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Remember Any Number With the Major Memory System

Remember Any Number With the Major Memory System
Did you ever want to be able to recite pi up to 22,500 decimal digits? As for me, I never felt attracted to that sort of stuff. But remembering phone numbers, passwords, PINs, birthdays and all sorts of everyday numbers — that’s something I resonate with! Meet the Major memory system, one of the most powerful techniques around for memorizing numbers. If you think you could use a boost to your memory, or just want to jog your brain a little, here’s a great way to do it. (And yes, you’ll also be able to pull off the pi digits stunt if that’s what catches your fancy.) How the Major Memory System Works Our brains are notoriously poor at memorizing numbers. And that’s what the Major system is about: converting abstract, dull numbers into vivid, striking images. The Major Memory System in 3 Steps 1. The heart of the Major system — and the key to convert numbers to images and vice-versa — is a 10-item mnemonic table. As an example, let’s take the (in)famous number 42. 2. Now for the fun part. 3. Related:  Major system for remembering numbers

Remembering Numbers - The Phonetic Number System to Easily Memorize Numbers Remembering numbers is hard. But if you want to build a great memory, you need a way to memorize them. Fortunately, there is a memory trick you can use for long numbers. Why is remembering numbers important? If the presentation includes sales figures and statistics, would you rather shuffle through papers or amaze everyone by spitting out the numbers from memory? That's just one example, but if you need to remember passwords, phone extensions, mathematical constants, street addresses, product codes, Bible verses, or anything else numeric, then invest some time learning the Phonetic Number system. Phonetic Number System The Phonetic Number system is a substitute alphabet for changing numbers to letters. For example, if I asked you to memorize the phrase, "Four score and seven years ago", you could easily do it. Now try memorizing the 30-digit number "8567 13543 887 54365 23678 369". Number to Letter Conversion Here is the conversion table. One more point. How to Use the Method

Mnemonic major system The Major System (also called the phonetic number system, phonetic mnemonic system, or Herigone's mnemonic system) is a mnemonic technique used to aid in memorizing numbers. The system works by converting numbers into consonant sounds, then into words by adding vowels. The system works on the principle that images can be remembered more easily than numbers. The system[edit] Each numeral is associated with one or more consonants. The groups of similar sounds and the rules for applying the mappings are almost always fixed, but other hooks and mappings can be used as long as the person using the system can remember them and apply them consistently. Each numeral maps to a set of similar sounds with similar mouth and tongue positions. For most people it would be easier to remember 3.1415927 (an approximation of the mathematical constant pi) as: Short term visual memory of imagined scenes allows large numbers of digits to be memorized with ease, though usually only for a short time. History[edit]

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Improve Your Memory by Speaking Your Mind’s Language By learning the language your mind uses, you’ll be able to tap into your mind’s full potential and develop a remarkable memory. It’s easier than you think – and you’ll actually have fun doing it. Your Mind Thinks in Pictures Along its evolution, the brain has become amazingly effective in dealing with sensory data. It is by correctly interpreting the five senses that the mind understands the environment and takes decisions. Among the human senses, sight has become the most sophisticated and developed of all. Imagery is the real language of the mind. If I ask you to think about a horse, what comes to your mind? Visual Thinking and Memory To fully illustrate the astonishing effect that images have on your memory, let’s walk through a basic memorization technique called memory pegging. Before getting to the technique, let me give you a simple challenge: memorize a groceries list of ten items. baconeggswinebatteriesbubble gummilkenvelopesspinachcoffeetomato Learning Your Mind’s Basic Vocabulary

Maintenance mode Using memory techniques can get complicated when you want to memorize a lot of different information. Memory godfather Tony Buzan came up with the idea of putting your major system into a matrix and stretching it that way up to 10.000 combinations. Frank Gazerro is making his debut as an author for by writing this article for you. Recomondation from A similar system to the SEM³ but more effective is the Wardrobe Method. The Wardrobe Method Many of us use mind mapping as a way to organize our thoughts and plan projects. In his book, Master Your Memory, Buzan outlines his memory system, the Self Enhanced Memory Matrix or Sem Cubed (Sem³). The 10×10 Grid It all starts with a 10×10 grid. The matrix is build by 10 categories with ten elements each Each column represents a block of 1000 numbers divided evenly between 10 cells. If we look at the cell marked “A”, we see it’s in the 3000′s column and the 200-299 row. Get the idea? Themes and Pegs To sum it up:

Major System Trainer (Memory Encoding Techniques) Note that this page is devoted to the Major System Trainer. If you are unfamiliar with the system itself then please check out the Major System page first The trainer presented here (see the bottom row of links in the navigation) helps you in choosing a set of words that fit the rules of the Major System and in training on the digits and words of the system. These instructions assume that you have Javascript enabled in your browser and are running the dynamic version. View Digits How digits map onto letters is set in the system so no editing here. Train On Digits Pick a test and click the ">" button to start running it. When the test criterion are achieved i.e. x questions or y amount of time depending on the type of test, you will be presented with the final statistics. Edit Nouns/Verbs When you first go to this page it contains only the large grid that displays your current word set for nouns or verbs under the Major System. Train On Nouns/Verbs How To Train

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Printable Flash Cards for Vocabulary Words-with Photographs Sluggish Sluggish audio/easy/sluggish.mp3 adjective lacking energy; inactive Our cat is sluggish during the day. sluggish.jpg Gush Gush audio/easy/gush.mp3 verb to flow out forcefully, often in large amounts Water gushed down the waterfall. gush.jpg Predicament Predicament audio/easy/predicament.mp3 noun a difficult situation The animal was left in a predicament. predicament.jpg Weary Weary physically or mentally exhausted The programmer was so weary that he fell asleep on the job. weary.jpg Ruffle Ruffle audio/easy/ruffle.mp3 to raise (feathers) The macaw ruffled its feathers. ruffle.jpg Expedition Expedition audio/easy/expedition.mp3 a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose The scientists made an expedition to Alaska to study wildlife. expedition.jpg Wrath Wrath fierce anger I was the victim of his wrath. wrath.jpg Grove Grove audio/easy/grove.mp3 a group of trees without undergrowth We came across a small grove. grove.jpg Hulking Hulking audio/easy/hulking.mp3 so large as to appear clumsy A hulking rhino stood before me. Immerse