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Operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People – Mozilla Firefox

Operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People – Mozilla Firefox
I would not say I was born naturally organized. I've more often identified myself as a more right-brained creative type. However, I've always enjoyed the pursuits and observed the positive effects of organization since childhood. I have found that maintaining a truly consistent organized lifestyle takes a lot of intentional effort, discipline, and practice to achieve. Beginning my own family has probably afforded me the greatest opportunity to observe a few of the biggest benefits of managing a simplified and organized home and life: To find things when I need them {quickly}.To feel as though I'm being a good steward with my time. As I've grown in my knowledge and understanding of organization through real life experience, and intentional education over the years, I've observed there are a few habits that have helped me maintain an organized lifestyle: 1. FREE your mind. 2. Clutter is magnetic. 3. Eliminate the idea of a "junk drawer" where random items are tossed. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Six Ways to Refuel Your Energy Every Day - Tony Schwartz - Harvard Business Review – Mozilla Firefox by Tony Schwartz | 10:59 AM December 13, 2010 Are you working longer hours, attending more meetings, taking shorter vacations, answering more emails and eating lunch at your desk, if you eat lunch at all? Does demand in your life just keep getting higher, so you’re struggling more and more just to keep up? Are you utterly sick of hearing the phrase “do more with less?” Does the word “unsustainable” sound about right? Human beings aren’t meant to operate like computers — at high speeds, continuously, for long periods of time. 1. Far too many of us buy into the myth that one hour less of sleep allows us one more of productivity. The research is clear: more than 95 per cent of us require seven to eight hours of sleep in order to be fully rested, and for our brains to optimally embed new learning. Two simple strategies can help. The second is to spend a few minutes reviewing what’s on your mind before you go to sleep, and then write down anything that’s worrying you. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Freezable Foods - yup, you can freeze all of this! Lately I’ve been talking a lot about freezer foods – keeping the freezer stocked, saving time and money by cooking from the freezer, and more. And apparently all of you are very interested in freezer foods because I’ve received all kinds of questions, asking what foods you can and cannot freeze. While I don’t claim to be a “Freezable Foods Expert”, I have frozen more than my share of foods over the last few years; and I’ve taught classes on freezing, drying, and canning. Here’s my list of freezable foods. I’ve personally had success freezing everything on the list below. 1. I’ve been known for baking huge batches of sweets in one day and then freezing them for our enjoyment over the next few months. Brownies & Cookies: Yup, I do it all the time. Breads, Buns, Muffins, and Rolls: Just double-bag them to prevent freezer burn and they should be fine for several months Cupcakes & Cake: Yes, I’ve frozen cupcakes and even full cakes! 2. 3. Yogurt: Freeze yogurt for a delicious, healthy treat.

Pinterest Inspired Presidents and DIY Lesson Plan Book – Mozilla Firefox DIY POST-IT NOTE PLAN BOOK....Oh yeah! The meat and potatoes of this lesson plan book which I am in LOVE with! In the past I have read about people using post-it note lesson plan books and it sounded like a complete waste of time. Why write it out when I could type it up and print it? Boy was I WRONG! At my school, in my grade level, each person is responsible for planning a particular subject. So, are you interested yet? Spiral notebook (I would suggest one that has a vinyl cover since it will last longer) Post-it notes (I like the "super sticky" ones)Sharpie or black markerRulerScissorsPost-it tabs (optional)Notebook cover or portfolio (optional) Step 1: Assemble your materials Grab the items listed above and clear off a space on the kitchen table, it's time to get our DIY on. :) Step 2: Decide on a plan I sketched out my idea of how I wanted to set up my plan book. Step 3: Lay out and measure Step 4: Label boxes and add the post-it notes That's pretty self explanatory.

Lenjerii de pat Organising photographs – Mozilla Firefox I can't help it, it's another organising post! One that's been requested: how I organise my photographs. I've broken it into two parts: physical prints and digital files. Physical prints I never get prints made nowadays, and haven't for years - I'll explain why later in this post. But in the past, the first thing I would do when I received prints was write the date and names of the people in the prints (and sometimes the place) on the back. In case you wanted to see the other side of the above print, here it is - awwww! The photos would then go into albums immediately. These are some of the boys' scrapbooks - every photo of Daniel from his first 4 years (almost completed), and every photo from Noah's first year (almost completed). These are our general photo albums. Here are some pictures awaiting scrapbooking and only because I want to finish Noah's first year scrapbook. Some of the photos in our general albums are scrapbooked: Some have the date stamped in the corner of the page:

Organized "Dream Home" Tour Call me a bit crazy, but I decided it would be fun to create the ultimate organized dream home. Have you ever done anything so silly? I get asked a lot about where I find my inspiration, or where my crazy ideas come from. Well, typically, I sit and gaze at dreamy space, and then try my best to get creative and replicate them on my budget. So I thought it would be loads of fun {what better way to spend a quiet Friday morning?} Individual cubbies for each person to stash their belongings would be so dreamy. For a more realistic sized entry, a pretty painted bookcase paired with pails is another great way to give every family member a "place" for their outdoor gear. A divided tray is a great way to keep entryway clutter organized and easy to find when heading out the door in a jiff! Clear storage is great for quick visual inventory! Use the back of a cabinet door to keep menu planning and couponing clutter out of site. Never dig through a cold freezer again! Lots of bedside storage!

Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine – Mozilla Firefox 5 Time Management Tips for Busy Families Guest post by Jennifer from I Heart Organizing 1. Invest in a Great Daily Planner My daily planner is my lifeline. Planners have been around forever, but they are really the most genius way to keep it all together. What’s for lunch on Wednesday? If budgets are tight, with a little creative thinking, a spiral notebook could be transformed for anyone looking to adopt this idea. 2. Family Night gets scheduled in each week at our house, just like an appointment. Family comes first and with the hustle and bustle of all things entertainment, family functions, school activities and sporting events, important family bonding can quickly become obsolete. 3. On top of tossing all of our important schedules and appointments into the planner, we quickly found that it was still easy for us to get lost in our nightly routine. Trying to juggle homework, making dinner, baths, one-on-one time, story time and blogging was definitely a lot to manage without any type of direction. 4. 5.

Look Better in an Instant | Women's Health Magazine – Mozilla Firefox Kagan Mcleod Go look in a mirror: See any problems? Fix them (and look 10 pounds lighter!) simply by using these posture-improving moves from physical therapist Bill Hartman. The Problem: Droopy Boobs A weak upper back angles your chest downward. The Fix: Face Pull Attach a rope handle to a high pulley and grasp it with both hands. The Problem: Belly Pooch Weak lower abs and a pelvis that tilts forward push your stomach outward. The Fix: Kneeling Hip-Flexor Stretch Kneel on your right knee, your left foot in front of you. The Problem: Thick Midsection Rounded shoulders compress your ribs and abdomen, making your torso appear wider than it actually is. The Fix: Lying Y Raise Lie facedown with your arms overhead in a Y position on the floor. RELATED: How To Get a Beach Body

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