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How to make origami flower

How to make origami flower

Origami Maniacs: Home The Educational Benefits of Origami By George Levenson Informed Democracy / Sadako Project Reprinted with permission of author Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It literally translates as ori (folding) gami (paper). Educational Benefits of Origami Behavioral Skills Cooperative Learning A Link to Math Cognitive Development Multi-cultural Awareness Community Building Behavioral Skills: Origami is an example of "schematic learning through repeatable actions". Cooperative Learning: Origami is well-suited to working with a classroom of 30 or more students. A Link to Math: Transforming a flat piece of paper into a three dimensional crane (or other origami figure) is a unique exercise in spatial reasoning. Cognitive Development: Through the actual folding, children use their hands to follow a specific set of steps in sequence, producing a visible result that is at once clever and pleasing. Multi-cultural Awareness: Community Building: Reference:

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TUTORIAL: Origami Peacock Learning Origami Origami Modular Sonobe Octahedral Unit Video Dear Reader, The Sonobe Octahedral module is made from Sonobe units. It looks very complicated to assemble, but just requires a bit of patience and care. Check out our Origami Modular Sonobe Octahedral assembly instruction video: Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Video The Modular Sonobe Cube is a cube assembled from Sonobe Units. Check out our Origami Modular Sonobe Cube assembly video: Origami Modular Sonobe Unit Video The Sonobe Unit is a basic unit used in Modular Origami like Cubes and Octahedra. Check out our Modular Sonobe Unit folding instructions: Origami Poppy Video The Origami Poppy is a challenging origami flower, made starting with a square base. Check out our Origami Poppy Video. Origami Carnation Video The Origami Carnation is fairly simple to make from a water balloon base, but it does take a while. Check out our Origami Carnation Video. Origami Morning Glory Check out our Origami Morning Glory video. Origami Azalea Video Origami Dragon Video