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How to make origami flower

How to make origami flower
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Origami Blizzard Book Tutorial Video - Paper Kawaii A pretty & practical ‘Origami Blizzard Book’ style book project. Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Medium) This book is perfect for a gift, you could even make one bigger by doubling the measurements. You could have more pages, either use longer paper, or stick them together! You will need: Tools I used: Ruler, knife, cutting board, glue, blunt knife (all for the cover). Spine: 1 x A4 paper (21 x 29.7cm), I used construction paper (makes two spines) Pages: 3 strips of 6.8 x 42cm (Cut from A3 paper 42 cm x 29.7cm) Cover: For snug fit: 2 squares of 9cm x 9cm card Or for slightly overlapping use 9.5 x 9.5cm If you have really thick card just cut whatever you want. There are plenty of ways to close the book, use ribbon, twine, string etc, you could stick two ribbons on each cover and have a cute bow to close it. Finished book size: 7cm x 7cm Music by Electus ( I love the music I find it relaxing and quirky, thanks so much for letting me use your music! Related

Origami Diagrams Folding Help: How to Divide a square or rectangle into 3rds, 5ths or 7ths is here. How to cut a Pentagon from a square is here. Paper Money - download a 4x10 inch oversized bill (front and back) for demonstrating money folding to a group. Yami Yamauchi's Models: Diagrams for Yami Yamauchi's models are here in Yami's Corner. Models: Bookcase by Mari Michaelis PDF - diagrammed by Mari Michaelis. Angel by Tadashi Mori This adorable Angel inspired me to make dozens of them during the holidays. PDF - diagrammed by Mari Michaelis. Tissue Boxes: Tissue Box by Francis Ow This model creates a tall tissue box (family size) Model pictured on right PDF - diagrammed by Mari Michaelis Tissue Box V2 by Paul Ee Based on Francis Ow's model, this version creates a lower style box. Heart Dish: Heart Dish by Ildikó H. PDF - diagrammed by Mari Michaelis Website - More models by Ildikó H. Jedi Master Yoda by Fumiaki Kawahata PDF - diagrammed by Mari Michaelis. Alien by Riki Saito 8 Petal Flower Traditional Model

Origami That's Fun And Easy When Pigs Grow Wings and Fly Joseph Wu Origami home > diagrams > download For the PDF files, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. These diagrams are sorted by the designer of the model. In the description is also a ranking of the model's difficulty. In most cases, this ranking is based on my own assessment of the model's difficulty. Simple Low Intermediate Intermediate High Intermediate Complex Joseph Wu Jack-o-lantern [PDF] NEW An easy jack-o-lantern for Hallowe'en. Jack-o-lantern [PDF] NEW An easy jack-o-lantern for Hallowe'en. Armadillo [PDF] This armadillo was the result of a challenge by my friend, Paul Lalonde. Base for Kawasaki's rose (Calyx) [PDF] A set of leaves to be used to display Kawasaki's rose. Birdbase Chess Set [PDF] An exercise in exploring the possibilities of a single base. Do Yourself a Favour [PDF] A bride and groom set I designed in 2004 as favours for a friend's wedding. Eagle [PDF] This eagle starts with a frog base. Eastern Dragon [PDF] The much requested Eastern dragon. Formalizing Origami Guesswork [PDF] Xander D.

Welcome to Origami Sipho Mabona - Swallow (CP) let's start posting the swallow-pictures! it'll probably take some time until all of the 50 pictures will appear in here and again for adding some explaining comments. please, if you'll get the bird ready, post a picture to the forum and do not forget the authorship - it's a model by sipho mabona. sipho taught this old version - the new one has a closed belly - at the german convention 2009 . i took the chance to join his workshop and with refolding it from time to time i managed it to remember the way to fold that swallow.i'd recommend a size not smaller than 20x20 cm. i did it with different paper qualities - copy, kraft, tant - but cannot say what's best. just try to find your own favourites ...1 fold the diagonals and - on the other side - the middle creases 2 collapse the paper to a triangle 3 fold the long edge of each flap to the middle crease 4 squash fold each flap 5 and make ... 6 a petal fold - 4 times 7 fold one of the lower triangle flaps ... 8 ... inside 15 pull out the wings

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