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Creased Comics, Brad Neely

Creased Comics, Brad Neely

Literatura infantil y juvenil actual OVERCOMPENSATING: The Journal Comic With a Seething Disdain for Reality. - Hilarious exam answers Q. What is meant by the term 'hermaphrodite'? A. By Nick Enoch Updated: 18:02 GMT, 29 February 2012 For years, the 'Kung Fu' gland somehow escaped the attention of endocrinologists. But one student has clearly found it... according to his hilarious answer to a biology exam question (complete with surreal sketch). And what about the meaning of the term 'hermaphrodite'. Welcome to the wonderful world of - a website crammed with astonishingly bad answers given by students in both the UK and US. Discovery of the legendary 'Kung Fu' gland, according to one student on See the top right corner, so that you're quite clear they're talking about a 'horse'... Now that's a 'hard' exam question Teachers have so far submitted hundreds of 'epic fail' responses by pupils, covering maths, science and just about every other subject on the curriculum. And it does make you wonder what exactly is being taught in schools. They wrote 'Ice'.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Libros Maravillosos throwing a banana cream pie in the face of technology. The Joy of Tech is a comic about technology and pop culture, created by Nitrozac and Snaggy, and updated three times a week. We like to feature the people and events that are making today's tech and pop culture news. We've been making comics on the web since early 1999, starting off with After Y2K, and then The Joy of Tech, which is now in its whoa... 17th year! You can follow us on Google+ at +Nitrozac JoT and +Snaggy JoT and +JoyofTech We currently live on Vancouver Island, Canada, where we have a lovely perspective of the silicon valleys to the south. We make The Joy of Tech using Apple computers, mostly on a MacBook Pro and iMac, running Mac OS X.

Hyperbole and a Half January 21st, 2013

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