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GEET International Institute Educational Website

GEET International Institute Educational Website
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Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as fuel Broken Logic Of Conservatism | Freedom Is Not Permission Fighting against Progressivism is a task I take up often. It’s not often a talking point or fallacy comes up that I haven’t refuted a thousand times. But Today I’m going to break away from the soft familiar ground that I’ve grown accustomed to and instead take on those that often stand beside me. Today I’m calling out all the die hard conservatives out there, and even many of my own libertarian friends on the inconsistencies within their own beliefs. Conservatives will often be the first to berate the government. Opposition to the death penalty within the conservative movement is few and far between. GUNS are always a heated topic in the media. Even Hero worship within the conservative movement has been tainted with hypocrisy. mirroring progressive fascination of FDR, conservatives place their faith in Ronald Reagan. Philosophy is about finding the foundation of your principles then expanding from that foundation with logic and consistency.

Understanding Electricity - Learn about electricity, current, voltage and resistance How Electricity works? Electric current is the ability to do work. Electric current can be converted to heat, power and magnetism, to name a few. Electric current is classified by its functions and three primary types are: 1. Heat and power is used to make heat and power. 2. 3. Understanding meaning of magnetism: What is magnetism?

imgur: the simple image sharer Magnetic Generator - Does it Really Work? Magnetic Generators - A Real Alternative to Solar Power If you’re interested in alternative energy and saving money, you've no doubt thought about looking into solar power. While solar power is still the first choice for many people, magnetic energy is becoming increasingly popular. Despite it's many advantages over solar power, magnetic energy will always be less popular for the simple reason that magnetic generators can't be bought, they have to be built. Using the power of magnetism to produce free energy is nothing new. The Tesla Magnetic Generator Review This review is going to look at the Tesla Magnetic Generator. This resulted in them deciding to release their plans as a down-loadable package that anyone could buy via the Internet and then build their very own magnetic generator. What Do You Get For Your Money? After you've made your payment you get to instantly download your plans which usually takes under one minute depending on your connection speed. Print Your Plans! Does it Work?

Does Nature Break the Second Law of Thermodynamics? Science has given humanity more than its share of letdowns. It has set limits to our technology, such as the impossibility of reaching the speed of light; failed to overcome our vulnerabilities to cancer and other diseases; and confronted us with inconvenient truths, as with global climate change. But of all the comedowns, the second law of thermodynamics might well be the biggest. It says we live in a universe that is becoming ever more disordered and that there is nothing we can do about it. Ironically, the science of thermodynamics, of which the second law is only one part, dates to an era of technological optimism, the mid-19th century, when steam engines were transforming the world and physicists such as Rudolf Clausius, Nicolas Sadi Carnot, James Joule and Lord Kelvin developed a theory of energy and heat to understand how they work and what limited their efficiency. Select an option below: Customer Sign In

BUY A HUGE FRESNEL LENS GREEN POWER SCIENCE WOULD BE NICE ON THE DISCOVERY NETWORK SOLAR STIRLING ENGINES FRESNEL LENS PARABOLIC MIRROR The Tom Bearden Website FLASH NEWS: Second Law of Thermodynamics Curtailed © T. E. Bearden 29 July 2002 Introduction Under the leadership of Dr. Violation of the second law for small collections of very small particles, or for a molecule or small group of molecules, has long been known. Dr. Their work voices an immediate concern for the emerging field of nanobots and nanotechnology {[6]}. The new finding also has important ramifications for living systems at the cellular level. Positive benefits accrue from this new work by Evans and his colleagues, in very different macrosystems and processes, even though the scientific community has not yet grasped them. Discussion Background For decades, quantum physicists have known that, for very short times and reactions, the second law of thermodynamics is violated at the very small level of the atom or a few molecules, and also is violated for fundamental charged particles such as electrons, protons, positrons, etc. Ignoring the Source- Charge Problem The Conventional View

Cleantech News — Solar, Wind, EV News (#1 Source) | CleanTechnica Top Physicists Ponder on the Idea of Universe in an Atom - Softpedia Theoretical thinking certainly received a forward push in Monday's historic conference at Stanford University. World's brightest physicists gathered there to expose and discuss their revolutionary theories. Among the weirdest ideas stated was the one that suggests our universe is just a tiny atom in something way vaster. MIT's Dr. Although certainly not new, the idea was brought to this particular conference by some particle physicists at Cal Tech. Besides "forward and backward," the highest-level guest Stephen Hawkings advanced the possibility of "lateral" or "sideways" referring to time. As a reaction to that, Dr. Some even believe these ideas went too far, like Dr.

Wind Power Breaks Records In Spain -- Produces More Electricity Than Any Other Source For 3 Months, & Breaks 6 TWh in January Clean Power Published on February 6th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan Denmark, the US, and Germany aren’t the only countries breaking wind power records these days. “Since Nov. 1, wind has been the top technology in the electrical system,” the Spanish Wind Energy Association (SWEA) was quoted as writing on its blog. Additionally, data from grid operator Red Electrica de Espana concluded that 6 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity had been generated from wind in January, another first for the country. In total, SWEA noted that 6 TWh of electricity was enough to power “enough to cover the electricity consumption of the majority of Spanish households” and that it “could cover the annual electricity consumption of countries like Honduras and Bolivia.” One more interesting fact from the SWEA blog is that the Spanish economy has gained €3 for every €1 of wind power incentives it has given. Drop a note below or connect with me on your favorite social media site to chat. About the Author

Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories and Controlled Demolition Homepage New Clean Tech | Native Clean Energy Native Clean Energy (NCE) has been investing money, energy and time into researching new energy technologies as it relates to increasing the efficiency of our planet’s current Fossil Fuel based transportation and power production capacities. We are also delving deep into the research and development of what Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, John Keely, Gabriel Kron, Nathan Stubblefield, Ed Leedskalnin, Buckminster Fuller and many others were in search of, zero point energy, radiant energy, etheric energy, how to tap into the underlying unified field that holds everything together, the energy that spins our earth, the perpetual energy of the Moon pulling on our planets waters. There are many energies acting up on our Planet that we have yet to fully understand. We have traveled all across North America in our search to find and develop the cleanest source of sustainable/renewable energy on the planet. We have been successful on our search and have made some fantastic partnerships.