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Story: Icarus Falls

Story: Icarus Falls

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A Bizarre, Morbid Bicycle, a criminal minds fanfic A Bizarre, Morbid Bicycle Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds or anything else copyrighted, for that matter. Author's Note: Hey, guys! I seem to be establishing a bit of a pattern here, huh? Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Hurt/Comfort… any guesses as to what I'll write next? Into The Darkness Chapter 1: Over the River & Through The Woods, an er fanfic In The Darkness This is an ER Carter Fanfiction based on an amazing, astounding fanfiction story by one of the greatest authors that ever typed a story. I tried to reach her for permission via old emails but I could not.

The Torture Teachers Chapter 1: Introduction, a criminal minds fanfic My criminal minds fanfiction. I do not own any Criminal Minds characters or anything to do with it. 4 OC's, No romance though :) enjoy. Chapter 1 – Introduction Dr Spencer Reid walked swiftly into the bullpen of the BAU. He set down his messenger bag, rested his coat on his chair and made himself a coffee with PLENTY of sugar. Crossing Over by Susan Summary: SPOILERS: ER - Up to "Lockdown", BTVS - Up to "Grave" LAST EPISODES SEEN: ER - "Lockdown", Season 8 Finale; BTVS - "Grave", Season 6 Finale. DISCLAIMER: I don't own ER, that's owned by Warner Brothers, Amblin and a load of people with more money than I will ever have. I also don't own Buffy, that's owned by Mutant Enemy,, I would love to own Carter and Spike and use them as the perfect bread for a Susan sandwich. AUTHOR'S NOTES: First off, although this chapter isn't, this series will be NC-17 for het and slash. this is me, we're talking about, remember? With the cliffhangers on both shows (mainly ER), I've decided to fill in the blanks.

Knives and Elevators, a criminal minds fanfic AN- Sorysorrysosorry for not working on Keep Your Friends Close, But Enemies closer ff-. I would make an excuse that I had artist block, but, honestly, I've just been playing minecraft ukghjdj. Well, the story behind this story is that I was on another website and this person was asking if anyone had found a fanfiction like this one, and there was none in existence so I wrote this . Oh, and I'm sorry if I got anything wrong about a stab wound. It's kind of hard searching for stuff like that on Google. Disclaimer- I don't own Criminal Minds.

Hidden Chapter 1, a criminal minds fanfic Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds or its characters. This story will be largely from Reid's point of view, so you won't get much of the rest of the team until later chapters. I debated adding the team's point of view too in these beginning chapters, but I decided to do it this way in the end. So, sorry if that bums you out. It bums part of me out too, but the unbummed (is that a word?... well, it is now) side of me won out.

Merry Chapter 1, a criminal minds fanfic Written for The Vampire Act for the Christmas Gift Fic Exchange at Chit Chat on Authors Corner. Christmas song is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Prompts are Snow, Christmas Lights and Gingerbread Men. Pairing is Hotch/Reid. Only caution is for some bad language. I do not own the characters of Criminal Minds, they belong to CBS, and it would be laughable to assume any profit is being made from this work of fiction.

Minimal Loss Chapter 1, a criminal minds fanfic Title: Minimal Loss Author: MizzMaeSeries: Criminal MindsRating: T Disclaimer: I own nothing.Summary: What would happen if Reid passed out in the episode minimalloss after the explosion? Also what if that day Reid fell in love withEmily?(A/N- this is my first fanfic although I've read many I'm not used towriting so if u have any tips I'll take them. Even mother nature hates Reid, a criminal minds fanfic Morgan watched the unsub carefully. He could feel the wind whipping his face as the tornado came nearer and nearer. He could see Reid and JJ beside him. JJ was trying to talk the unsub down. A loud crack ripped into the air.

Seven Chapter 1: Waking Up, a criminal minds fanfic A/N: Don't worry, I'm not abandoning my other projects. But this story popped into my head and threatened to drive me insane so I had to let it loose. (smirks sheepishly) WARNINGS: Quite extreme gore and violence, disturbing material. What if Minimal Loss?, a criminal minds fanfic Hey everyone, here is a one shot for you. I hope you enjoy it. It just popped into my head and I had to put it down. An alternative to Minimal loss ending.

