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Toorcamp 2012 Ubleam   rembo10/headphones Blog Mariage Gratuit , créer gratuitement le blog de votre mariage The Wobbly Boot Pico-Brewery I've been working on a post about the keg kettles and all of the bits and pieces that went into them, but I'm still lacking some photos. However, I've had some commenters requesting the code and even offering to take a look at debugging the UI, so I'll put the keggle post on hold for another week or two and talk about the code for a minute. **Disclaimer** In spite of what this code may look like, I am in fact a professional LabVIEW programmer. I'm a card-carrying CLD (although it's about time for a re-cert) and I'm helping write the new embedded developer exam (see? **End of Disclaimer" There are three main parts to the code architecture. So here's a high-level view of the control code. Touch-PC UI Since I've already posted my touch-panel app, I'll not go into much detail about it here. LabVIEW RT Application There's a decent amount going on in the RT code. The hot-liquor tank has closed loop temperature control via an on-off algorithm. FPGA Application Controller Hardware

cnet - postable v1 It's the first auction of new wireless spectrum in six years. CNET gets you up to speed on how this will affect your wireless service in the future. Wireless spectrum -- the radio signals designated to carry data over the air from your smartphone to the Internet -- isn't the sexiest topic in the tech world. But spectrum has a dramatic impact on the livelihood of the carriers, and that in turn affects the quality -- and cost -- of the wireless service you get at home, at work and out and about when you're trying to binge-watch "Orange is the New Black" from Netflix on your smartphone. It's time to pay attention, because a large swath of spectrum is about to become available -- in fact, the first auction of new wireless spectrum in six years is right around the corner. The Federal Communications Commission is slated to hold an auction on November 13 for licenses to use spectrum under the designation of Advanced Wireless Service, or AWS-3 (which I'll explain in a minute). That's all great.

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