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LATEST PROJECT - Truck Drawers/Sleeping Platform As a thank you to all of those EXPO members that have posted their ideas in the past - I give you the following in hopes that others will be able to gain as much from me....My wife and I are heading to Alaska for three weeks this season. An incredible road-trip to say the least with some biking, paddling, climbing and some serious relaxing thrown in to keep it all interesting. We are both very experienced backcountry (hiking) travelers, but we wanted something faster and more convenient this time around. Hence, I turned to EXPO to see what you are all up to.Wow! So many options. Continued ...Regards, -=Doug

Find Travel Partners for Group Trips Ghost Town Road Trip | Gear Junkie ROAD CLOSED AHEAD. These were not words of inspiration for me and two friends last month on a road trip in Idaho. But with a truck glazed in a patina of mud, the decision was as black and white as the font on the sign: Continue on, or turn around. Little traveled, Silver City Road winds through the mountains; all photos &copy Dave Blum We hit the gas, moving forward. Between the city and the “Closed Ahead” sign was 15 miles of pocked desert road, its ascending twists and turns notorious for tire-sucking mud. A few hours into the drive… Any other year and the route &#8212 called Silver City Road, between Jordan Valley and Murphy &#8212 would have been closed this late in the season. It was also a chance to test out the new BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires. Where would the road close? We chewed uphill into the mountains, crashing through a mixed medium of mud, rock and ice until we eventually rumbled into Silver City an hour past the sign. We entered the time warp that is Silver City.

SHTF Medical: How to make an Ozone Generator for Purifying Water | The Rebel Prepper Network Water is a God given right and making it clean and safe to drink is a human necessity. While boiling is always the go to today we are examining a method of purifying water without the use of heat. There are several reasons to know how and what you can use to make water safe to drink from the inability to have a fire at your current location to not having a vessel to boil in. First we should talk a bit about what ozone is and how it is capable of purifying water. If you are bugging in and have a method for maintaining electricity after the grid falls then you may want to consider using ozone to purify large amounts of water. *image courtesy of bing images via (if this is your image please leave a comment below so I can give you credit or promptly remove it) **Supporting article via How to Make a Homemade Ozone Generator How to Build an Ozone Water Injector

IH8MUD Forum Epsom Salt Formula for Stump Removal Removing a tree stump can be a difficult task. ... How to Kill Tree Stumps With Salt. Unwanted tree stumps are unsightly... Epsom Salt Solution for Stump Removal. In small amounts, Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate heptahydrate) ... Tools for Tree Stump Removal. Basic Off Road Driving Techniques Basic Off Road Driving Techniques Many people are under the misapprehension that the 4X4 is a rough and tough vehicle which is indestructible and will take them anywhere, and irrespective of the terrain they will never get stuck, this is so far removed from reality as 4X4’s are just another vehicle which requires driving skills. This section is dedicated to those looking to learn these skills or those contemplating doing some form of off road driving; before proceeding with this section I would advocate any beginner reads the section on how four wheel drive works. 4X4’s can be vulnerable vehicles if a basic understanding of four wheel driving systems is not understood and how and when they should be deployed as considerable and very expensive damage can be done to a vehicle’s transmission, and those of us who have driven 4X4’s have all seen this. To climb a hill you need to walk it first, are the approach and departure angles within the capabilities of your vehicle? Assassin

Kayak Car Topping Helper (because They Can Be Heavy) The materials are basic, but some of it had to be found online. This is for EACH device you build. Double Suction Cup: The type used for safely handling glass panels, sheet steel and smooth laminates. Two suction cups provide lateral stability, and the handle between the two makes for a convenient bar to attach the frame to. PVC Pipes: These make up the structure: 1" PVC Tee with Threaded Branch (2): The straight part was smooth but the branch is threaded so you can reduce.1" to 3/4" Threaded Male Adapter (2): To reduce from 1" Tee to the 3/4" the rest of the device will be.3/4" PVC Tee Smooth (2): Will need priming and PVC cement.3/4" to 1/2" PVC Male Adapter (2): This will narrow the channel as the axle comes out.3/4" PVC Pipe: After buying a 10' length, I only needed about a foot for each device.PVC Cement: To hold all of the pipes together. 3/4" to 1 3/4" Stainless Steel (Hose) Clamps: To attach the device to the double suction cups. 6" Plastic Wheel: A lawn mower wheel.

Slee - Light Harness Part: LIG1001 - $48.00 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450 New! Now with High Temperature (572° F) 9005/9006 bulb connectors. The single most cost effective upgrade one can do to the headlights on a 80 Series is to install a upgraded wiring harness. Improving the current delivery to the headlight bulbs are achieved by using this plug-in harness. Switching is achieved by two heavy duty 30 amp relays and the switching current is supplied by the existing headlight connectors. Features Wire lengths and ground terminals are made to fit the 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450 without any modifications. Installation Instructions Slee Auxiliary Light Harness Part: LIG1002 - $35.00 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450 To facilitate easy installation of auxiliary lights we now offer a plug and play harness. Configuration 1 In this setup, the harness will power the auxiliary lights when the truck's lights are turned on. Configuration 2 Installation Instructions 9006 Low Beam Jumper Harness 9005 Hi-Beam Jumper Harness

The Skinth Trail Blazer - Skinth Solutions The Trail Blazer was original designed to organize fire starting and small survival kits. The TB has evolved and been repurposed as gear bundle that is adaptable to almost any situation. The Trail Blazer is constructed from 1000D CORDURA® nylon, V70 nylon thread and features slide release buckles (SRB) on all of the flaps. The main compartment of the TrailBlazer is 3″ wide, 1.5″ deep and 4″ long with a divider to slide a regular sized Altoids tin against the back. Each side tube pocket is 1.25″ in diameter, lots of room for items and even 4″ multitools. SRB’s on all flapsInternal Divider Flat bottom, side pockets fitted for 4″ long multitools and flashlightsPentaPocket small item organization system (one behind each side tube, one 2.5″x3″ flat pocket and two 1″x3″ in front)Pen straps on front flap2″ wide belt loop Trail Blazer Upgrade Options: Stainless Steel belt clipMOLLE attachment webbingHorizontal Straps for bag strap carry Got Questions?

Stereo FAQ | IH8MUD Forum Stereo FAQ Discussion in '100-Series Cruisers' started by LonghornCruiser, Jul 1, 2005. Page 1 of 8 LonghornCruiser Joined: Mar 18, 2005 Messages: 258 Location: Austin, TX Putting together some info for the FAQ. ogsuv, Jul 4, 2005 #3 Jukelemon Joined: Dec 29, 2003 Messages: 2,394 Location: Louisville, KY I will comment having done this recently. Share This Page Gallery Quick Links Classifieds Clubhouses Other Tech General Tech - Auto and Truck Bandeirante Boats - RVs - Planes Classics and Collectors Dodge/Plymouth Ford GM/Chevrolet Hummer International/Scout Isuzu Jeep Land Rover Mahindra Mercedes/Unimog Mitsubishi Motorcycles-ATVs-UTVs Nissan/Datsun Trucks Snowmobiles Suzuki Tractors Volvo Trucks Members Useful Searches Recent Posts