Sam Winchester and Reid are hooking up in this PWP and yeah it realy is porn wothout a plot. by chelseabarron Jun 27

The team heads to New York City only days before the New Year because someone, dubbed "Apocalypto" by the media, is killing using methods reminiscent of the ritualistic human sacrifices of the ancient Mayan people... COMPLETE, M/M, NoSex, Oneshot by chelseabarron Apr 15

h/m/r case fic and seaver deals a blow to the ego of spence and sexy wake-up call for the trio by chelseabarron Apr 15

Reid spends his fun time as a dom and Hotch gets a home demonstration no sex just some S&M by chelseabarron Apr 15

Reid finding to help Tyler fall asleeping no sex just some touching and kissing by chelseabarron Apr 15

It's Christmas with the Family at the Brooks' house... And as if it wasn't bad enough that Helen didn't like Reid right from the get-go, the bomb is dropped... Hotch and Reid are engaged... A sweet silver lining at the end. Anal,COMPLETE,Fingering,HJ,M/M,Oral by chelseabarron Apr 11

After an argument with a neighbor the day before Christmas Eve, Spencer Reid finds himself alone on the street, and vulnerable to the attack of the neighbor who has had it out for him since he moved in... COMPLETE,NoSex,Oneshot by chelseabarron Apr 11

The team goes to Vermont on a case where an UnSub's murder weapon is something they've never seen before... Dogs. When an undercover operation goes horribly awry, Reid falls into the UnSub's hands. But surprises are in store. Abuse,Angst,COMPLETE,M/M,NoSex by chelseabarron Apr 11

Chapter 1 is the tale of Reid's first encounters with Caligula, and how their "blood feud" began... Chapter 2 is the very first story I wrote with Caligula ChallengeFic,COMPLETE,M/M,NoSex by chelseabarron Apr 11

The team heads to New York City when a killer goes on a spree, killing brides seconds before they walk down the aisle. And despite being cleared for work, Reid is having issues with his PTSD. COMPLETE,NoSex,Oneshot by chelseabarron Apr 11

Hotch is on his way home with Jack and Henry after agreeing to take them for the weekend. Reid is at home making dinner. Just a short little warm and fuzzy fic. COMPLETE,NoSex,Oneshot by chelseabarron Apr 11

Hotch and Reid and spending the weekend at home with Jack. It looks to be a quiet domestic Saturday until Jack watches something on TV he shouldn't have, and starts asking questions... COMPLETE,NoSex,Oneshot by chelseabarron Apr 11

for the All the Colors of the Rainbow Challenge on CCOAC Forum. Reid is grieving at the grave of someone that he couldn't save. Hotch is there to help him stand tall again. ChallengeFic,COMPLETE,NoSex,Oneshot by chelseabarron Apr 11

Hotch/Reid - Reid reaches a milestone in his recovery following his ordeal at the hands or Coronado, and his stay in Willow Ridge... Hotch is caught off guard by Reid's timing in reaching this milestone... by chelseabarron Apr 11

Neal Caffrey is attacked and left in a coma, leaving his friends to pick up the pieces. 3 , Abuse, Anal, Angst, Bigotry, Contro, Dom, H/C, Oral, Other, RapeFic, Violence, WIP by chelseabarron Mar 8

Neal Peter and El are loving couple but this is adult as the torture of El's nipples ensues its is so hot by chelseabarron Mar 8

Reid is afraid that he's been ditched on Valentine's Day... but nothing could be further from the truth. Reid/Rossi Anal,ChallengeFic,COMPLETE,Fingering,HJ,M/M,Oneshot,Toys by chelseabarron Feb 14

Reid finally gets to confront Terry Posadas. When Reid makes Hotch promise to let him do it his way, this confrontation may be harder for Hotch than Reid by chelseabarron Feb 14

The girls get it into their heads that Reid needs help planning his and Hotch's wedding, and they decide to give their help, whether Reid wants it or not. Just a silly little one shot. by chelseabarron Feb 14

Reid has been asllep and Hotch thinks hes having a nightmare when he gets home only to fing he is not but instead a wet dream fondling of genitails i warn you now by chelseabarron Feb 14