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Nulu - Learn a language in 10 minutes a day! - Nulu Languages

Nulu - Learn a language in 10 minutes a day! - Nulu Languages
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A collocation thesaurus concordancer that produces word clouds! On the surface of it Just-the-Word looks just like any other online dictionary or thesaurus, but start using it and you will soon find that it's much more. If you type in a word, you can ask not only for alternatives just like any other thesaurus, but also word combinations for use with your key word. The word combinations option produces a great list of collocations for the word, and what's better, if you click on the collocates, you get the kind of list that a concordancer will produce, with the expressions highlighted in context. That's great, but there is still more, because if you click on a small button that says 'View in Wordle' the site will link through automatically to Wordle and create a word cloud of the most frequent collocations. All of this is great, but there could be even more to come. Related links: Best Nik Peachey

Silbo gomera: A whistling language revived 10 January 2013Last updated at 20:00 ET By Laura Plitt BBC Mundo, La Gomera A look inside a school on La Gomera where whistling is compulsory On a Spanish island, an ancient whistling language that once seemed to be dying out is now undergoing a revival. The night has not yet fallen in La Gomera, one of the smallest Canary Islands. From the top of the hill I can see, scattered in the distance, a few old houses. I close my eyes to avoid being distracted by the landscape and make an effort to hear. This method of communication, in which the Spanish language is replaced by two whistled vowels and four consonants, has a peculiarity perfectly suited to this landscape of deep valleys and steep ravines. There are no certainties about its origins. These whistles reproduced the indigenous language. So the most likely theory is that the whistle came with the settlers from Africa, where there are records of other whistled languages. Some locals recall its widespread use in the 1940s and 50s.

John Kinnear: The 10 Toddler Words That I'll Miss Most Before our kids learn our language, we get to experience the magic of learning theirs. For an amazing (and amazingly short) period of time, kids speak a language that only their parents can understand. Have you ever been around a parent and their kid, and the kid looks at the parent and says, "Samoopeeepoop clababa pano pano it," and the parent, completely un-phased, replies with something like "No dear, you've had enough graham-crackers, and dinner is in an hour"? I'm going to miss that connection with my kid. Yes, it should be lie and not lay, but cut her some slack. 10 Words I'm Going to Miss Adonamaa: I don't want a, I don't want to as in, "Adonamaa go night night," or "ADONAMAA WEAR PANTIES!!!" This one can change and take on additional syllables depending on how badly she doesn't want to do whatever action she is resisting. Kayeeoo: Carry me This word is always said at my feet with outstretched arms, and is always said at least twice. Sawbubby: Strawberry F*cking: Something

The Third Place - Do it, write! The question I am asking myself from time to time is: which activity do I love more, teaching or learning languages? I do know, however, that I love teaching the very first lesson. Everything is new, mysterious, and exciting! Each language has its flavor, and learners need to find out which learning strategies they need to succeed their language learning goals. Some of these learning strategies apply to all languages, and one of them concerns written homework. If you write in your book, you will do the exercise once. This is how you can do your written homework efficiently: - Write the complete sentences on paper or in a text editor.

How to speak Franglais Bonjour, mes amis antiques, let's parler Franglais, as le late grand auteur and smith des bonnes mots, Miles Kington, used to dire. Actuellement, Miles would have been as heureux as un chien avec deux tails aujourd'hui to voir his mode of parlement catching on like a fire sauvage la-bas trans la Manche dans le pays de la grenouille, le beret, les oignons, le huile d'olive extra virgine et le cheval (galloping et gourmet). Bien sur, he would have been, how you say, chuffed aux bits. Moi aussi. Et peut-etre it would be meilleur pas de mentionner Agincourt, Waterloo, Maggie Thatcher, and M David Beckham taking le Michel at PSG. Mais. Les belles sounds sont tres bien quand vous or moi voulez chansonner les songs. Naturellement, no personne ici had the phantome of an idee qu'est-ce que Jean, Paul, Georges et le drummer avec le grand nez were on about, mais it sounded sophistique and sexy, bien que "ensemble" was tres difficile pour les Anglais prendre ronde les tonsils.

Vietnam: Where saying 'I love you' is impossible 28 August 2013Last updated at 20:43 ET Bill Hayton was the BBC's correspondent in Vietnam until he fell foul of the authorities for reporting on dissidents in the country and had to leave. Here he looks back at the vagaries of life in one of the world's five remaining communist-run states. 1. It isn't because the Vietnamese are not passionate. People address each other according to their relative ages: "anh" for older brother, "chi" for older sister, "em" for younger sibling and so on. So a typical declaration of love might be: "Older brother loves younger sister." There are more than 40 different pronouns describing the relationships between individuals and groups of different ages and positions. 2. Images of Vietnamese women with their long black hair and beautiful silk dresses flowing in the breeze, gracefully riding bicycles, have sold millions of postcards and paintings. 3. There are several security services seeking out signs of subversion. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. But which tank was it? 9.

Schlusslicht: Sprachverein übergeht Skandalurteil: Duden ist "Sprachpanscher des Jahres" Sprachverein übergeht Liebe Mitglieder des Vereins Deutsche Sprache, egal, ob Ihr uns auf Eurem Klapprechner, Eurem Tischrechner, Eurem Tafelrechner oder Eurem Schlaufon lest - Ihr lest uns nicht gründlich genug! Anders ist Euer Skandalurteil kaum zu erklären. Von Heinz-Roger Dohms, Okay, dass wir unseren Netzauftritt konsequent Website nennen - geschenkt. Wenn Ihr, liebe Mitglieder des Vereins Deutsche Sprache, meint, das sei alles noch nicht preisverdächtig genug, dann sind wir bereit dies hinzunehmen. Sprachpanscher des Jahres Der Verein Deutsche Sprache bekämpft Anglizismen - und vergibt darum seit 1998 den Titel "Sprachpanscher des Jahres", der diesmal an den Duden verliehen wurde. In der Vergangenheit ging die "Auszeichnung" häufig an Topmanager. Aber: Ist Euch entgangen, dass wir seit Neuestem ein Tool (sic!) Ja, vermutlich ist es Euch entgangen. Wie bitte? Ein Skandalurteil. Was ist Flypsite?

Bilinguals Have Higher Level Of Mental Flexibility, Research Shows The evidence keeps pouring in that bilingualism is good for you. Bilinguals with the ability to switch languages seamlessly have likely developed a higher level of mental flexibility than people who only speak one language, researchers at Penn State said Tuesday in a press statement. "In the past, bilinguals were looked down upon," Professor of Psychology, Linguistics and Women's Studies Judith F. Kroll said in a press statement. Researchers performed two experiements on English and Spanish speakers to assess whether both languages were active in their minds at all times. “Bilinguals rarely say a word in the unintended language, which suggests that they have the ability to control the parallel activity of both languages and ultimately select the intended language without needing to consciously think about it,” the release says. The researchers published the results of the experiments in Frontiers in Psychology. But not everyone is getting the message. Also on HuffPost: