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Every Bed of Roses: Upcycled Nativity Thanks to Pinterest I discovered this wonderful up-cycled activity which was first showcased on Catholic Icing in December 2009. It's a printable DIY Nativity for Kids. One word of caution this is not an hour long activity, it took us six hours to colour and glue onto the toilet rolls on Wednesday. In future I will definitely plan to do this over a few weeks rather than one day as Sir N found it a lot of colouring in. We printed the pages and coloured in. Glitter Glue I really wanted to use the glitter that's been sitting in the cupboard but did not want glitter everywhere. I used a water based PVA glue.Add a generous amount of glitter in a container. This in turn has inspired Sir N to design his own take of the nativity using toilet rolls. Elsewhere on the www What are some Nativity projects have you done this season ? Blessings This post is linking with: Look What We Did

Lucacept - intercepting the Web | A teacher learning about the web and sharing it with others Keeping Christ in Christmas – DIY Names of God Tree! I diligently pursue to keep Christ in Christmas each year a midst the craziness that seems to take over our lives this time of year. The story of Christmas is magnificent to me. Just to ponder a little tiny baby, yet so mighty and powerful to bring us eternal life for all who believe in Him. It still is astounding to me. And I want my children to marvel in this miracle, too. And to think the myriad thoughts that must have been going through Mary’s mind. Two years ago, we made a small Christmas tree with the names of God on it. We printed the names of God on a white piece of paper and cut them out with decorative scissors. Next, we gathered the several different fabric swatches and cut them out into strips about 4 in. long and tied them on the ends of tree. Of course, we had to add some “bling,” so we just threw some tinsel on it. Simple and festive, yet still representing the true meaning of Christmas. I really got into the Names of God thing last year as gifts. Jill

Text Commentaries: Jamieson, Fausset & Brown (Blue Letter Bible: Isaiah) References for Isa 9:6 — 1 2 The Book of the Prophet Isaiah Commentary by A. R. Isa 9:1-7. 1. 2. the people--the whole nation, Judah and Israel. shadow of death--the darkest misery of captivity. 3. multiplied. . . nation--primarily, the rapid increase of Israelites after the return from Babylon; more fully and exhaustively the rapid spread of Christianity at first. not increased the joy--By a slight change in the Hebrew, its (joy) is substituted by some for not, because "not increased the joy" seems opposite to what immediately follows, "the joy," &c. 4. 5. every battle, &c. 6. 7. Isa 9:8 - 10:4. Delivered a little later than the previous one. 8. 9. know--to their cost: experimentally ( Hsa 9:7 ). 10. bricks--in the East generally sun-dried, and therefore soon dissolved by rain. 11. adversaries of Rezin--the Assyrians, who shall first attack Damascus, shall next advance "against him" (Ephraim). 12. 13-17.

Stained Glass Nativity Craft 157 Flares Twitter 2 Facebook 7 Pin It Share 148 148 Google+ 0 Email -- Email to a friend 157 Flares × Christmas always comes faster then I’m prepared for. I remember it was even faster when I had lesson plans to prepare for. This is a quick and easy craft that will give you beautiful results. (You might remember that we’ve used this technique on our Stained Glass Easter Craft) Download: Nativity So here’s the deal. You can either print that page on vellum paper and color it in with markers -or- a more budget friendly and FUN way is to print it on regular paper and then do the following: Color your paper with marker. When your page is colored, flip it over and apply oil to the back. Let dry, then Hang up in a sunny window. I think a window full of these would be beautiful in a classroom window!

Snowman Playdough - Easy Holiday Gifts Inspiration strikes at the funniest times. I was at the dollar store picking up helium balloons for my son’s birthday party when I saw these little containers. Immediately I knew what I wanted to do with them. I even had the perfect ribbon at home. Gather your materials. Start by making the playdough. ( <– affiliate link to amazon if you want to buy it ) but when I need this much in one color I will make it. Next fill your containers. Draw the mouth and eyes on with the black marker ( make sure it’s permanent ) . Add the nose with orange. Pop the top on and add some double stick tape on the side. Cut the ribbon at a length about one and a half times around the container. Tie it on. I would have been done all 12 in five minutes if I didn’t add a scarf so if time is short skip it. After I was done with the scarves my daughter was still playing. Here are a few books about snowmen to go along with this activity. Snowmen at Night themed book in the same series much more this year than last!}

