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Math Games and Activities for kids

Math Games and Activities for kids

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Dominoes Featured Topic: Using Domino Mats to Build Number Sense Dominoes have become a staple in most primary classrooms. They build upon dice patterns and are often used to model decomposition of numbers, building student knowledge of addition facts. They are an excellent manipulative for primary students to use and these are some examples of how students might use dominoes in the math center. The student needs some dominoes, counters and a domino mat. Teaching Materials: Printable Worksheets, Leveled Books, Lesson Plans & More Classroom Resources Resources that work for every unique student Spanning three key content areas — Reading,Writing, and Science — Learning A-Z's websites deliver leveled books, printable worksheets, projectable activities, and interactive online classroom resources designed to meet the unique needs of every PreK-6 student. These teacher and student resources integrate seamlessly with any school curriculum to help teachers differentiate their instruction. Web-based activation is instant, and a variety of teacher training provides ongoing support.

3D Shapes Poem {Freebie} Thanks so much to each of you who commented on my last post about needing help with ideas for 3D shapes. I am going to try to implement lots of them this week. I also found a poem and made it a little more kinder friendly. I'll probably add it to our Reading Binders and try to recite it the rest of the week. Click on the picture below to download a copy for yourself. WARNING--Do not read the following statement if we're teetering on the edge of friendship, because I promise this will automatically put me in frenemy status for unnecessary grossness!

Fun Kids Online Math Games "Sheppard offers everything from early math to pre-algebra. The lessons include interactive activities to practice concepts. Students can shoot fruit, pop balloons, and even play math man (the math version of pac man!). Fractions, place value, money, and basic operations are some of the areas that are covered. Domino Plaza Puzzles Many authors of books on dominoes have included a section about the many kinds of domino puzzles which are possible. It is my intention to extend this site with a series of puzzles, about twice a year. At the moment I can serve you with: Issue 1998 quarter 2 Issue 1998 quarter 3 Issue 1999 quarter 1 Issue 2007 quarter 4 The good news is that after an absence of nearly a decade, the domino puzzles are finally back! Issue 2008 quarter 1 Issue 2008 quarter 2 Issue 2008 quarter 3 Issue 2008 quarter 4

Teacher Resources By Theme The Ultimate Teacher Resource - 50,000+ Worksheets and Lessons - Save Time Now! View Now... Math and English Language Arts - 15,000+ English Worksheets - 5,000+ Math Printables See It Here... The Lesson Plan Diva: freebies The Lesson Plan Diva Teaching Resources and Ideas Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. Welcome to LPD! I am the founder and creator of LPD. I have taught for several years and have spent time mastering my craft through new and innovative techniques and educational strategies. DIY Rekenreks, Take 2 This post is an update to a post I wrote last year. I have found this version of the DIY rekenrek to be not only easier to make, but also more kid-friendly. Rekenrek translates loosely to calculation rack or arithmetic rack, and it was designed by a Dutch mathematician. The rekenrek is a great visual model for developing a strong sense of 5 and 10, and it supports a strategy-based approach for learning calculations.