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Building Materials Information, Manufacturers, CAD, BIM, Specs, Catalogs – Sweets – Product information for design and construction professionals.

Building Materials Information, Manufacturers, CAD, BIM, Specs, Catalogs – Sweets – Product information for design and construction professionals.
Solar Shading Systems SWFcontract SWFcontract solar shading systems combine function, flexibility, and a clean design aesthetic for managing sunlight in commercial interiors. A broad collection of GREENGUARD-certified, high-performance, light-filtering fabrics optimizes natural light while controlling heat and glare. State-of-the-art motorization, control systems, and accessories can be configured to achieve the energy efficiency required for any LEED®-certified project. Blackout fabrics are available, as well as side and sill channels, for increased light control and privacy.

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To save the Catholic Church, redesign it Modernizing the Catholic Church usually doesn't refer to architecture. But it should. In the wake of abuse scandals and resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, it seems the perfect moment to explore a new language of church design. architecture PhD in Sweden online PhD candidate in Climate Responsive Design and Building Design and Spatial Comfort at Umeå School of Architecture Umeå School of Architecture announces one position as PhD candidate. Rematerialise - Introduction Introduction Up to 90% of the material that we throw away is recoverable. Someone somewhere has the imagination and the ingenuity to turn this rubbish into a resource.

34 Cleverly Designed Inventions 34 Cleverly Designed Inventions March 10, 2011 | 354 Comments » | Topics: Design, Pics Hot Stories From Around The Web Comments Elaeagnus angustifolia Namur Belgium, a hidden gem in western Europe. This beautiful blend of the old world and new is perfectly married in this city that was solely designed for pedestrian and houseboat access. With the ancient roman citadel as its crowning Jewel, and the Sambre and Muese rivers dividing the city in two parts, one can’t find a better, more charming urban setting. If you’re looking for the regions native cheeses and wines or are wanting a 100 year old map of Europe, all can be found within a 5 minute walking distance of your home. Truly, American cities can not compete with the charm, history and easy functionality of European towns like Namur. I can’t think of a better example of blending the landscape with architecture than a hobbit home.

Buy Online No Prescription. Fast Delivery OpenMaterials is a research group dedicated to open investigation and experimentation with DIY production methods and uses of materials. In the spirit of the open source software and hardware movements, we hope to promote materials to be researched and developed in a public, collaborative manner. We see materials as an open resource, and wish to establish an open process for exploring and sharing knowledge, techniques and applications related to materials science. We hope to encourage discourse and experimentation with the broadest range of materials and processes possible. This website is intended as a platform to share knowledge, resources and discoveries, as well as document experiments and processes. In broad terms the aims of openMaterials are:

DIY Rope Bracelet « ANNOUNCEMENT: A select number of these bracelets are available for sale here. I know, I know, MORE friendship bracelets. I can’t stop myself. Matt Jones: Berlin-SFO-L.A. I've travelled far and wide the past month. First stop was several days in Berlin for a speaking engagement at a 'Culture Meets Science' conference. The brutal East German winter hadn't hit yet so it was still possible to sketch outside comfortably. The city has an eclectic mix of modern and classical architecture and threaded throughout is a network of blue and pink piping! Let’s Paint the Poplar Tree! This is a picture I took about two years ago at Spears Woods. I’m not 100% sure this is a poplar tree, but I love its shape. It’s super tall and it’s the only one like it around. One interesting thing I learned is that all planted poplar trees are male, so they do not reproduce. That may explain why it’s the only one. For artistic purposes, I’m going to refer to this as a poplar.

Software and Application Development Agreements: Protect Your Copyright A written software development agreement is key to getting the product you want (if you are the client), getting paid (if you are the developer), preventing disputes, and providing ways to solve problems if they develop. And, if the parties end up in court, it establishes their respective legal duties. You don't need a lawyer to draft a software development contract -- you can do it yourself. This article doesn't cover all possible nuances of software contracts, but it does provide an overview of some of the most important points that should be covered by any software development agreement. Work Phases In the contract, break down the project into discrete parts or stages, often called phases or "milestones." Artist Business: Artist Statement Artist Business: Writing the artist statement The artist's statement is a brief introduction written by the artist to accompany a piece of art or to describe a body of work. It is usually placed at the beginning of a portfolio and is an important selling tool for promoting and explaining your work to people looking at your art work. This might be galleries, potential buyers, curators, art critics, fellow artists, or casual browsers and visitors. The artists' statement may vary in length, but should not be any longer than one page. Commercial Architecture The ASU Polytechnic Complex consists of three buildings, totaling 240,000 sf and containing three primary schools: the School of Agribusiness, School of Science and Technology, and East College (comprised of the School of Education and Humanities). Building functions include administrative offices, classrooms, wet and dry teaching laboratories, a fine arts complex (black box theater, art gallery and painting and drawing studio), a conference center and a separate HazMat building. The team of RSP Architects as Architect of Record along with Lake|Flato as Design Architect, completed on this fast-track project in June 2008. The complex’s design takes advantage of the temperate climate by relying on exterior circulation and as a result, integrates the buildings, circulation and landscape.

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