Memorizing The Beatitudes For our current Bible Study, we are reading Matthew. I wanted the girls to memorize a whole passage, verses 3 – 12 … Because this passage is quite long, and has matching values and results, I designed a slide strip page, where the child inserts the 2 strips and slides them to match. Front page with 2 slits for the sliding strips I have used different colours to help visualize and memorize the matching verses. My children sketched a tiny image for each phrase to also help them memorize the verses. Strips with matching colours for each verse For greater mastery, when the child knows the verses well, she can leave one strip out and memorize the missing part of each verse. For fun, I made a Matching Beatitudes Card Game. Here 2 or more people can play “memory” with the Beatitudes cards. Memory Matching Beatitudes Card Game I have included a master list for this game. Master List Click here for your free download ~ Beatitude Memory Verse Game & Slide Strips Blessings to you, Like this: Like Loading...

Hymn Study | Bible Based Homeschooling Welcome to Bible Based Homeschooling {on a budget!} This is a place to share budget friendly Bible based resources, articles about Bible based homeschooling, and tips...Don't forget to subscribe by email so you don't miss any resources! Please ALWAYS check prices first before purchasing as they may change from the time published here. We have tried to do hymn studies as part of our homeschool for several years now. From the site: Hymn Study for Homeschoolers is a series designed to make hymn study easy and enjoyable for homeschooling families. Head over and check it out by clicking below:

Valentine's Day Bible Crafts More Valentine's Day Resources Didn't find what you were looking for? Try a search: We've combined our Jesus Loves Me Printables with our Valentine's Day Bible Printables to make it easy for you to play your holiday lessons! Love Bible Verse CardsWe have a great set of 8 different Bible verses printed on heart shapes. 1 Corinthians 13:4 Love File Folder Game for Valentine's DayThis is a simple Valentine's Day file folder game for preschoolers. Faith Heart Stickers 500pc.nspirational Conversation Self-Adhesive Foam Hearts.

The Beatitudes Login or register for tests, newsletters and community The Beatitudes (Most users may place the mouse over the words to highlight them.) What does this story mean to me? Sunday School card from 1905, courtesy of The Bread Site public domain clipart collection Puzzles on these pages courtesy of Songs of Praise and Armored Penguin Childrens Sermon - Beatitudes - Blessed are you! Children's Bible talk: The Beatitudes – Blessed are you! Matt 5: 1-12 Children’s Message idea: Despite outward treatment and appearances disciples of Jesus are indeed “blessed” and wonderfully favored. Place some valuable jewelry in an old can. (This could easily be adapted to the theme: “We have this treasure in jars of clay.” 2 Cor.4:7) Object lesson props: Old tin can, jewelry or precious item, felt marker. Children’s sermon: God morning Children! Do you see this tin old tin can? As followers of Jesus we are greatly blessed. Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the life that Jesus gives. Copyright 2011 Andrew Hewlett Feel free to use this story on Sunday morning but please give credit to and consider linking to this site.

Encouraging Your Children to take Sermon Notes and FREE Printable! - Blessed Beyond A Doubt I am not going to debate the issue today. We have had our children bored to tears in worship with us and on the extreme they have went to a completely different service and played games during the hour. Each family needs to decide what’s best for their individual family. I created this Children Sermon Notes printable for my children to complete during the our weekly lesson. I require my homeschooled children to take notes during the sermon for numerous of reasons: Keeps them focusedHolds them accountable during the weekSparks interesting conversations during our Sunday lunchHomeschoolers do not have as many opportunities to learn how to take notes and this is the perfect opportunity to prepare note taking for college I don’t check for neatness or misspelled words. The goal here is for my children to learn to take notes and mostly importantly discern what the Holy Spirit is teaching them each worship service. Please feel free to share with other this children sermon notes printable. Jill

Armor of God Lessons Plans for Children (Ephesians 6) The Armor of God is a great passage of Scripture to teach to children. It is visual and has immediate, real world applications for them. The 9 lesson unit covers Ephesians 6:10-20. It is entitled “How to Win Against Sin” because our real battle is against sin, and with Jesus, we can win. These lessons are very user-friendly. The Lessons: We are adding new each week, many not be complete until Feb 2013. Outline: Every lesson follows the same basic outline. Each activity comes with two choices: one for older children and one for non-readers. More Suggestions & Resources Print our free Armor of God coloring pagesCraft & decoration examples from a church that used this curriculumMore army themed VBS ideasHow another church taught about the Armor of GodWatch the Armor of God song by Go Fish The Poster is an important part of each lesson. Most of the crafts use 18 inch by 12 inch construction paper and basic school supplies. Be sure to stay in prayer and follow the teacher preparation.