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Good Projects For Pets & People

Good Projects For Pets & People
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Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners So you've got to grips with your sewing machine, and you're itching to make something. Which sewing patterns are easy enough for beginners? I've gathered together a few suggestions for things you might want to try, but first a few tips for choosing an easy project. * While you're still making friends with your sewing machine, it's advisable to choose a project with simple straight lines. * Zippers and buttonholes are a little tricky at first, so go for a project that doesn't need a fastening, and save the fun for another day! * When buying fabric, a medium-weight cotton would be good for a first project as it lies flat, presses well and won't slide all over your machine. * Patterned fabric not only looks pretty but can hide dodgy stitching! * You might also want to consider whether you can see yourself making up the same pattern a few times. Right, onto my suggestions for beginner projects: UPDATE! Miette Skirt No zippers, no buttons, no fuss!

SENS DESSUS-DESSOUS... How to Adjust Sewing Machine Tension on Craftsy When I am teaching new sewers, if the stitch looks a little off, usually the first thing they go for is the tension. Often, it isn’t in fact the tension that is set incorrectly, rather their needle is old, the type of needle being used is incorrect or often the stitch length and width is set wrong. Sometimes though, it is actually your tension that needs correcting. All machines have a dial, usually with numbers along it and metal discs behind it. The higher the number, the more tension pressure is placed on the threads by the discs, and therefore distributing less thread into the machine. Note, this is for the spool of thread at the top of the machine, not your bobbin. Typically you can set your machine to “auto” or the middle number on the tension dial that is highlighted on your machine, but when you change to thicker or thinner fabrics, the tension might need to be adjusted to accommodate for the change in weight. Straight stitch The underside of the same stitch is pictured above.

Un petit bout de fil... Sac piano The piano tote is one of my bestsellers. It may sound completely irrational but I’m thinking of letting this particular bag design retire. So to celebrate, I made a piano bag tutorial. Happy sewing! 1. Black fabric (one measuring 12″ x 14″ and another that measures 8″ x 14″ For the sides, two that measures 14″ x 2″ and one measuring 12″ x 2″ for the bottom) 2. 3. 4. NOTE: Don’t forget 1/2-inch allowances for all sides of all pieces. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Congratulations, you just made a piano bag! For store-related news, I will be making piano slings and piano pouches. Directory Of Free Sewing Patterns, Tutorials & Projects Au tableau ! Simple and Quick Fabric Napkins for any time of year Every holiday kind of jumps in place quickly behind the next. I know, I know they are here on the same day each year. It’s not like it’s a surprise or anything, but really…I feel like it is! To make things a big special at the dining table (or card table depending on how you do things) you can make it a bit more special with a holiday tablecloth and napkin. Make them in generic or non-holiday fabric and you are set for each one! Or take a bit more time and make one per holiday and you are ready for when it springs upon you. They don’t take much fussing and piecing. My favorite thing about fabric napkins? They are great to add a little bit of fun to any dinner party or evening. During the holidays….or any time of year, do you use fabric napkins?

Mon Blog de Fille Halloween tuto Here's the next group of spooky treats made from the Petal Punch. Details below: Mr & Mrs. Black Cat: Mr. To make Frankenstein:(2) Punched Petal pieces in Old olive(2) Punched 3/8" Black Circles(1) Punched 3/8" Old Olive Circles for the eye lids (2 shown in photo but only 1 needed)(2) Googlie eyes(2) Silver Brads To make the "bolts", pierce and add silver brads slightly toward the front and about 1/4" from the bottom. Cut across the tops of the petal as well as the 1" circle. to make the "hair", I happen to have a grass punch. To make Mrs. Hair is made by using Verasmark ink and the Sweet Treat ice cream stamp on Black CS. To make cat:(2) Punched Petal pieces in Black(2) Punched 3/8" circles in So Saffron (1) Punched Black Leaf from the Two Step Bird Punch(1) Punched 1/2" Black Circles for paws(2) sections of the 5 Petal Punch in Black for the ears(2) Googlie Eyes To make Cat ears: position Black CS in 5 Petal Punch as shown (see arrow). To make Mr. Supplies:

Lots Of Best Free Sewing Projects Alina's Adventures sew everything A P indicates a printable tutorial or pdf pattern. An F indicates a personal favorite. PET CARECatnip fish toy (Martha Stewart)Clothespin apron (Pick Up Some Creativity)Cool and cozy pet bed (Sew4Home)Country gent dog coat with pattern (Craftzine)Collapsible travel dish (Craft Stylish)Color spectrum pet bed (Design Sponge)Custom-fit doggy coat (Pretty Little Things)Dog leash (The Purl Bee)Embellished doggy sweater (Miss Lovie)Fabric dog coat pattern (Cut Out & Keep) PFabric pet bed (Inspiration & Realization)Fabric pup tent (CasaSugar)Family connection writing center (Craftzine)Fleece dog bed (Dog Under My Bed)Pet pouches (The B Line)Sweater dog toys (Craft Stylish)Squeaky doggie bone (Laura Griffin)Water resistant doggy coats (Martha Stewart) FOR THINGS WITH TWO WHEELSBicycle bucket (Noodlehead)Bicycle frame lunch bag (Evil Mad Scientist)Bike seat cover (thimble)Good old bike seat cover (Pickles) Key wristlet (Chickpea Sewing Studio) Tweet This! Comments

La ronde des sacs How to Make + Sew Bias Tape: Tutorial Charise Randell from Charise Creates shows you how easy it is to make and sew your own bias tape! Make bias tape to work with any project, and use your favorite fabrics. Charise was one of our Super Online Sewing Match contestants, and has stopped by many times since with her pretty Sketch Book Cover, Spring Kaleidoscope Pillow and the Spring Blossom Quilt Block. She designs and sells paper piecing patterns and more, like the Anna Blouse featured in the tutorial below. This tutorial features beautiful nani IRO fabric from Miss Matatabi. Bias binding has many applications and is a wonderful seam finish. It is also a lovely finish for small sewn goods such as hot pads, placemats and totes and hand bags. It can be purchased pre-made and can also be made with bias strips of fabric. I will show you how to make your own bias binding and apply if the easy way! Cut the Bias Strips The first step in making binding is cutting bias fabric strips. 1. 2. 3. Cut one end of your binding to a point. 1. 2.