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Tired of Nagios and Cacti? Try Zabbix.

Tired of Nagios and Cacti? Try Zabbix.

21 Escalations and repeated notifications 1 Overview Zabbix provides effective and extremely flexible functionality for escalations and repeated notifications. Depending on configuration, Zabbix will automatically escalate (increase escalation step) unresolved problems and execute actions assigned to each escalation step. Zabbix supports the following scenarios for escalations, notifications and remote commands: Immediately inform users about new problems Pro-active monitoring, Zabbix executes arbitrary scripts (remote commands) Repeated notifications until problem is resolved Delayed notifications and remote commands Escalate problems to other user groups Different escalation path for acknowledged and unacknowledged problems Execute actions (both notifications and remote commands) if a problem exists for more than N hours (seconds, minutes, etc). 2 Simple messages In order to alert MySQL Administrators about any issues with MySQL applications the following configuration can be used: Note also use of macros in the messages.

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Triggers in Zabbix 1.8 Exclusive offer: get 50% off this eBook here Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring — Save 50% Monitor your network hardware, servers, and web performance effectively and efficiently by Rihards Olups | March 2010 | Networking & Telephony Open Source In this article by Rihards Olups, author of Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring, we will discuss triggers in detail which will include Trigger dependencies, Constructing trigger expressions, Event details, and Event generation and hysteresis. Triggers are things that "fire". Earlier, we created a single trigger that was checking the system load on "A Test Host". Before continuing, make sure the SMTP server is running on "Another Host", then click Save. Great, we can see both hosts now have a trigger defined. Let's look at the trigger expression in more detail. But that's not the only parameter syntax this function supports—if the value is prefixed with a hash, it is not ignored. Trigger dependencies We now have one service being watched. Click Save.

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