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Zentangle Untangled

Zentangle Untangled
I met Kass Hall last year as fellow exhibitors at the monster Papercraft Show in Brisbane. I fell in love with her ( although she will kill me for saying this) and her Mum. They are funny, bonza people. Kass is a mixed -media artist and certified Zentangle instructor. She features in my Supplies Me Workshop, giving her fave pen recommendation! Way back then, she was working on her book, and I have been waiting for Kass’s book to arrive with great anticipation. Reading Zentangle Untangled is just like having Kass chat to me. I have seen and heard about Zentangling, although I have never tried it myself. I would’nt be so bold as to call it Zentangling… Anyway, whatever it is, I am ENJOYING it! I used my new Schmincke watercolour half pan 12 set. ( Ooooooh, it is niiiiiice. See what you started Kass?!!!! xoxox Jane p.s. here are those paints: Serious thumbs up! Blog Hop: Monday July 23 - START – Kass Hall Tuesday July 24 - Jill Berry Related:  ZentanglesTangleart doodles

• ❃ • ❋ • ❁ • tanglebucket • ✿ • ✽ • ❀ •: For my fellow tangle junkies: some thoughts on collecting and organizing tangle patterns I'm a perfectionist. I didn't always know this about myself, or maybe I wasn't always one and I'm just settling into my own shoes a little as I get older. But "ehh.... good enough" is probably not something you'll hear me say. Because if I'm working on something I care about, and I know it's not the best I am capable of, I have to force myself to not redo every little thing and make it as good as I know it could be (and yes, I do realize that this occasionally makes me a little bit annoying). For example, I've attempted a few methods for collecting and organizing tangle patterns... index cards, flip cards, graph paper pads, Moleskine notebooks, different-sized journals, a small binder with page protectors, et cetera. First I had to let go of the idea that any journal I created would/could ever resemble Maria's... that just wasn't realistic for me. Here's how my lofty standards and I arrived at a solution I could run with. This beast of a craft punch came from Michael's. The bottom view.

Zentangle, Schmen-tangle! I stay away from controversial subjects and negative issues on this blog. At the risk of life and limb I am going to talk about something that might be considered controversial.I have been doing what is now called Zentangles with the quilting on my quilts long before there was such a thing called Zentangles. In this closeup you can see how I used a different filler design on each section, leaving the "Bolt" unquilted to make it stand out. This is a closer view of one section of the quilt. This quilt was made by dye painting a design and then overpainting the dye painted area with paints. Using filler designs is not unique to me. Basically I see Zentangles as simply creating a design with open spaces and filling those empty spaces with a design. This shows the entire "Bolt Of Color" quilt. Are Zentangles the result of someone taking a basic design idea, taught in many art classes, and capitalizing on it to make a lot of money?

Untangling Zentangle : A Free Webinar of Zentangle Ideas and Patterns | Free Mixed Media Projects, Articles, Videos & More | Create Mixed Media An Exploration of Zentangle® Art, Designs and Patterns We have a webinar video! Thank you for being patient as we worked through those issues. After you watch the video, don’t forget to scroll down to find Zentangle material specials from the North Light Shop, a Zentangle tutorial, information about Kass Hall and information about future webinars! About the Webinar: Zentangle®. What exactly is this crazy new art we are hearing so much about? It’s a kind of drawing, right? Kass Hall, the author of the new book Zentangle® Untangled (the first full-length title focused completely on the exciting medium of Zentangle!) Special Offers: **Some special offers mentioned in the webinar recording may no longer be available Zentangle Untangled The first full-length book about Zentangle! Available at a 35% discount from the North Light Shop! Zentangle 11- piece set This set includes 5 Sakura micron pens, 1 Zentangle graphite pencil and 5 Zentangle tiles. You might also like: Zentangle® Untangled Extras

Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing by Maria Popova If greater creativity and more mental balance are among your new year’s resolutions, look no further than Zentangle — a type of meditation achieved through pattern-making, created by artist duo Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Each pattern is built one line at a time, organically combining simple patterns into complex zentangles in unplanned, unexpected ways that grow, change and unfold on the page as you enter an immersive state of flow. Totally Tangled offers a fantastic introduction to the relaxing and beautiful practice through step-by-step instructions and over 100 original tangles. We’re particularly taken with Zentagle because its basic principle — building on simple shapes and combining different patterns into complex creativity — is such a beautiful visual metaphor for our core philosophy of combinatorial creativity. Donating = Loving Bringing you (ad-free) Brain Pickings takes hundreds of hours each month. Brain Pickings has a free weekly newsletter. Share on Tumblr

Line Design Explained : Deluxe Edition I was asked if I could go into a bit more detail concerning the Line Design "process". I think the easiest way is with a few more pictures than my previous post on "how to". I hope this helps...and as always...if you ever have questions about anything on my blog...e-mail me at The materials you need for this project are good drawing paper(9x12...but could be done any size), Sharpie Marker, and your choice of media(see the bottom of this post for some ideas). Start with a gentle curve line across the paper. Don't go too crazy hilly with the will make it difficult in the steps that are to come! Place eight dots on the line spaced at different distances. Go dot - to - dot across the entire line. As you are going dot -to- dot, you need to "camp out" on some of the segments. The two pictures above are the WRONG way to do this. So here you see the results of the ballooning out, pinching off, and going off the edge of your paper. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Grungy elephant art Warning! This project is grungy. Perfection need not apply. Dylusions Creative Blank Journal Dylusions Ink Sprays-Lemon Zest, Pure Sunshine, Squeezed Orange, Melted Chocolate CraftersWorkshop 6x6 Stencils- Mini Cubist and Mini Harlequin StazOn Inkpad-Jet black Pentel White Gel pen Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Gel Pen-Sky Blue, Rose Pink, Gray Micron Pigma Pen .05-Black, Sepia Roll of Paper Towels Water Mister Heat gun (optional) Wet Coffee Cup (optional) The Dylusions journal has a mix of white and manila cardstock pages and I wanted to test both so I did a two-page spread where the left side was the white paper and the right was the manila (the results were about the same on both sides). The ink sprays: 1. inks were sprayed lightest to darkest the distance from which I sprayed was variedthe length of time of time I sprayed was varied--I did short, barely there bursts of color and long saturated close ups of color. --all common sense techniques, but you do get different effects by doing them. 2.

Fairy Tangles 100+ Impressive Black and White Patterns Collection You could have been in awe of the many freebies that Naldz started to share with you guys since the beginning of the year but it’s just a few from the many that you’ll be expecting the whole year round. When it comes to patterns, we have been attracted to several colors and lines. They are all indeed impressive. An addition to the appeal these Black and White Patterns is going to create is the creativity of the mind. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Zebra Stripe Pattern A cool seamless zebra pattern.Download Source Mono Ornate Scrolls This is a free repeat pattern and it has an ornate scroll theme.Download Source Mono Circles I This is a seamless black and white geometric circle pattern.Download Source Grungy Mono Fleur de Lis Pattern A gorgeously styled grungy black and white repeat pattern.Download Source Black Swirls A swirly themed black and white pattern.Download Source Geometric Links Monochromatic geometric black and white pattern.Download Source Mono Circles II