Errors in Communication Some teachers are hostile to questions. A variant of teacher hostility is teacher arrogance. If you're a student with a hostile teacher, then I'm afraid I don't know what advice to give you; transfer to a different section or drop the course altogether if that is feasible. When your teacher says something that you don't understand, don't be shy about asking; that's why you're in class! If you think your teacher may have made a mistake on the chalkboard, you'd be doing the whole class a favor by asking about it. 3x5+7x+C

Homeschool Curriculum, Lessons, Activities | Everything Homeschooling Mr. McGroovy's Fantastic Cardboard Creations Celebrate Chemistry with Kids this Summer Finding safe, low-cost, educational and fun activities for kids during the summer so their brains stay active and ripe for learning is hard. That’s partially why we decided to homeschool year round and take fewer shorter breaks during our school year. Dow Chemical – a leading global partner of the 2011 International Year of Chemistry – produced a few videos, showcasing three different at-home experiments you can do as a family and use as a way to get kids and students excited about the power of chemistry and science in their everyday lives. After having about a four week break, we started school up again yesterday for the next year. The one we had the most fun with was Uncovering the Chemistry of Blood. You can also see the videos below on how this experiment is actually done, how chemistry is involved in the game of baseball and the ever classic erupting of a baking soda volcano. Dow sent me a gift card so I could purchase the materials for the at-home experiments.

Nerd Paradise : Divisibility Rules for Arbitrary Divisors It's rather obvious when a number is divisible by 2 or 5, and some of you probably know how to tell if a number is divisible by 3, but it is possible to figure out the division 'rule' for any number. Here are the rules for 2 through 11... The last digit is divisible by 2. The sum of all the digits in the number is divisible by 3. The last 2 digits are divisible by 4. The last digit is 5 or 0. The number is both divisible by 2 and divisible by 3. Cut the number into 2 parts: the last digit and everything else before that. The last 3 digits are divisible by 8 The sum of all the digits in the number is divisible by 9. The last digit is a 0. Break the number into two parts (like you did for the division by 7 rule). Also there is a quick way for determining divisibility by 11 for 3-digit numbers: If the inner digit is larger than the two outer digits, then it is divisible by 11 if the inner digit is the sum of the two outer digits. Rules for all divisors ending in 1... User Comments: 9 Dividing By 12

lesson plans for students and educators Common Core Implementation Kit enables the creation of a Common Core State Standards aligned lesson plan with a few easy clicks. Common Core operates from within Word 2013 and provides daily learning targets for Common Core State Standards, along with instructional notes, student friendly “I Can” statements, vocabulary lists, differentiation ideas, activity ideas, assessment ideas, common student misconceptions, and links to open educational resources aligned to the standards. Save time planning lessons and locating resources for your students The Common Core Implementation Kit is a free tool that makes it easy for teachers to create Language Arts and Math lesson plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards all from within Microsoft Word 2013. Common Core consists of a series of course-specific Microsoft Word templates that access Common Core information through a Microsoft Office Task Pane that is displayed next to the lesson plan document. System requirements

Genealogy Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web Digital Librarian is maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a librarian in Cortland, New York Best web resource: Family Search - "largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world." Best book: The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy (2006) by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking, Third edition, Ancestry Publishing. You can search inside this book at 992 pages - known as "the genealogist's bible." See Also: Archives & Manuscripts | Directories - Libraries | Directories - States | History AATA Online (Abstracts of International Conservation Literature) - Getty Conservation Institute. Family Bible Records Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana Resources Almanach de la Cour - "Compendium of articles on a variety of subjects, mostly connected with Orders of Chivalry, European Royal Houses, and the European Nobility." - 4 volumes with a keyword search. Harold B.

nails Decoupage Articles Decoupage started as a small part of The Artful Crafter website. But, mainly in response to your questions, we have become more involved in the subject. People are noticing. In addition to the questions we receive about the art, The Artful Crafter was listed as one of the top three decoupage websites in the decoupage forum. We have covered just about every topic under the sun in these articles, but if there is something you can't find use the search box or click on the "Contact" link 0n the bottom of the page to send in your questions. Come back often since we are continually updating the site. Decoupage Crafting Index The Art of Decoupage The history of this classic art form. Add Elegance to Your Home With Decoupage Ideas on how to use decoupage in your home decorating. Advanced Decoupage Projects Being versatile. 3D Archival Decoupage How to Create 3D Archival Decoupage Altered Paint Cans How to make altered paint cans using decoupage techniques. Decoupage Lamp Making an elegant lamp.

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