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Piste de modèle

Piste de modèle
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Patterns | Boom Sis Paste your Bing Webmaster Tools verification code here 0 items – $0 Account Patterns Showing 1–24 of 38 results Designed & Developed by The Bananaland © 2014 Sis Boom LLC Oh Happy Day! tips and techniques « The Selfish Seamstress Oh my goodness, selfish readers, I cannot believe the outpouring of warm wishes in the comments on my last post. Thank you so very, very much for your many kind notes. Reading them almost makes Selfish wish that she had even a tiny little heart instead of a hard lump of rock in her chest, because if she did, she would surely have been very moved by all of your touching sentiments and congratulatory wishes. And so, as a gesture of something akin to gratitude, here’s a little present to you- a DIY project so quick, simple, and trendy, you’ll either say, “Now why didn’t I think of that” or “Duh, I already thought of that. While I was in New York, I happened upon these fantastic long leather and knit gloves at Kenneth Cole (I didn’t do much shopping on my last trip, but Kenneth Cole is so conveniently located in Grand Central that I can’t help but zip through from time to time.) $128.00 * 0.8 + NYC sales tax = still too expensive for novelty gloves But that’s a story for another day.)

Oversized Kimono Wrap Top | Rags to Couture Want to know what I did all day while putting this post together? I re-watched all episodes of Finding Bigfoot on Youtube. Seriously, It’s my favourite show! I love the Bigfoot legend and the show is so bad that it’s good! Everyone should watch it. I want Bigfoots in Sweden! Anyway, what you will need for this tutorial: A fabric measuring approximately 164 cm long and 150 cm wide. The size dimensions used in this tutorial are made for me, so if your size differ a lot from mine you will probably have to make a few adjustments. Also note that, on the illustrations, the orange markings are where you should cut and the grey markings are where you should sew. Ok, with that said, let’s move on the the actual tutorial! Start out by folding your fabric in half so that you get these measurements: Then cut out two 30×48 cm rectangle shapes on each side. Just a tip: I used the cut out parts for my belt, so don’t throw them away if you want a belt in the same material as the kimono… Oh well.

Droit fil studio ReFashionista | I'll change the way you think about fashion. Sew Chatty A Year of Quiet Book Pages 2013 In 2013 I felt like I always had at least 2 sewing projects going at all time. With Jax turning 3 back in February, my quiet book projects grew with him. For our annual beach trip, I sewed him a large fire station quiet book. I also began a massive project to sew the whole world! With a new year beginning, it’s fun to look back on the pages I made and shared with you, as I did in 2012 and 2011. Current Top 5 Sock Matching Quiet Book Page – 71,096 views | 18,000+ pinsBumble Bee Lacing Maze Quiet Book Page – 16,972 views | 2,000+ pinsAutumn Leaves Quiet Book – 8,794 views | 1,000+ pinsForest Quiet Book Page – 37,092 views | 1,000+ pinsCircus Train Quiet Book Page – 35,987 views | 3,000+ pins The sock matching page has been the top page for 3 years! All Time Top 10 The dump truck made the all-time top 10 for the first time in 2013. 10 Most Popular from 2013 The Montessori Wall Map & Quietbook posts got a combined 52,682 views this year! Click a thumbnail to visit a post: Thank You! Let’s Be Friends!

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